Bringing Ryder Home

We brought Ryder home on Friday the 7th of September.
I wasn't really wanting to leave the hospital, mainly the bed and the service but it was time :)
We dressed him in a baseball long-sleeved onesie outfit and unfortunately it was too small!
It was the first outfit that Kevin and I had bought when we found out we were having a boy!
Ryder was just too long so he couldn't even wear it!
He wore the next size outfit that I brought which was a BYU newborn onesie and BYU hat :)
Might as well start him young to be a Cougar fan!
My two boys!
Our cutie who definitely is yellow from jaundice ;)
Family photo real quick.
Ignore my weirdly dried hair and no makeup face :)
Actually one of the nurses - Sage - who was working on Friday was a friend from church. I was glad to see her at the hospital for one shift of hers! She wheeled me down in a wheelchair with my mom and Kevin and Kevin pulled the car up. 
It was crazy to be taking another family member home with us haha!
We stopped by Target to grab some prescriptions I needed for recovery and went home.
Ryder looks so chunky here haha. 
Love this babe.
We introduced Ryder to Katinka outside and I don't remember what we did next. 
The first couple of weeks were kind of a blur!
We love having Ryder in our family!!!


  1. PRECIOUS boy!!! :D Love these sweet pictures!! I know you all are over the moon! :D

  2. You look fabulous for just having a baby! Don't convince yourself otherwise! He is so darling!

  3. we went to Target to run after a brought Ellie home.you look so darling hope all is going well!

  4. Oh he is so sweet. And you look gorgeous!