Ryder's Life: Week 3

September 24-30, 2012

This week was pretty calm until the weekend.  We had a bunch of family in town for Ryder's baby blessing at church! He was blessed on September 30, 2012.  Omi and Opi, Kelsi, and Greg and Kathy all came! This was the first time Kelsi met Ryder and same with Omi and Opi - their first great-grandchild!

 Opi took thousands of pictures of this weekend and they are all on my mom's computer.  I don't even know how to get them so I will have to do a post on the weekend later when I can acquire them! They definitely won't fit on a flash drive so I have to figure out how to do a CD (& get one...or something) or actually maybe put them on my external hard drive...  The size of the photos are huge too...and he put them on my mom's Mac which by the way...I am NOT a fan of Macs haha. PC all the way! Just my 2 cents!

Until everyone came into town, I hung out at my parents here and there and just took it easy.  Kevin went on a short business trip this week to New York.

We also:

 + Went to MCR (the hospital) to meet with my lactation consultant Becky (who is awesome) and same with a weekly breastfeeding support group (which by the way is actually really great and there are a ton of awesome people who go!).  I didn't realize how often I would be going back to the hospital after having him but I go 1-2 times a week!  If only Ryder didn't have feeding issues...oh that would change everything!  I could leave the house whenever I want and feeding wouldn't take 1.5 hours-ish!!!

But the good news for him that this week he got past his birth weight!
I was so happy! He was born at 8 lbs 11 oz. and you are supposed to get back to birth weight by 2 weeks.  It is common when you are first born to lose up to 10% of your weight. His pediatrician said if he didn't get back to it by 3 or 4 weeks (or at least be gaining consistently) that we would have to supplement. The week prior (from 2-3) he had only gained .5 oz in a WEEK! He should be gaining .5-1.5 in a day! He was around 8 lbs 4 oz. and starving! It is all because he has a uncoordinated and incorrect suck so he is inefficient and slow.  Anyways, he got back to weight because 1. I bought a pump (Medela Pump in Style - double electric because the manual was not cutting it!) and starting pumping and 2. If he was still hungry after drinking what I pumped prior we had to use formula (never thought I would!). So much work! Anyways, still working on this!
+ Hung out together.
{I was burping him}
+ Hung out in the car seat.  I didn't realize how handy the car seat would be. I just put him in it (with it being right next to me) when I eat. I can give him a binky if I need to without running to the living room if he was in the swing, etc. Pretty convenient!
+ Smiled! I made this photo collage of some early smiles and think it is just cute :) When I say early smiles, I say it because they don't really smile on purpose until around week 6. I would say Ryder truly started interacting and smiling at week 5 though.  They say smiles before then are because they are gassy or going to the bathroom.
+ Rocked his Batman onesie thanks to Kathy!
+ Kelsi took this picture of Ryder in the car and thought he looked like he was boxing so she made this collage haha.
 + Got ready for one of the first times.
I am loving his facial expressions!


  1. He is so cute. I had the same breastfeeding problem. I still have to supplement sometimes. It can be so frustrating. Glad you are getting out and getting the support you need for it:)

  2. Oh Ash, you are rocking this motherhood thing! I think that's always one of the first surprises...that things never quite go the way we envision them to go :) But hey, it keeps us young, it keeps us flexible, it keeps (me anyway) charitable.

    Love you so much! Just wanted to tell you that. Also, I totally think Ryder was smiling intentionally in those photos. He's an early learner already!! Can't WAIT to see you guys!


  3. I always wonder why gas makes babies smile! It never makes me smile! ha!