Scenes from Last Weekend

Last weekend was very fun.
Kevin and I decided that we would have more fun than usual (not like we don't have fun normally) because we are getting pretty close to having our house, baby room, all the baby stuff we need done before our son arrives...and of course, right now, if I think of what needs to be done, there is a lot.
But we decided to just do whatever - at least a little more than usual.
I have a hard time relaxing.
All I do is get things done and check things off my to-do list so it is hard for me to sit and do 'nothing'!!!
Anyways, it was my first week not working so there is no excuse for not working out!
I usually work out at my parents doing a couple of miles on the treadmill and lifting weights but I decided to take Katinka on a walk here.

August 2, 2012 - Thursday

I don't think a walk around noon is the best time to take one.
It is too hot! 
Anyways, we walked forever haha...probably a little too long.
 At the end of our walk she kept trying to lay down in the grass next to the sidewalk.
Poor thing, she was exhausted!
I almost picked her up and carried her but instead I cheered her on haha.
Then later in the evening we went to our Zephyr work baby shower at Nordy's.

August 3, 2012 - Friday

Kevin came home early and we hung out for a bit.
We went to Brooks' Masters (a youth in our ward) baseball game in Loveland.
We were planning on bringing Katinka but there were big signs saying no dogs allowed...so she chilled in the car.
Afterwards we hit up Sonic and got Cherry Limeades and hung out at Fossil Creek Park.
It is so nice to just hangout, relax, and drink a Cherry Limeade.
I had been craving one the whole week.
What I really wanted to do was go to the drive in because I love hitting up Sonic before I go to the drive in...the only problem is I'm 8 months pregnant and laying on your back or stomach is not the best...so I don't know how I would get comfortable in the back of our Jeep! I will just have to wait until after I have the baby. 
I love going to the drive in!

August 4, 2012 - Saturday

Kevin and I went to the early-bird show time of The Dark Night Rises at Cinemark.
We had a gift-card so we decided to use it.
We rarely see movies in the theaters. 
It is hard to justify spending that much when you can wait a little and see it for a $1!
Kevin really wanted to see the movie so I agreed to see it with him.
And...that is probably the last movie in theater I am going to see when I'm pregnant because wow, that movie was long, and sitting for hours isn't the most comfortable!!!
I survived and I thought the movie was better than the last.
On our way home, we hit up Something From The Farm.
It is a farm nearby that sells local produce that we love.
We got some peaches and nectarines and ate them all within 2 days.
Later that day, we watched my brother, Zach compete in the finals at the World's Yo-Yo Championship.
My whole family (except us) was in Orlando, Florida at the competition.
We watched him on a video feed.
He did amazing!
He placed 12th best in the entire WORLD,
3rd in the US,
4th best in creativity,
and 5th best in style!
Yep, my brother is a very talented yo-yoer and famous in the world!
Like no lie- he gets tons of Facebook requests every day and people recognize him where he goes...
in the yo-yo world, but it is actually a lot bigger than I ever realized haha.
Yes, Katinka watched too.


  1. Yay to your husband for a fun weekend, when its still just the two of you! :) Poor thing ... it sounds like you're about ready to have the kid already and be able to do things more comfortably.

    Congratulations to your brother! Thats amazing!

  2. Love cherry limeade! And that cute cute dog. And the fact that your baby's almost here!! I'm so excited for you dear :)

  3. looks like fun! Lovely photos!


  4. Mmm yum, nothing beats fresh fruit! What a fun, laid back weekend!

  5. I'm not pregnant and I got uncomfortable sitting through that movie! But it was soooo worth it!
    Also digging the Sonic cup. I can never move anywhere that doesn't have one.