40 Weeks

So yesterday was my due date...
I like how my pregnancy apps let me know...
like really, I didn't even know
"Today is the Day!!"
I'm trying to be okay with it.
Moving on!!!
39 weeks, 6 days.
I look the same as I did there.
I haven't gained any weight or anything the past few weeks.
So, that was a day before my due date when I went to church and everyone kept asking 
"When are you due?", "No baby yet?", etc. etc...haha...
Dress: The Buckle
Top: BYU Bookstore
Hairpiece: Forever 21
Bracelets: Forever 21

How Far Along: 40 weeks, 1 days. 3rd trimester. 1 day past my due date (August 27, 2012).
Size of the Baby: Pumpkin, 6-9 lbs, 19-22 inches long!
I wonder how big he will be since he is staying longer than I'd like haha. Obviously if he needs to it is okay but I would love for him to arrive! I hope he doesn't get too heavy/big though!!!
Maternity Clothes: Same old!
Stretch marks: A few on each side of my hip!
Weight gain/loss: 30-31 lbs. I've definitely plateaued the past few weeks which is fine with me because I ended up in the healthy weight gain range (25-35).
Sleep: So the past 2 nights have been...awful. I used to wake up every couple/few hours but the last 2 nights I've woken up every hour! I'm not sure if it is because I have to pee or because of cramps because I've been getting more crampy recently. And also I've been super hot...and my hips and back are so sore when I sleep!!! Not last night but the night before, I woke up so hungry and I decided that hunger was one thing I didn't want to have keep me up (along with the other list of reasons) so I went downstairs and ate some Cheez-its at 4am. Lol. Kevin came down and was like "What are you doing? Are those Cheez-its?" I told him I was hungry hahahaha. So that was funny. Then I had him massage my back a little before I tried to sleep a little which did help.
Best Moment of the Week: Well I'm hoping it will be when I MEET him this week :) And not next week haha.
Movement: Yes he is an active guy. He is moving right now and giving me the sharpest stabbing pains ever! So uncomfortable haha.
Symptoms: Okay so I feel like since Saturday I've been in a little more pain, which I hope means it is time to have our little baby sooner. My lower back has been hurting more than the usual and I learned what a contraction is haha. Sometimes my stomach is harder than other times but it doesn't hurt. My mom touched my stomach when it was harder and when it was softer and told me that is a contraction lol. So I do have them, irregularly, and sometimes with like menstrual like pains or sometimes the menstrual pains are on their own...maybe? The contractions are not painful so it is not like I notice them all the time. If I sit and do nothing (or like go to church) then I notice them more because I am not running around doing 100 things.
Food Cravings: Ehhh I just had a ice cream drumstick which was yummy...OH and watermelon! I wanted some watermelon recently and picked a mini one at the grocery store, cut it open, realized it was yellow, and it was a yellow watermelon! I don't know if I've ever had a yellow one...it threw me off! But it is so good.
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: It finally came out! Well not all the way, but pretty much.
Anything making you qeasy or sick: Nope.
Labor Signs:  Painless contractions I guess? Back pain? Nothing really...
Wedding ring on or off:  Off.
What I miss:  Getting amazing sleep and not having aches/pains.
What I am looking forward to: Going to the hospital. I've never wanted to go to the hospital so bad haha! Probably the only times in peoples lives when they want to go to one! So funny.
Nursery:  All set!
Emotions: Just getting antsy and having to keep busy! Like I don't want to go crazy here...
Stupid things I have done: Nothing.

Hopefully I won't have to do a 41 week update but we shall see!

I go to my obgyn on Thursday and will do a non stress test and ultrasound to check the amniotic fluids to make sure he is still thriving. I am not sure if we will do that at our appointment on Thursday or if we will go in for a different appointment a few days later and do the testing. If he isn't thriving, they will induce, I'm assuming ASAP. If he is thriving...then I'm guessing they will want me to wait a little longer and induce before 42 weeks, since you cannot go that far...

That is the plan!!!

Back up plan...

Plan A is have him tonight/tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh man...i went 40 weeks and 4 days and finally I was induced!! Hoping baby boy comes sooner than later. I totally feel your pain....good luck and hugs from Texas!!

  2. Good luck with your plans! I hope he comes soon. Love keeping up with your cute life on your blog!

  3. Oh Ashley...I just won't say anything cause it doesn't help :) Haha. I feel your pain though. He's just too cozy. I've been waiting and thinking about you. My neighbor just had her baby and she was four days past her due date. She was going crazy. She went on a lot of long walks! Come walk and see me, maybe he'll come! And once he's here, you'll forget about all the waiting :)