Ryder's Life: Week 6

October 15-21, 2012

I can't believe how time is flying with having our little Ryder around! It has been awesome but I want him to stay little for a little longer ;) And of course, Kevin wants him to get bigger so he can do sporty things with him... I think that is common, for moms wanting their babies to stay little and the husbands wanting them to grow older. He is now wearing some 3-6 month clothing!!!
October 15- Monday: Kevin left on a business trip to Milwaukee. I hung out at home and I'm guessing I probably fed Ryder all day and did random things.
Ryder loves his binky; he is so funny when he holds it in!
The highlight of the day was when I gave him a manicure; I totally need to do again!
Those nails get seem to grow fast and are so sharp!
October 16- Tuesday: Ryder and I went to group and stayed after for a free class (Bright Beginnings) at the hospital where they give you a baby book, CD, and tons of random materials so you can help your baby grow and develop on or before schedule, I guess you could say. Hopefully that makes sense.
He looks like he wants to beat someone up here!
Kevin came home later that day from his business trip and we watched the Presidential Debate!
Go Mitt! Woohoo!

October 17 - Wednesday: I'm pretty sure this was another stay-at-home day... I guess when I say that it probably seems like I do nothing but eat and feed Ryder, but I do a lot. Laundry, dishes, paying bills, running errands, random things, etc... I am always busy! There is always something to be done!

October 18 - Thursday: Today I had my 6 week check up with my ob. Everything is looking good! My incision still hurts with tight clothing and that is normal...so I just don't wear tight stuff right now. I ran errands at Target, Babies 'R' Us, Wells Fargo, and was going to do more but it was snowing and I didn't feel like getting Ryder and all of the stroller stuff out in the snow!
Just hanging out with the babe.
And unfortunately when I switch the camera around on my iPhone to take photos, they are super grainy/blurry (obviously!) because I have an Otterbox covering the camera.
October 19 - Friday: I went to a 'mom group' thing and probably will continue to keep going to it weekly but we shall see. Most of the girls are from MCR's group that I go to for Ryder's feeding problems. I think he has the worst issues out of everyone there! We all just hung out!

October 20 - Saturday: Ryder woke up with a ton of goop in his eye! Every time he took a nap it would come back and it would even be hard for him to open his eye. It was very sad!
We got some stuff done around the house, stocked up on more groceries, and Kevin worked on the yard and prepped it for winter. Later in the day I met with my lactation consultant. Ryder had made some improvement but not a ton. So working on that still!
Then afterwards we went to the adult session of Stake Conference.
Ryder wore his blessing outfit again! I love it! He looks so old sitting up on a chair haha.
After feeding him, he passed out in church.
What a cutie.
October 21 - Sunday: We attended Stake Conference in the morning. I wanted Ryder to wear this little church outfit and of course once we got him out of his car seat to feed him, he decided to pee up the back of it haha! I don't know how pee can miss his diaper and go up his back! Impressive what little boys can do ;) I was just holding him and all of a sudden felt warmness hehe.
Before church photoshoot with the boy. Good thing we took these beforehand otherwise he would be wearing his pajamas because that is what I brought for a backup outfit.
Later my friend Emily came over with her dog Copper. We walked our dogs and pushed Ryder in his stroller around the area. We made a crock-pot dinner and my dad and Hunter came over to feast with us! They had just gotten back from the airport after a trip in Utah.

Overall, it was another good week!


Can't Wait

for the Fort Collins, Colorado temple to be built!
They just released the renderings of the temple (above) recently.
We love the look of it and love that we will be less than 2 miles away from it :)
They will break ground this next summer of 2013 and it will be finished in the summer of 2015.
Can't wait!


