{Insta} Catch up!

Yes, I am behind again.
But I am starting to get on top of things, I think...haha.
So I am going to do this little catch up post and then post more on Kelsi's homecoming (from her mission), my baby shower, fun with relatives in town, etc...
Last Monday, July 23, 2012 we got our Chicco Keyfit car seat installed by a fire man (yes he is a certified tech!) Kevin said he was hot in case you were wondering...
We knew pretty much everything he taught us but he gave us some good tips so all in all, I think it was helpful.
PS. If you want to get your car seat installed correctly (80-85% of car seats are installed/put in incorrectly...one of those percentages) I would say call your hospital or local fire department. We found out from our hospital and most of the fire stations do it if they are trained. I would ask and they should be able to help you.
I love this car seat already.
I had my last day of work last Friday.
It is weird not working! I am getting so much done though!
My office is so bare here...
Whenever I workout, I lift these cute little weights.
I'd like to get another set (that weighs a little more) but haven't gotten around to it.
I've been very good at working out the past few months and it should only get better now that I am not working as I have more time in the day!
Last week, one day, when I was working out at my parents I realized I had some spectators.
It was funny...as they were just staring. I opened a door and got a little closer and they all walked away...
but here they are! Our neighborhood group of geese! Kevin loves these geese haha.
Like sometimes if he has extra food he throws it outside for them...
I fatboothed Hunter the other day...
Yes, that app still exits and it is free.
Every morning, I look forward to a bowl of cereal.
Like, I love cereal.
I am not a morning person but I read my scriptures and eat a bowl everyday and it is my time haha.
I just got some Oh's so I had to share.
Last night my mom and I went out to dinner...to Panda Express.
I wanted orange chicken, so it was decided.
We then went to Target and shopped around and then I found out she had 2 Babies 'r' Us coupons that expired that day so I made her go there with me and use them haha. I feel like I am turning into one of those extreme couponors and it is getting very obsessive over here.
I don't know the last time I've taken a picture and posted it on my blog the same day...so this is good.
I read through my mom's pregnancy journal when she was pregnant with me (this afternoon) and it was pretty funny.
One thing, my aunt JaKie (who was 8 years old at the time) said she would love me even if I was retarded. So that was nice of her. Also, I was almost named Paulina. No offense if that is your name but I find that hilarious.
I'm glad they chose Ashley haha.
See the other contenders here:
(& yes they were surprised on the gender- they didn't even have 1 ultrasound with me)
Also, in her journal was a picture of me 4.5 hours old.
Aren't I cute? ;)
I wonder what Baby R will look like!!!
I am and have been expecting to have little brunette colored hair babies...for my whole life.
I will be shocked if he has blond hair and surprised if he is bald...
We will see haha!
Since I'm sure these kinds of random posts are your favorite, I will post more sometime...
Actually I don't like super random posts.
I like them to be categorized but when you get behind you do what you have to do.
Happy Hump Day!
& as of now, I'm planning on blogging tomorrow so hold me to it!


  1. I love how "back in the day" aka when we were born ('88 represent!) ultra sounds weren't a big deal. I was always Rebecca...my Dad just knew. Good thing he was right! :) P.S. My brother is named Dallin....good name choice to your Mom!

  2. BAH! I eat honey oh's all of the time!! It must be a preggo thing. And I nearly fill up my whole bowl with milk. Can't get enough dairy :)

  3. Love the peek into your mom's pregnancy journal! I love the carseat too.

  4. Oh wow how awesome your mom kept a journal...and we thought about the keyfit too...looks good!