{Medical Center of the Rockies} Hospital Stay

We stayed in the hospital for 5 days because I had a c-section. We stayed from September 3rd to the 7th (Monday through Friday).  Ryder arrived on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 at 8:41 pm.
I loved staying at Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR) in Loveland, Colorado. I could have chosen to deliver at either Poudre Valley Hospital (PVHS) or MCR.  I chose MCR because it is practically brand new - built a few years ago - and lets be real, the rooms are nicer than any room in my house. The labor and delivery floor was not crowded at all. It was definitely less crowded than PVHS because PVHS is "one of the best places to have a baby in the US" (they win big awards) so a ton of people here choose to deliver there. PVHS is older and my mom had her babies there. Because of that, MCR and the other surrounding hospitals in northern Colorado are trying to be superstars with their service as well to compete with PVHS so really you can't go wrong.

With a vaginal delivery you can stay 2 days after you deliver and with a c-section, 3, but I got to stay an extra day (to Friday) because I delivered so late Monday night...hallelujah! Haha. I know some people want to go home as soon as they can but I wanted to stay as long as they would let me (and insurance would cover). 

So the rooms at MCR were very nice.  They were spacious and everything was new and clean. The couch turned into a bed for Kevin.  The bathrooms were really nice as well. You definitely didn't need to wear shower shoes in the shower (something I've read some girls bring to the hospital).
So they had this whiteboard and please draw your attention to the upper left corner.
Hunter, my youngest brother, wrote that message and I think it is soooo hilarious/cute! He was so excited to be an uncle so this message is just perfect!!! Haha love that kid.
 Our view from our private room.

The nurses were awesome and I gained a greater appreciation for them. I think it would be pretty cool to be a labor and delivery nurse. Because I was there so long I had so many of the nurses! They were all great but you can tell that some of them are better than the others, like care more or go above and beyond. I had a night nurse who I really liked and of course, forgot her name, as well as many others that were more of favorites. They would bring you your meds so you didn't have to remember when to take them (obviously). They would check your vitals and same with Ryders' and do everything so you wouldn't have to worry about it haha. They also had lots of lactation consultants that were willing to help out. They had lots of people, who with the push of a button, would come to your service and answer any questions! Your baby was in good hands because everyone knew what they were doing...except me haha... 

A nurse taught us how to give him a sponge bath while he still had his umbilical cord stump. I think this was when he was 3 days old.
He really liked getting his head wet! 
We were a little afraid since of all of the vacuum damage to his head.

The food wasn't bad at all either! I feel like people talk about how bad the food is at hospitals. It was nice just to call a number and order a meal! They also have a special menu for you to choose from if you deliver a baby there. You can choose shrimp or steak and I got a steak (picture below) or there are other options too. They also offer this meal to the husbands and somehow Kevin convinced them to give him shrimp and steak haha!
 Weirdly, I had like no appetite for the longest time! Maybe it was from the drugs? Or maybe I wasn't pregnant anymore?

Honestly, I was surprised how painful and slow a c-section recovery was! I didn't realize it would be so hard. I never really thought about having a c-section. When I watched videos on c-sections at our birthing class, I didn't especially pay much attention because I thought "Oh, I won't have to get one" ...haha what my luck! But I guess your abs are really sliced in half so it makes sense you can't move around well and you are way sore. For the past few weeks, all I've been wearing are sweats because anything tight or that has pressure on my incision hurts. I totally should have bought a few more pairs of sweats for this recovery! I can't wait to wear my normal jeans, when I can fit into them. During the middle of the night after my c-section a nurse came in to give me medicine, check my vitals, etc. and she told me I needed to stand up. I was like "What??" and then when I tried to sit up, it was the worst feeling in the world! And when I finally got off the hospital bed, standing up straight was horrible! This may be gross, but they put a catheter in you and they told me they wanted it to take it out the next day and I was like bummed because that meant if I had to pee I had to get out of bed and it was sooo hard haha. They also wanted me to walk around a few times a day because the sooner you get walking the sooner and faster you can recover. So I tried and I felt like a grandma walking in the hallways of the labor and delivery wing! The last thing I'll say is there are all these weird rules they give you if you have a c-section. I wasn't allowed to lift anything heavier than Ryder (8 lbs) for 2 weeks and couldn't drive until the 2nd week either. Apparently when you move your foot from the gas to the brakes, you use your abs. If you are in pain at all and for some reason have to slam on your brakes (in case of a wreck or whatever), your reflexes are slower so it is important you wait until you can move your foot without pain to drive! Crazy! Ryder is 5 weeks old today and I am just now feeling better from the c-section. I am still definitely sore (if I sleep on my side) or if I have clothing that is right on the incision. I think I may be able to work out maybe next week? But no ab works for awhile and I do not feel like doing that anyway!!!

