Ryder's Life: Week 2

September 17-23, 2012

This week was better than the last 2 (recovery wise.)
I started to feel some improvements from the c-section!

So, here is what went down!!!

+ I had my 2 week check up for my c-section with the ob who did the surgery.  She said, I am now able to lift more than Ryder (8 lbs).  I was allowed to lift him IN his car seat haha!  I am also allowed to get the stroller in and out of the car!  I was also allowed to drive!  Those were restrictions that you get when you have a c-section, at least for me. She told me she cut me in a way that in the future I could try a VBAC or I could choose to get scheduled c-sections between 39-40 weeks in the future.  We have to wait at least 1 year after I delivered Ryder to try to have another kid.  If you get pregnant before a year after, it can be very bad because it takes so long to heal, uterus etc. and can cause some major damage.  I guess I will decide when I get there - VBAC vs. c-section - haha.  Regardless, she let me know he would never have fit...with the size of him and my pelvic bone? Ah, I should have asked more questions because I'm not sure if it was the positioning or if my pelvic bone is weird so probably more babies won't fit?

+ Scored an ErgoBaby carrier from Babysteals.com !!! I got the bright green Sport Performance version and it included the little fanny pack thing that attaches to the carrier. I haven't bought the infant insert so I haven't used the carrier yet...still debating if I should buy it or not! I may just buy it...I don't know haha.

+ It was Kevin's BIRTHDAY! More on that later.

+ Finally got our flu shots and Kevin got the Tdap shot as well at Target.  We already had to buy more diapers there haha! Whenever you think you have a lot...you don't. They go through them so fast! Now we are buying them in bigger quantities!

+ I watched a lot of TV and umm tried to do basic things around the house...hmmm...

Here is what Ryder was up to!
+ Being a little heart-breaker! Hello cuteness.
+ Getting a real bath because his umbilical cord stump fell off!
He loves baths and hates getting out!
+ Chilling in the swing.
+ Doing little smiles here and there!
Wish this wasn't blurry.
+ Sleeping here and there. The first few weeks he was fussier than normal because he was so hungry! He was basically starving! He was so hungry - even though I was feeding him often - because he doesn't know how to suck right (bites) and is very slow so he will nurse forever and get barely anything! Now I do a combination of things to make sure he is getting enough milk (bottle feed with pumped milk, nurse, bottle feed if still hungry, pump for next feeding). Sooo it takes 1 1/2 hours to feed him...so basically that is all I do! Anyways, enough of that but we are doing physical therapy for him (tongue exercises) so hopefully that helps and hopefully everything will get figured out with time. Now he isn't as fussy which is great! It took him 4 weeks to get back to birth weight (they are supposed to get back at 2 weeks) and now he is gaining like he is supposed to so that is improvement! He is 10 lbs. 13 oz. now (at 6 weeks since that is when I am writing this :D) About time to get out of the newborn diapers!
+ Just hanging out in his diaper.
+ Enjoying his play mat!
+ Sleeping on daddy.
+ Getting licked by Katinka! 
Katinka loves to sniff him and try to lick his ears and head haha. So weird.
+ Loving his bassinet in the pack n play.
Every time he sleeps he listens to nature sounds (crickets, water, woods, etc.) and gets to fall asleep to the bassinet vibrating! It is pretty rad.
Time is going by quickly and he sure is growing!
It is crazy! Love him!


  1. Oh my gosh! Ryder is sooo adorable.. And I love that Katinka gives him kisses..lol He probably tastes fresh and new to her.. probably different than licking older people..lol


  2. Awww he is too cute! Glad he is doing so well!

  3. I loved the bassinet in my pack n play too. The little music box/vibrator thing was a life saver!! FYI though, Kyson is going on 4 years old and STILL has to fall asleep with music playing because of that thing. So don't let it become a habit for Ryder, it'll become a pain! He's a doll :)