Today (Due Date!) + Last Weekend + Winning

is my due date.
But instead of talking about it I will show you what went down this weekend.
Annnd hope he comes today anyways :D

Last weekend:

Friday - August 24, 2012

We ate a Brazilian dinner made by my sister (a returned missionary from there) and spent the evening fishing, chilling on the dock, and just hanging out.
Every sunset by this lake is just breathtaking.
Our place.


 Saturday - August 25, 2012

My family and Kevin and I went up to Boulder for the day.
Zach, my sponsored yo-yo'er brother, also the 3rd best yo-yo'er in the US, was competing at the South Central Regional Yo-Yo Contest in Boulder at the Boulder Circus Club (where circus performers really train). 
But first, we checked out Patrick's new apartment (he is attending CU) and then ate at a yummy pizza place off Pearl Street.
We then killed some time since Zach wasn't competing until the end of the competition by browsing Rocky Mountain Kids and the 37th Street Mall (Nordstrom Rack & BC Surf & Sport).
Then it was time for the competition.
He was the last to compete in the finals. Best for last!
He got to skip all the rounds prior since he was the defending champion as he won this tournament last year.
But while Kevin and all of us watched the yo-yo'ers prior to him we noticed this lady in a short yellow dress.
She kept bending over to show off her bottom.
I'm not sure if she was wearing underwear (thong?), if so, her hiney definitely ate it.
Kevin, my mom, and I were laughing so hard when we first saw it.
And then it kept happening, again, and again.
We then realized she was trying to show it off.
And let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight.
Kevin got a few pictures and one is even on Instagram.
This is the picture I posted:
"We are at my brothers yoyo competition & this lady keeps bending over in a short dress & we see EVERYTHING. Kevin got a picture. I want to Instagram it but it is explicit hahahaha. See @kevinsloan 's photos to see our view lol."
And then I got 34 comments.
And a lot of people went over to Kevin's Instagram feed (because I tagged it) and saw it too and pretty much we all died.
If you want to get a good laugh or die of grossness check me out on Instagram (ashleysloan7), find the picture above, click on @kevinsloan, and check out his pictures...
Have fun :)
Then Zach competed and did his routine from Worlds (where he placed 3rd best in the US earlier this month).
He dominated!
And won the whole competition again here!
 He did so great and every time I watch him compete he just gets better and better.
Oh, and he was on TV earlier this week for yo-yoing haha.
Here is Kelsi & I at the yo-yo event.
Then her and Patrick left to attend Reggae on the Rocks at Red Rocks.
I am just 2 days before my due date here!
Afterwards we celebrated at Wahoo's.
It was delish.
And then we passed out when we got home.

Oh, and I learned how to tell what a contraction is.
I guess I have some, but it is hard to know exactly when they start and end.
But sometimes my stomach does get tighter.
And my lower back hurts and sometimes I'm crampy.

And I've been having more, yesterday, in the middle of night, and today.
But they are super irregular and not very painful so I still think I've got a few days.
We will see...or I'll get induced in a week or so!

Happy Monday!


  1. Your family is so cute, I was just thinking, When is that woman having that kiddo?! Can't wait for the arrival!

  2. I went and saw the photo--GROSS! I can't believe she did that! Congrats to your brother though!

  3. I seen that photo... and I wish I hadn't. haha What a fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like an awkward (butt pictures) and fabulous (lake and sunset pictures) weekend! Seriously, what was up with that girl? WOW!!

    So excited for you and your baby boy. Have you done a maternity photo session yet?! Can't wait till he's here!! xo

  5. Hope your little man makes his appearance soon :)