All in all, I loved staying there because 1. I wasn't ready to go home physically - hello big cut in the abs - and 2. I was paying for the most expensive 'hotel stay' I'd ever pay so I wanted to get what I paid for lol and 3. They had the best bed ever (for a c-section where you cannot use your abs to get you from laying down to sitting up and vice versa) and etc...as you can see...

Here are some scenes from the hospital:

 My favorite view! I had Ryder in his bed right next to mine. 
Kevin was on the other side of him on the couch. 
Love our little boy!!!
This was in Ryder's bed.
Here is our babe at 1 day old! Super alert!
If you look at the top of his head you can see his head is all red.
That is because they tried a vacuum to get him out (which failed) and it made his head red, blister/ooze, and eventually scab, which today at 5 weeks, he still has a scab! Poor head!
Here is what it looked like!
They said when he was born it was like he has a super bad headache so we had to be super careful when touching his head and holding him. The nurses came in to measure his head every few hours. Honestly I was so delusional in the hospital that I don't remember exactly why they had to measure it. They had to monitor it closely because if something happened then he could have serious things going on. Luckily his head got smaller and they didn't have to measure it so often. We just had to put ointment on his head twice a day for this. Because I had a long labor (22 hours), they attempted a vacuum, and they did a c-section it messed up his suck (which is still not correct). Because of this he has had many issues with his weight and nursing... We are hoping he gets coordinated so that we can nurse him otherwise we may have to use formula but this is a whole other long story! We have been working hard to help him out but at this point, the mechanics are just messed up (if that makes sense...).
He is all swaddled up on the 2nd night with his feet up (to help with gas)...
Ryder had jaundice so on the Thursday (6th) through Monday (the 10th) he had to be on a bili-bed (to help lower the bilirubin). Saddest thing ever!
If he wasn't feeding then he had to lay on this bed! There was nothing you could do to console him. You couldn't swaddle him, hold him, etc. Once he was crying and a nurse came in and we asked what you could do to help him since he was stuck on the bed. She said the nurses hate the bili-beds because all of the babies hate them and it is so sad! She said the only thing we could really do was give him a binky. All of the nurses say to wait to give the baby a binky until breastfeeding is established but it helps soothe them in the beds. We decided to give him a binky and it helped. While he was in the bed I felt like I didn't even hold him...so sad!
He had to get his heel pricked all.the.time so they could get a blood sample and check his bilirubin levels. He got his blood-work checked so many times and several times the following week! His heel had so many little prick holes!
Luckily it didn't get too bad that he had to get blood transfusions.
Our little angel glow worm.
He was our night light! Poor kiddo! He kept rolling over to his side! Rebel! Back is best!
Kevin was an amazing help, helping Ryder before he was in the bili-bed, and all the time, really.
I literally couldn't get out of bed for a couple of days (hooked up to IV's, a catheter, etc.) so he did it all!!!
All in all, we are so grateful that Ryder is healthy and the labor and delivery went well!
We love our little boy! :D


  1. My heart broke when I saw that picture of his poor little head! Ash i'm so sorry! How terrible! I am so happy he is healthy doing better!- and you are doing better too! You poor thing! Take care of yourself! He is the cutest little thing!

  2. What a sweet baby boy you have! So sorry your recovery has been so long and hard. Taken advantage of the hospital is smart. I loved staying where I delivered. I don't know why anyone would want to get out asap or deliver at home. My baby was a vacuum baby and was jaundice too. It sucked. Have you checked to see if you baby has torticollis? That could be why he has a hard time latching on. My boy had torticollis on the right side of his neck, making it very difficult for him to latch on to the right side, after switching holds (football hold) and physical therapy, breastfeeding became a breeze. Good luck with it all! You look amazing!

  3. Oh my gosh Ashley his poor head, I'm so happy that he is doing well and you are feeling better! I love your positive attitude about everything!!

  4. I am so glad you wrote this down, as well as your birth story. I loved reading them but I am so sorry the recovery was rough and about his head/jaundice. So sad! I wouldn't have expected to have a c-section either so i wouldn't have known anything!

  5. Hi Ashely,
    My name is Jill Clark and I work for MCR and PVH. I'd love to talk to you about sharing your incredible story. Having a 4-year old and a 2-year old myself, I know how busy those first weeks can be. My email is jdc1@pvhs.org and my office line 970.237.7104 if you have time to connect. WeeSteps will happily continue to support you and answer breastfeeding and formula feeding questions. They're great at problem solving and I used them a lot with both of my kids. The MCR WeeSteps contact number is 970.624.5100.

  6. I love his name!! He is a previous baby girl! Love your blog, following now :) Check out mine?

  7. Hey Ash! I haven't talked to you in forever, but I'm so happy for you. I love seeing your pictures on instagram. Your son is beautiful, and it looks like you are doing so well. Congrats!