Ryder's Life: Week 5

October 8-14, 2012

So I'm finally getting closer to being caught up!
Ryder is 7 weeks this week - was on Monday.
Once I get caught up, then I will do normal blog posts instead of these weekly ones :)

October 8 - Monday: My mom and I went to lunch at Corner Bakery Cafe and afterwards shopped at Gymboree! We had an exchange to do - an outfit that wasn't warm enough by the time he would fit into it- and scored a bunch of stuff for it because they were having a sale and I had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon on top of that! Anyways, then we got home and Ryder played on his play mat!
We actually went back that evening to the mall and I helped my mom get some new clothes! She trusts my opinion ;)
Kevin watched Ryder!
& who doesn't love a baby burrito?! Kevin is the best swaddler around. I'm pretty decent but he is good!
We also took advantage of some free Redbox movies! I decided on the movies in .2 seconds. I had no idea what to get so I got both Katy Perry: Part of Me and Footloose (the new one) since there weren't any other movies that we were dying to see. Kevin secretly liked the Katy Perry one and I watched Footloose while feeding Ryder throughout the night and following day! I was pleasantly surprised by it! I thought it was an old movie but my mom said it was new and they had been promoting it on Dancing With The Stars. Anyways, it was pretty good!

October 9 - Tuesday: I went to a group for Ryder's feeding issues. Later that evening I got a calling for church!
It cracks me up when Ryder stretches. It is just plain awesome.
October 10 - Wednesday:  Kevin and I had FHE (watched General Conference) and for our activity we went shopping at Walmart haha!! What an activity right?! But when you are running out of food... We got groceries and stocked up on a ton of diapers and wipes! Hopefully they last a long time!
He loves interacting and smiling with us. We love it too!
October 11 - Thursday: Ryder and I ate lunch with mom at Charley's out at Centerra and then hit up Baby Gap to score a cute winter hat for him! Whenever I get ready for the day I feel like I need to go do something because it is a rare occasion. I begged Kevin to go to the outlets with me after work so we could exchange a shirt of his at the Nike outlet store... fun night haha!

Getting ready.
Ryder's cute profile.
& Ryder waving hi for you all!
I cannot get over him.
October 12 - Friday: We went to our first PT/OT (physical therapy/occupational therapy) appointment for Ryder for his sucking problems. They gave us tongue stroking exercises to try...so far...2 weeks later and little small improvement?! Still got so far to go.
Cutest little face EVER

Oh hey!
Also, Ryder is obsessed with his swing...so glad we have it!
Thanks mom & dad!
October 13 - Saturday: My mom and I went shopping at Centerra in between feedings and I got some skinny jeans at Express that are not tight on my c-section incision! They are stretchy and just perfect for now! Love them so much!!!

October 14 - Sunday: This was the first week I made it to all 3 hours of church since having little Ryder! I was so stressed he was going to cry and be super loud. I gave him a bottle in Relief Society and everything went alright but it definitely throws off his feeding schedule (& order of things) when I am not at home! It was good to be back though!
Here we are after church!

What a great week!!!


One Month

Week 4
October 1-7, 2012

Ryder became one month old!
Fist pump!
 // This week Omi and Opi went back home from their trip here in Colorado, for Ryder's baby blessing. 

// Kevin & I went on a classy lunch date to Chick-fil-a!

// My family and I had dinner at NaNet's house! We had Cafe Mexicali pork and tortillas with a bunch of ingredients from home. Oh and does anyone else love habanaro sauce? It is so good!

// Kevin went out of town for business to good ol' Provo, Utah! I wish I could have come so I could see old friends, eat at our favorite restaurants, shop, go to the BYU Bookstore, etc.! There really wouldn't have been any way it would have worked - if it were even possible - with Ryder's feeding issues. Someday! Kevin got to attend a BYU football game as well and got to go on the field! I really miss that place! 
// Meanwhile, I got stuff done at home and I guess did 'mom things' haha.  
Once, my dad helped me and Ryder go to the grocery store which was a big help since we needed a ton of food and definitely don't have a big window of time at all to get things done (in between feedings). Ryder was a good shopping cart buddy!
He was all about the Zoolander face. 
It was cracking me up!
 Afterwards, my dad and I got yummy Chinese food - Hunan's - to go. Just a few hours later, in the middle of the night I woke up since Ryder was crying and hungry and the power was out! We have flashlights and candles and of course, I forgot where the flashlights were. It was not going to be a good thing if I couldn't get light since Ryder eats every few hours and I pump after I feed him each time and I need electricity and heat! Our house was also freezing! Good thing the pump comes with a battery option and I had just put the batteries in! My dad came over to see if he could get the power on but the whole neighborhood didn't have power! Of course, these are the types of things that happen when Kevin is out of town! Luckily the power came on a few hours after (& my dad found a camping lantern in the basement)!

