Kelsi's Homecoming Week with Family Pt. 2/2

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Kelsi came home from her mission on Thursday, July 19, 2012.

Saturday - July 21, 2012

In the morning, I went to my friend Rebekah's baby shower (she is having a girl) and then in the afternoon she came to mine! My aunts NaNet, JaKie, RaKel, & Omi threw the shower for me and it was at NaNet's house. I will post on this later, but it was awesome!
For dinner my family and Grandma and Grandpa all went out to Tres 3 Margaritas, a yummy Mexican restaurant.
The yummy food!
 Grandpa & Kevin
Me & Zach
Hunter being really weird & Kevin
It was a yummy enjoyable dinner and here is the group.
Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Kelsi, me, Kevin, Zach, Hunter

Sunday - July 22, 2012

In the morning we all attended my parents ward - Fossil Creek Ward - and listened to Kelsi's homecoming talk in sacrament. She did a great job! She was also asked to speak in 3rd hour a bit in a combined Relief Society/Priesthood class. On top of that she did a fireside for their ward that evening as well!
After church we had an early BBQ dinner at my parents with a lot of my relatives - Grandma & Grandma, the Puccetti's, the Toner's, and Omi and Opi.
My dad and his parents!
Mom, Omi, JaKie, & NaNet
Yes I was a day shy of being 35 weeks prego here. I look huge haha!
Kevin & Mike were in charge of BBQ'ing the meat.
We had hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, an amazing fruit salad everyone downed, home made guacamole with chips, watermelon and cantaloupe, chips, and I can't remember what else.
Just some of the fam here!
It was a very good day.
Oh, and while Kelsi was doing her fireside, my aunts and I watched The Bachelorette finale haha!
We are glad with her decision of Jef, Jef with 1 'f.' Haha.
And it is crazy how many of my friends in Utah have met him!
Anyways, have a good Sabbath!

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  1. I bet you are still having so much fun having your sister home and she is right on time for baby! I can't believe you are almost full term- things are about to get very exciting:-)