A Taste of Germany: Bohemian Cottage

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 my family, Kevin, and I ventured up into the mountains to eat at this quaint little German restaurant!
My family had just discovered it maybe a month ago and Kevin and I were bummed we weren't able to go with them when they went for the first time, so we all decided to go before baby arrives!
 It technically says they have Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, and German cuisine but almost everything on the menu sounded familiar (and I've had) since my grandma on my mom's side (Omi) is 100% German and has cooked us lots of German and European cuisine!
The restaurant is called Bohemian Cottage and it is on the way to Estes Park.
You just head through Loveland on your way into the mountains and it is nestled in the mountains.
We were so excited to eat here!
The whole restaurant is just one room and it is decorated with tons of German things I've seen either in Omi's house or when I visited Germany twice. 
I've been to southern Germany (Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Schwarzwald) and northern Germany (Warnemunde, Berlin).
 Mom & Patrick
 Kelsi & Zach
 Unfortunately we had bad lighting haha.
Hunter, Kevin, & me
 My dad was here but he came a little late so wasn't in these pictures.
Our first round came out...
fresh bread (brot) and spaetzle soup!
I LOVE spaetzle!!!
 I ordered Jager Wurst which is basically pork with mushroom sauce, dumplings, and I got a side of spaetzle.
 I had Kevin and I pose doing 'Folk dance' poses...
Oh, folk dance!
 I highly recommend Bohemian Cottage if you love this type of food!
And if you don't, wow...
The atmosphere and location make you feel like you are in Europe which is always a plus!
And the owners are super nice and have had the restaurant for years (like 20+), are Czech, and cook everything themselves...and the lady was super excited I was going to have a baby so I showed her ultrasound pictures haha.

Auf Wiedersehen!
(sorry, I don't know how to add umlauts (German punctuation))


  1. Oh my gosh, Ashley you are making me so so jealous! I haven't tried Siegfried's yet here, but I really need to try it! And this place looks so cute, I just want to come visit so I can go there!

  2. i must go here next time i am up there.... i LOVE german food! it's my favorite kind of european food for sure :) p.s. you look so cute!


  3. ooh really cute and charming! And hey your baby bump is looking GOOD!