38 Weeks

38 weeks, 2 days
Top: The Buckle
Tank Top: The Buckle
Capris: Motherhood Maternity
Bracelets: Ann Taylor Loft; American Eagle; Asia

How Far Along: 38 weeks, 3 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 11 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Watermelon, 7 lbs, 19-22 inches long!
Maternity Clothes: Still a fan...I hope I can wear my swimsuit this weekend!
Stretch marks: Just a few on each side of my hip!
Weight gain/loss: 31 lbs. I gained 2 lbs. since my 37 week appointment. I guess that is okay considering between 36 and 37 weeks I lost a lb. I guess I am averaging a lb. a week now...we will see where I end up!
Sleep: Eh, it is okay! I feel like this week hasn't been the best but I guess it could be a lot worse. I don't see the point in complaining. You are pregnant and when you are pregnant, things are different. Haha. Uncomfortable but you get used to it!
Best Moment of the Week: Eh, I don't know?! I started packing my hospital bag...so got to finish that and we should be good to go! And Kevin needs to pack his...
Movement: Yep, he is moving a lot in there! His butt is up in my right side under my ribs so if I'm lucky he will be moving and move his butt...
Symptoms: Some back pain. It feels good to walk on the treadmill and get moving.
Food Cravings: Eh, just ice-cream sandwiches and drumstick ice-cream cones haha. So I guess ice cream but I still think cravings are not really 'real' if you ask me...I know I've talked about it before on here but before I was pregnant there were always certain things that sounded good and that is how I am now. I am not like going psycho for something like will flip out on people until I get it...but really...give me a break haha.
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: Trying to come out but still in!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Labor Signs: Nope not really. Getting a little crampy (like menstrual cramps) sometimes but it is normal and not necessarily a labor sign.
Wedding ring on or off: Off because I am paranoid...
What I miss: Kickboxing, tennis, snowboarding, basically hardcore working out!!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our man.
Nursery: Pretty good! I may show some pictures but I don't know. I would like to decorate the walls but not sure if/when we will so maybe we will wait on that...but it has everything we really need.
Emotions: Good!
Stupid things I have done: Nope.

* I went to my 38 week appointment yesterday and it went well! Baby's heartbeat is healthy at 136 beats/minute. I gained 2 lbs making up for my loss of 1 last week. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I am planning on going past my due date because 1. It is suuuper common to go past it on your 1st child and 2. Better to plan on that and be pleasantly surprised if they come earlier.  Like why freak out when you don't have your child before the due date...they will come when they come!!! It isn't up to you to try and have them evict your womb haha.

Everyone is asking me when I am going to have my baby and I wish I could tell you, I really do! It would make planning so much easier for family and of course Kevin and I. My siblings have to go out to school (drive out, move in, etc.), I think my dad has some business trips, in-laws are coming out here, and Kevin has some business trips to schedule as well...etc. etc. People are asking if I will be induced. The answer is no. However, in some circumstances (for medical reasons) I think it is definitely necessary. I don't want to for many reasons such as there are greater chances of problems with the baby in labor, higher chances of the baby ending up in the NICU, greater chances of having to use forceps or a vacuum, and increased risk of c-section. Plus, someones due date could be off and the baby may be induced early and come not entirely ready and just have more problems. ANYWAYS...enough of that haha. But my opinion may change after my due date passes (if that is the case) because then you run into the problem of a deteriorating placenta, not as 'good' fluids, etc...sooo we will see!!! Funny thing I was just thinking about the risks of induction and my friend Sara retweeted a tweet with a link to an article on the same topic today so amen sista!

Anyways!!! We are almost there!!! :D
Going to plan some fun things for this weekend as it may be our last just Kevin and I!


  1. ooh so excited...you are too cute. i go for my 38weeks tomorrow and i cant wait to see if ive dilated some more...im so ready to meet little man!!

  2. You are looking great! I am so excited for you!

  3. You look great, and you are SO close!!! I can't wait to see pictures and hear what his name is :)