Kevin's 27!

Kevin's 27th birthday was on September 18, 2012.

1 // Kevin, my parents, and I met for lunch at Mimi's Cafe in Loveland.  We decided we love their muffins!  Also, this was like the first time I straightened my hair since having Ryder haha.  Literally I just chill in sweats with my hair up. I chill in sweats unless I go somewhere haha.  A ton of my jeans hurt my c-section incision so I remember details like this since I don't get ready too often lol.  It's getting better though.
2 // After Kevin got off work, my parents, Kevin, and I, oh, and Ryder ate at Roll Cafe! Kevin loves sushi and got a bunch of rolls.  He was stoked about that.  And of course the employee somehow misheard Kevin's order and brought another set of rolls - kind of an air head - so he got more...and paid for them haha... There was this little girl at the restaurant who was obsessed with Ryder and kept wanting to look at 'the baby' hehe. So cute!
Afterwards we ate vanilla cake since Kevin loves vanilla. I think it is crazy to not have chocolate ;) We just hung out with family for a bit.
3 // Kevin hanging out with Ryder. Love them both!

Kevin scored some Bose headphones, some polo shirts, a sweatshirt, and some clay pigeons and shells for his gun.  I think he did pretty well, hehe.


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