// Tiffany Rebecca Photography took a few photos of Ryder! Can't wait to see them! I also got my maternity photos back so I will post some soon!

// General Conference happened and it was awesome :)

// & Ryder continued to impress me with his cuteness and overall awesomeness! LOVE him.

My lil 'coon!
Cutie on the changing pad!
Who has heard of the children's store Naartjie?
It is a South African store that sells cute kids clothes!
My aunt JaKie loves it and told me about it!
{There is a store somewhere in Utah...)
She got the outfit he is wearing below and a hat but my mom dressed him and forgot about it!
Regardless, I think it is so cute!
He is all about the fist pumps...but really.
He is super smiley and beginning to coo a lot! 
We are fans of him. That's for sure.


Ryder's Life: Week 3

September 24-30, 2012

This week was pretty calm until the weekend.  We had a bunch of family in town for Ryder's baby blessing at church! He was blessed on September 30, 2012.  Omi and Opi, Kelsi, and Greg and Kathy all came! This was the first time Kelsi met Ryder and same with Omi and Opi - their first great-grandchild!

 Opi took thousands of pictures of this weekend and they are all on my mom's computer.  I don't even know how to get them so I will have to do a post on the weekend later when I can acquire them! They definitely won't fit on a flash drive so I have to figure out how to do a CD (& get one...or something) or actually maybe put them on my external hard drive...  The size of the photos are huge too...and he put them on my mom's Mac which by the way...I am NOT a fan of Macs haha. PC all the way! Just my 2 cents!

Until everyone came into town, I hung out at my parents here and there and just took it easy.  Kevin went on a short business trip this week to New York.

We also:

 + Went to MCR (the hospital) to meet with my lactation consultant Becky (who is awesome) and same with a weekly breastfeeding support group (which by the way is actually really great and there are a ton of awesome people who go!).  I didn't realize how often I would be going back to the hospital after having him but I go 1-2 times a week!  If only Ryder didn't have feeding issues...oh that would change everything!  I could leave the house whenever I want and feeding wouldn't take 1.5 hours-ish!!!

But the good news for him that this week he got past his birth weight!
I was so happy! He was born at 8 lbs 11 oz. and you are supposed to get back to birth weight by 2 weeks.  It is common when you are first born to lose up to 10% of your weight. His pediatrician said if he didn't get back to it by 3 or 4 weeks (or at least be gaining consistently) that we would have to supplement. The week prior (from 2-3) he had only gained .5 oz in a WEEK! He should be gaining .5-1.5 in a day! He was around 8 lbs 4 oz. and starving! It is all because he has a uncoordinated and incorrect suck so he is inefficient and slow.  Anyways, he got back to weight because 1. I bought a pump (Medela Pump in Style - double electric because the manual was not cutting it!) and starting pumping and 2. If he was still hungry after drinking what I pumped prior we had to use formula (never thought I would!). So much work! Anyways, still working on this!
+ Hung out together.
{I was burping him}
+ Hung out in the car seat.  I didn't realize how handy the car seat would be. I just put him in it (with it being right next to me) when I eat. I can give him a binky if I need to without running to the living room if he was in the swing, etc. Pretty convenient!
+ Smiled! I made this photo collage of some early smiles and think it is just cute :) When I say early smiles, I say it because they don't really smile on purpose until around week 6. I would say Ryder truly started interacting and smiling at week 5 though.  They say smiles before then are because they are gassy or going to the bathroom.
+ Rocked his Batman onesie thanks to Kathy!
+ Kelsi took this picture of Ryder in the car and thought he looked like he was boxing so she made this collage haha.
 + Got ready for one of the first times.
I am loving his facial expressions!


Kevin's 27!

Kevin's 27th birthday was on September 18, 2012.

