Baby R's Baby Shower

My baby shower was on July 21, 2012 and it was a blast!
My aunts JaKie, RaKel, NaNet, and grandmother Omi helped throw it!
They were so nice and thoughtful to do that for me!
So I started taking a few pictures of the decorations and then people started arriving so...the pictures in this post is about all I got on my camera. I know my cousin Paige took some so sometime I may get those from her.
For now, here is what I got!
Also, Flickr just told me I can't upload anymore photos this month...so that is problematic.
I had the most amazing cake.
Inside this elephant cake was the best chocolate cake, ever.
I got to finish off the cake in the elephant last week and it was so good!
How cute is that!
Oh, and my favorite animal is an elephant so that is where they got the elephant theme :)
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the food, but it was very good!
Balloons and elephant baby toys for decorations!
My aunts made this diaper cake for our boy...perfect since obviously diapers are crucial!
And then...we had the shower and I stopped taking pictures.
Here is what went down.
Lots of friends, family, and church members showed up.
We all chatted and ate food.
Then it was time for the game.
All of a sudden they had Kevin walk in!
The first part of the game was where my aunts asked us questions.
Kevin would write his answer on a note pad and I would write my answer on another.
If we got them right, then that was good haha.
Some of the questions were interesting...lol.
Then they gave us baby bottles filled with water and we had to see who could drink one faster.
FYI- I am the worst drinker. Like I'm pretty sure I'm usually dehydrated. I could never be an alcoholic because I just don't like drinking period. I would rather eat my calories than drink them. Anyways, I suck at drinking so I was hoping Kevin would take over this.
By the way drinking out of a baby bottle is...kind of hard haha.
Then we had to see who could spit a binky the furthest. Kevin won haha. Not surprised.
If I am not forgetting anything else the last thing was we had to do was un-diaper and re-diaper a stuffed animal each...blindfolded. And...there were little presents (candy turds) in the diaper haha.
I won.
Kevin diapered a bear's arm AND leg.
I got the diaper on the right parts haha.
Sooo...it was a little embarrassing but that is how my aunts roll haha.
And I got one picture with a guest lol.
My friend Bekah is due 2 days after me!
And I went to her baby shower a few hours before mine haha.
She is having a girl!
They will have to hang out :)
And at church, since we are in the same ward.
Maybe I will get another post on this later but for now, this will have to do.
It was a blast and I feel so thankful for generous family and friends!

*We also had a work baby shower for our boy. Nicole (a girl at work) threw it and after work last Thursday, August 2nd a group of us went to Nordy's which is an amazing BBQ place. It was fun to hang out with other coworkers outside of work. We also got some great gifts from them; we are very blessed!*


  1. These are great ideas for shower games! A nice change from the usual girly ones, and I like that it involves the dad. I definitely want us both at our baby shower (whenever that happens!) because I know he's going to be a super involved daddy! Why shouldn't he be included in the fun? :)

  2. aw so cute!! and i love the pregnant belly!


  3. the elephant cake! i love it. so cute. haha. glad that you got the diaper on the right part

  4. You are looking adorable Ash! Love the cake!

  5. The shower looks like fun! Are those really your aunts' names?