Ryder's Life: Week 5

October 8-14, 2012

So I'm finally getting closer to being caught up!
Ryder is 7 weeks this week - was on Monday.
Once I get caught up, then I will do normal blog posts instead of these weekly ones :)

October 8 - Monday: My mom and I went to lunch at Corner Bakery Cafe and afterwards shopped at Gymboree! We had an exchange to do - an outfit that wasn't warm enough by the time he would fit into it- and scored a bunch of stuff for it because they were having a sale and I had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon on top of that! Anyways, then we got home and Ryder played on his play mat!
We actually went back that evening to the mall and I helped my mom get some new clothes! She trusts my opinion ;)
Kevin watched Ryder!
& who doesn't love a baby burrito?! Kevin is the best swaddler around. I'm pretty decent but he is good!
We also took advantage of some free Redbox movies! I decided on the movies in .2 seconds. I had no idea what to get so I got both Katy Perry: Part of Me and Footloose (the new one) since there weren't any other movies that we were dying to see. Kevin secretly liked the Katy Perry one and I watched Footloose while feeding Ryder throughout the night and following day! I was pleasantly surprised by it! I thought it was an old movie but my mom said it was new and they had been promoting it on Dancing With The Stars. Anyways, it was pretty good!

October 9 - Tuesday: I went to a group for Ryder's feeding issues. Later that evening I got a calling for church!
It cracks me up when Ryder stretches. It is just plain awesome.
October 10 - Wednesday:  Kevin and I had FHE (watched General Conference) and for our activity we went shopping at Walmart haha!! What an activity right?! But when you are running out of food... We got groceries and stocked up on a ton of diapers and wipes! Hopefully they last a long time!
He loves interacting and smiling with us. We love it too!
October 11 - Thursday: Ryder and I ate lunch with mom at Charley's out at Centerra and then hit up Baby Gap to score a cute winter hat for him! Whenever I get ready for the day I feel like I need to go do something because it is a rare occasion. I begged Kevin to go to the outlets with me after work so we could exchange a shirt of his at the Nike outlet store... fun night haha!

Getting ready.
Ryder's cute profile.
& Ryder waving hi for you all!
I cannot get over him.
October 12 - Friday: We went to our first PT/OT (physical therapy/occupational therapy) appointment for Ryder for his sucking problems. They gave us tongue stroking exercises to try...so far...2 weeks later and little small improvement?! Still got so far to go.
Cutest little face EVER

Oh hey!
Also, Ryder is obsessed with his swing...so glad we have it!
Thanks mom & dad!
October 13 - Saturday: My mom and I went shopping at Centerra in between feedings and I got some skinny jeans at Express that are not tight on my c-section incision! They are stretchy and just perfect for now! Love them so much!!!

October 14 - Sunday: This was the first week I made it to all 3 hours of church since having little Ryder! I was so stressed he was going to cry and be super loud. I gave him a bottle in Relief Society and everything went alright but it definitely throws off his feeding schedule (& order of things) when I am not at home! It was good to be back though!
Here we are after church!

What a great week!!!


  1. Love reading about little Ryder's progress!


  2. I love him so much. I wish we lived closer! Him and Ryan need a photo shoot!!!

  3. a baby burrito! darling! and the last photo of you is gorgeous!


  4. He is such a love, and you are looking wonderful too. And I'm not seeing nearly as much of Katinka 'round here anymore ... :)

  5. Can we talk about how perfect your hair is? GAH. So jealous!