Swimming is the thing to do & other things too

 So, if you are wondering why I haven't blogged since...Sunday, is not because I've had my baby.
I wish.
{But my friend Karina had her son yesterday!!! So excited for her!!!
Our sons are supposed to be BYU roommates in the dorms...and both athletes...like our husbands
our husbands were like best buds and were each others' groomsmen...
so we have another generation in the works...
if my son ever decides to come...
she was due 4 days after me!
Come on Baby Sloan!!!}
I haven't blogged since I've been busy keeping myself busy, distracting myself, and trying to do fun things.

Last Saturday (photo above), my mom, Kevin, Hunter, and I went swimming at my aunt, NaNet's neighborhood pool with my cousin Paige.
Yesterday, Kelsi and I went swimming for a bit.
Swimming is pretty amazing when you are pregnant.
Often times everyone else is cold in the pool and you are perfectly dandy.
I hope to go tomorrow.
But really, I kind of love the pool these days.

In addition to swimming here and there, I've been doing random things. 
What are random things you ask? 
Well, I've:

+ Packed my hospital bag
+ Worked out 5 times a week and am still doing that...
+ Ordered water filters for our fridge (will at least last a year)
+ Cleaned our fridge, microwave, and oven
+ Stocked up on shaving cream, lotion, razors, Biore pore strips, q-tips, paper towels, body wash, and more just so I don't have to go to the store after I have my son haha...who knows, I may want a break to go to the store but for now, I've got a little section of backups.
+ Got the Mazda & Jeep's oil changed (& replaced a gas cap for the Mazda...fun!)
+ Got a Colorado driver's license...which took at least 3 hours to do at the DMV
+ Registered to vote...watch out Obama. I'm voting for ROMNEY!!!
+ Renewed Katinka's puppy plan (like health insurance), got all of her shots, stocked up on heart-worm preventive meds and dog food, so she won't have to go to the vet for another 6 months...unless she gets sick (but she never really does)
+ Got Katinka groomed
+ Continuously am washing loads of laundry and doing loads of dishes
+ Organized boxes in the basement haha
+ Cleaned the washer and dryer (like when was the last time I've done that?!)
+ Registered random product warranties...like who does that
+ Used coupons on 95% of the baby products we've had to buy! I LOVE USING COUPONS!!! Also, I check Babysteals.com and Babyhalfoff.com daily. I scored a 2 pack of Aden + Anais burpy bibs and am awaiting their arrival. Someday, I hope to score an Ergobaby carrier on there!!! My friend got hers off their for much cheaper. As of now, we've got most everything, although I think Baby Sloan could use some more socks...oh, and a baby blessing outfit and maybe a white noise machine if we don't acquire a CD or download white noise on our iPod or an app on our iPhones...

And of course some fun things too. 
But anyways, I think I will post my 39 week update tonight...after my obgyn appointment or maybe tomorrow. We will see. I'm hoping I won't have to do a 40 week update haha!!!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. ahhh you're making me want to go organize things and I am not even pregnant! Can't wait to see baby R!

  2. Registered random product warranties????????????????!! LOL Oh my gosh girl! You're on a roll! But you're so super smart! It's good that you're doing all this before your cute baby boy comes! Cause who has time to replace gas camps when there's a child to be breastfed? Right? Oh wow! Your little one is coming sooo soon! WOWOW! Congrats! And hoping and prayin you have a quick and safe delivery!


  3. I hope baby Sloan makes an appearance soon. It sounds like you're doing a fine job nesting in the meantime though. (:

  4. Look at you Mrs. Productive. I aspire to be like you when I'm a pregnant lady. Can't wait to see pics of your new guy when he arrives.

    Ps. I sure do miss going to the gym with you!

  5. Its exciting! He's coming! You're ready!