Keeping Busy

This week has been interesting.
Waiting for a baby when you have everything ready is...torturous? Lol.
But, we have had fun!
And that is all I'm going to say because I feel like I'm complaining 
(about waiting for him to arrive!)...
Here are some of the fun things I've done this week:
Of course I workout every day and do random errands and things on our 'to-do' list!

Monday - August 27, 2012 - My Due Date!!!

+ My mom, Hunter, cousin Paige, and I went swimming.
It was actually pretty cold and looked like it was going to rain...but hey, swimming is a great way to fill your time! It feels so good, even when the weather isn't even hot haha! It is perfect for being pregnant because you are comfortable in the temperature but everyone else is freezing haha.
+ It was my pick for Redbox night. Kevin and I try to switch off on "whose pick" it is but usually we forget. The last 2 picks I've done (The Reality of Love and Like Crazy) have been brutally HORRIBLE!!! I highly recommend...neither of them. I decided to go with one I know and trust and we ended up watching The Hunger Games! Man, whenever I watch the preview for that movie, it gets me so pumped up.

Tuesday - August 28, 2012

+ I went to lunch with Lori Croft (who visit teaches me) at Panera with her two cute kiddos (one of which I was over in nursery for months - Katie - she is a doll). We ran into another girl at church, Heather Hartman, and her daughter so we all ate together at Panera! It was a fun time :)

+ My mom and I got our nails re-done and re-shellaced at our friend Mindy's salon! I got the same thing I got done last time...which was 2 weeks ago, and was supposed to be the manicure that stayed great for when I have a baby haha... Then my nails grew out and no baby was here, so we got them done again. I got light pink with sparkles on the 4th finger. The girl who did my nails last time was like "No baby?!" because she massaged the pressure points in my ankle (to induce labor) haha.

Wednesday - August 29, 2012
+ I ran errands with my mom and we ate at Corner Bakery Cafe.
 We did some returns at Macy's and later in the afternoon I realized I had lost an earring!
I was kind of in a bad mood since I hadn't had my baby and was like dangit, another horrible thing about my day! I called Corner Bakery Cafe and we went back to Macy's to look for it (we had to go back anyways) and didn't find it. Later when I got home I found the one earring in my jewelry box...
Who just puts on ONE earring?!
That has never happened to me before but what the heck?! Am I going crazy? Sooo my mom made fun of me, laughed, and told some other people about it...pregnancy brain!

+ Also, isn't this the cutest church outfit ever?
My mom bought it and had it wrapped up for me this day!
I hope it fits him otherwise we may have to return since it is a newborn size.
+ Then after work, I convinced Kevin to go swimming with me!
It looked like it was going to rain but it didn't and we got to swim for an hour. He kept wanting to get out (because he was cold) but I made him stay in for an hour haha! 
Then afterwards we had FHE and ate our dinner on our 'stoop' haha.

 Thursday - August 29, 2012 

+ For lunch, my mom, aunt NaNet, and I ate at this AMAZING French crepe place in downtown Fort Collins. I am now obsessed! We ordered 5 crepes and split them between us. One was a chicken spinach one, another an egg/mushroom/cheese breakfast one, and the three dessert ones were banana sugar one, strawberry nutella one, and a honey raspberry blueberry one. We were all so stuffed but had to try each crepe. That is the most food I have eaten in one sitting in...so long. Afterwards I felt so full since my stomach is so small and then went right to my 40 week appointment at my obgyn...never a good idea to gorge yourself and then go to the doctor because your weight is definitely off!
+ In the evening, Kevin and I went to my parents and watched the Republican National Convention to hear Mitt Romney speak (he's got my vote!) and then afterwards watched the BYU Football game.

Friday - August 31, 2012

+ This morning while working out (treadmill/weights) I watched this week's So You Think You Can Dance. Mitchell from Modern Family (Jesse Tyler) was a guest judge on the show and seriously I can't even handle him. He is too hysterical. I wish I knew him in real life.
+ I had the non-stress test and ultrasound today and both were great! He has enough fluids (16.5) and is NOT in stress haha. He was a crazy man moving all over when we tested! So he passed! Unless he wants to come sooner, I will go in to be induced on Labor Day.

+ This afternoon I caught Katinka sleeping in Kevin's hospital bag.
Poor girl doesn't even know big changes are happening soon!
I hope she is a good 'big sister'!!!
But really, she better be nice.
Too bad she can't come to the hospital haha.
What are you up to this weekend?

We got some good plans, in-laws coming into town, and a LABOR DAY induction coming!!!
This babe is getting evicted ON Labor Day - too funny.


  1. LOL at the "baby is getting evicted". Seriously adore your chihuahua. I wish mine was that hairy.

  2. I love love your blog , just started reading it so enjoy it and I myself just started a blog andboy would I love mine to look like yours, if you don't mind I'd love some advice on how to make it as cute as yours!!!! Or at least how do I tell my family and friends about it and how do I get my instagram photos on here? Thanks

  3. hahahah the earrings story cracked me up! Sorry there's no baby yet! Hoping he comes soon for you!!!

  4. Good luck! 18 years ago, my mom was induced on labor day with my youngest brother, and he wasn't born until that Friday!!

  5. the fact that you haven't written since this post must mean that baby is here! (yes.. i've been checking everyday for an update!)

  6. waiting for that baby post girl frrrrrriend :)!

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