Cherry Creek + More

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to spend a day of shopping at Cherry Creek (shopping mall) with my mom and Kelsi.
It was another great distraction that lasted the whole day :)
We first had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with Kelsi's friend, Mary Fischbuch and her little baby boy. My mom and I split 2 entrees which were delish.
PS. Get the tostada pizza!!!
Kelsi got some glasses from a store in the mall and she looked for shoes as well.
I was on the lookout for a baby blessing outfit for our son and we found some great options.
We got 2 options in 2 sizes (since we are not sure how big or small he will be) and will try them on when it gets closer to his blessing day and see what we think. We actually already have his blessing scheduled for September 30, 2012. He should have been around a month old (if he arrives on his due date- Monday :)) or he may be only a couple of weeks if he decides to come super late haha!
We all browsed Nordstrom - my favorite store ever - and we realized that the Petunia Pickle Bottom 'Boxy' bags now come with magnetic closures!!!
You are probably thinking, so what?
Well, it is a very popular diaper bag and basically the only complaint I've heard is the velcro (which holds the flap over) snags your clothes a lot and is very loud. I was a little worried about snagging some of my clothes and things in general but figured it was a small downside.
But now, they fixed it (just this last month) and just in time for me to return my bag (in a different pattern which we loved) for a newer model which I think will be better.
I chose the pattern above (which is a new one)!
When I posted a picture of my original diaper bag on Instagram (ashleysloan7), me and a ton of other people were talking about that and how you can buy magnetic strips to cover the velcro.
Well, Nordstrom now carries those and they run $20, just in case you were interested!
When we were ordering it, I asked the girl if she could speed up the shipping somehow instead of their usual free shipping and she said "Oh you still have time before baby arrives!"
Then I told her I'm due on Monday and she was surprised and I may or may not receive it before he comes haha. All of his stuff for the hospital is in my old bag so we will have to take that out.

We hit up Baby Gap and my mom got our son this adorable chambray outfit which I think he will probably wear every other day. I love it. You can roll up the pants (& button them up) or leave them down.
We ended up eating a very late dinner at Boston Market and made it home at around 10pm!
Very solid day!

+ More...

~ One fine evening, okay, Monday the 20th, my family and Kevin and I ate at Taverna!
Taverna is this awesome Greek restaurant in Fort Collins.
My family always orders this goat cheese for an appetizer which they light on fire (picture below) and 75% of the time Hunter gets invited to smash a plate and yell 'Opa'! They let kids do that for fun. And then the employees dance around doing Greek Folk dance and it is hilarious. 
I got the stuffed peppers which were amazing.
Then Kevin and I rented Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and unfortunately I fell asleep in the end...but I think it was good haha?

~ Wednesday the 22nd, Kevin and I had breakfast for dinner.
I highly recommend making waffles (with an awesome waffle maker) and adding cool whip (homemade or not) and berries and bananas. 
So delish.

+ Here is Katinka earlier today.
Lately our thing is lets play fetch with a golf ball.
So I kick/throw it and she chases it and grabs it with her mouth.
It cracks me.
I mean look at how WIDE her jaw is!!!
Looks SO funny.
We have some more fun plans for this weekend to hopefully distract me that I should be having a baby very soon or even better, possibly put me into labor! I feel like if I don't post a picture on Instagram or blog often, people will think I'm having my baby, so I'm stepping up my game...like this week has been pretty good for blogging haha. Anyways...

 Have a great weekend!!!

PS. 3 days until my due date!


  1. Girlfran ... its like I am reading a blog post that I wrote! LOL! You're pretty much my pregnancy twin and I love it! So first things first ... I went to the mall the other day (actually I think it was yesterday, but my days are all mixed up lately I dont even know Hahaha!) and I walked around with my mom for 3 hrs! Oh ya ... no baby. Oh and I totally have a PPB boxy bag and mine has velcro on it ... and that was my ONLY complaint too! So now I'm super thankful you told me they come with magnets! So I'm gonna either go to Nordys and exchange mine for the updated ones, or I'll get the replacement strips. We'll see! So can you believe it ... you're due in 3 days ... and I'm due in on the 29th! We're SO friggin close!!!

  2. Yay!! This just sealed the deal... I'm totally getting a PPB bag!!

  3. Come on baby Sloan! Make your appearance. (:

    Katinka looks hilarious with that golf ball in her mouth... she looks so tiny.

  4. What a fun day! I loved my PPB bag...it had a zipper, so no worries with velcro. ;)

    AND I LOVE California Pizza Kitchen!! YUM!!

    Can't wait to see your sweet baby! Yippeee!!! Not much longer!!! xoxo