Waiting for Baby

Today I practically finished packing my hospital bag.
I finished Baby R's bag and Kevin threw in a few clothes for himself...which I think he will need more, but I'm not going to worry about that right now.
Now that the bags are pretty much packed and I have a list of what I need to grab when the time comes, I'm getting kind of antsy.
I need to keep myself super busy and plan the next week (or so) with fun things so I'm not dying of boredom waiting haha.
Anyone wanna hang out?!
But really, or make anything crafty? I have some ideas...
I packed these socks because they have grippy things on the bottom and my friend Bekah gave them to me for labor and delivery...she is due 2 days after me which is CRAZY!
PS. I am almost 39 weeks pregnant now...I will be on Monday...
Here is a little of what we have been up to while we wait for Baby to arrive!
* Going to youth's baseball games in our ward *
* Drinking Sonic Cherry Limeades at the park *
* Eating at Snooze, the best breakfast restaurant ever. 
Here is their 'Breakfast Pot Pie'! *
 * Going on a double date with our friends, James & Laura Neibaur to Spooners and then watching a Bourne movie at their place while downing chips, salsa, spinach dip, and more chips...
Sorry Laura, the picture of us...isn't the best haha *
 * Eating at Cracker Barrel with my family. You may think this food looks gross but let me tell you, it was pretty dang good. And afterwards hitting up the outlets (Polo Ralph Lauren & Carter's) *
 * Getting a pedicure/manicure with Kelsi at our friend Mindy's nail salon. I may or may have not told this lady to massage my pressure points to induce labor haha...didn't work *
 Mindy did Kelsi's nails and I got one of her co-workers. We got shellac on our fingers and fun colors on our toes...of course I got blue because I am having a BOY! Watch him come out a girl...haha.
* Taking Katinka to get her shots, etc. at Banfield Pet Hospital. Poor thing didn't know what was going to happen! When they took her in the back to get her blood work done they also tried to take a fecal sample. She declined by screaming loudly and refusing, somehow haha...we got everything we needed done for probably another 6 months so that is good! *
 * Hitting up our old neighborhood pool (Huntington Hills) for Hunter's friends moving away pool party. My mom, Zach, and I tagged along and swam and I ate this yummy ice-cream treat. We stayed longer and my mom came back with plums and cookies haha.
Here is my blue pedicure and it was so nice, the pool was like not crowded at all!
* Lady and the Tramp'ing with Katinka. Kevin and I had spaghetti last night and I shared a noodle with Katinka so I call it Lady and the Tramp'ing. So funny. *
 * Also hanging out with some couples from church (Michael & Bekah Wilkey and Frank & Sarah Herrera) watching Iron Man 2 while eating popcorn and cheesecake. Apparently we are crazy since we haven't seen Captain Planet, some other movie relevant to The Avengers, and The Avengers...so maybe we will soon! *
* Buying lemonade and cookies from my cousin Paige and brother Hunter's lemonade/cookie stand (& one of their friends) *
And today we had another pool day and officially got the code so we can use my aunts pool whenever we want! Hallelujah!

When will our little boy arrive?!?!

Anyone have any ideas of cheap, fun, or any kind of thing to do to keep me busy while I wait? Hehe.


  1. So excited for you .. We're on the count down too! Four days left, it's so important to stay busy!!! Looks like your doin a great job!! Good luck on labor day lol

  2. We have a Carter's outlet less than five minutes from our house, I'm surprised we're not broke.
    I'm also a sucker for kids selling lemonade and baked goods. If I go garage saling I will never pass them up!
    I'd recommend reading anything you might want to. It's not easy to read with a baby.

  3. Wow Im not far behind you! I have 10 days left until my due date. My bags are packed and we're just ... waiting. He could come any day now and I am so excited and anxious all at the same time. Im looking forward to keeping up on your blog/instagram and seeing when your little bundle will arrive!

  4. I've heard you definitely want to remember your phone chargers... my friend and her hubs forgot theirs and they went crazy when their phones died. I can't believe how close you are!! SO exciting :)

  5. one week ash!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE CALL!!!!!!

  6. Oh my...39 weeks!!! Glad you're all ready. Darn, I'm just not photogenic (probably had my eyes closed!) thanks for leaving my picture out! Call me if you need to stay busy. James is already back at work :(

  7. i hear you...all i want to do is have this baby but i know all in due time...hang in there!!