1 // Kevin, my parents, and I met for lunch at Mimi's Cafe in Loveland.  We decided we love their muffins!  Also, this was like the first time I straightened my hair since having Ryder haha.  Literally I just chill in sweats with my hair up. I chill in sweats unless I go somewhere haha.  A ton of my jeans hurt my c-section incision so I remember details like this since I don't get ready too often lol.  It's getting better though.
2 // After Kevin got off work, my parents, Kevin, and I, oh, and Ryder ate at Roll Cafe! Kevin loves sushi and got a bunch of rolls.  He was stoked about that.  And of course the employee somehow misheard Kevin's order and brought another set of rolls - kind of an air head - so he got more...and paid for them haha... There was this little girl at the restaurant who was obsessed with Ryder and kept wanting to look at 'the baby' hehe. So cute!
Afterwards we ate vanilla cake since Kevin loves vanilla. I think it is crazy to not have chocolate ;) We just hung out with family for a bit.
3 // Kevin hanging out with Ryder. Love them both!

Kevin scored some Bose headphones, some polo shirts, a sweatshirt, and some clay pigeons and shells for his gun.  I think he did pretty well, hehe.


Ryder's Life: Week 2

September 17-23, 2012

This week was better than the last 2 (recovery wise.)
I started to feel some improvements from the c-section!

So, here is what went down!!!

+ I had my 2 week check up for my c-section with the ob who did the surgery.  She said, I am now able to lift more than Ryder (8 lbs).  I was allowed to lift him IN his car seat haha!  I am also allowed to get the stroller in and out of the car!  I was also allowed to drive!  Those were restrictions that you get when you have a c-section, at least for me. She told me she cut me in a way that in the future I could try a VBAC or I could choose to get scheduled c-sections between 39-40 weeks in the future.  We have to wait at least 1 year after I delivered Ryder to try to have another kid.  If you get pregnant before a year after, it can be very bad because it takes so long to heal, uterus etc. and can cause some major damage.  I guess I will decide when I get there - VBAC vs. c-section - haha.  Regardless, she let me know he would never have fit...with the size of him and my pelvic bone? Ah, I should have asked more questions because I'm not sure if it was the positioning or if my pelvic bone is weird so probably more babies won't fit?

+ Scored an ErgoBaby carrier from Babysteals.com !!! I got the bright green Sport Performance version and it included the little fanny pack thing that attaches to the carrier. I haven't bought the infant insert so I haven't used the carrier yet...still debating if I should buy it or not! I may just buy it...I don't know haha.

+ It was Kevin's BIRTHDAY! More on that later.

+ Finally got our flu shots and Kevin got the Tdap shot as well at Target.  We already had to buy more diapers there haha! Whenever you think you have a lot...you don't. They go through them so fast! Now we are buying them in bigger quantities!

+ I watched a lot of TV and umm tried to do basic things around the house...hmmm...

Here is what Ryder was up to!
+ Being a little heart-breaker! Hello cuteness.
+ Getting a real bath because his umbilical cord stump fell off!
He loves baths and hates getting out!
+ Chilling in the swing.
+ Doing little smiles here and there!
Wish this wasn't blurry.
+ Sleeping here and there. The first few weeks he was fussier than normal because he was so hungry! He was basically starving! He was so hungry - even though I was feeding him often - because he doesn't know how to suck right (bites) and is very slow so he will nurse forever and get barely anything! Now I do a combination of things to make sure he is getting enough milk (bottle feed with pumped milk, nurse, bottle feed if still hungry, pump for next feeding). Sooo it takes 1 1/2 hours to feed him...so basically that is all I do! Anyways, enough of that but we are doing physical therapy for him (tongue exercises) so hopefully that helps and hopefully everything will get figured out with time. Now he isn't as fussy which is great! It took him 4 weeks to get back to birth weight (they are supposed to get back at 2 weeks) and now he is gaining like he is supposed to so that is improvement! He is 10 lbs. 13 oz. now (at 6 weeks since that is when I am writing this :D) About time to get out of the newborn diapers!
+ Just hanging out in his diaper.
+ Enjoying his play mat!
+ Sleeping on daddy.
+ Getting licked by Katinka! 
Katinka loves to sniff him and try to lick his ears and head haha. So weird.
+ Loving his bassinet in the pack n play.
Every time he sleeps he listens to nature sounds (crickets, water, woods, etc.) and gets to fall asleep to the bassinet vibrating! It is pretty rad.
Time is going by quickly and he sure is growing!
It is crazy! Love him!