36 Weeks

Almost full term friends!!!
36 weeks, 3 days.
Top: Ann Taylor Loft Maternity
Skinny Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Bracelets: Charming Charlie

How Far Along: 36 weeks, 4 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 24 days until the due date! I'm hoping less...like a week early.
Size of the Baby: Watermelon, 6.5 lbs, 19-22 inches long!
Guys...a watermelon!!! That.is.HUGE.
Maternity Clothes: I wish the weather would get cooler so I can wear my maternity jeans more with cardigans...basically fall clothes...this heat is killing me!
Stretch marks: Just a few on each side of my hip!
Weight gain/loss: 30 lbs total now. I gained 3 lbs between my 34 and 36 week appointment. I will probably end up closer to 35 lbs., the higher range of the 'healthy recommended weight gain.'
Sleep: So it has been getting a little worse now but not too bad I guess. I am going to blame it on the fact that my boy is getting HUGE! I have no clue how much he weighs or if he really is huge but anyways. This morning I couldn't get comfortable because he seriously wouldn't move from under my right ribs! I tried pushing him, kind of hard too haha, but he wouldn't move. I swear some people have to break ribs from their babies (not saying he is that strong) but it is really getting uncomfortable sometimes.
Best Moment of the Week: Well not today (more on that later) but I don't know...maybe the work baby shower and just getting things ready for his arrival! Kevin and I have fun plans this weekend so that is good :)
Movement: YEP! He is an active one. He is actually giving me sharp stabbing pains in my...groin...he is hitting tons of nerves very often and it is like little knives haha. Sooo and he is getting under my ribs a lot. And he moves all over and it is crazy to see who knows what - elbows, knees, hands, feet - move all over my belly...so it is cool to watch but painful sometimes!
Symptoms: Just back pain and rib pain now :)

Food Cravings: Route 66 Cherry Limemade from Sonic! I am SO getting one this weekend. No lie.
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: Still in...!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Reflux. Luckily hasn't been too bad.
Labor Signs: Still no contractions! At least that I am aware of...I know some people have them but they don't know what they are...haha.
Wedding ring on or off: Off because I am paranoid...
What I miss: Exercising harder and weighing less! Gaining weight really does make you move slower haha. Like, I'm excited to weigh less and get back in shape once he is born. Obviously gaining it all is so worth it.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing him for the first time and meeting him!
Nursery: In progress. I need Kevin to spray paint a frame for me and I need to get some curtains...our 2nd Pottery Barn dresser is arriving on Wednesday (we are exchanging the first) so once that is here (and it better be flawless) I can put stuff in and really organize all his stuff... but it is looking pretty good actually :)
Emotions: Good!
Stupid things I have done: Nothing I can think of.

*Our 36 week appointment went well! His heartbeat was healthy at 145 beats per minute. Urine test and blood pressure were great. Everything seems to be going well! Oh and they did a Strep B Test (google it if you want to know what it is) which kind of sucked haha. I guess we find out the results at my next appointment at 37 weeks. I bet I'm fine. Now I'll be seeing my obgyn every week until he is due! This next appointment they will check dilation/effacement...so we will see...hopefully that isn't too painful. I have no clue.

* Kevin and I went to our work baby shower last night. Nicole, a girl at our office, threw it for us and that was so thoughtful of her! After work a small group met up at Nordy's (BBQ restaurant) and we all celebrated. The food was yummy - have to go with pork - and we got some awesome things for our son!

* We also finished putting up our Graco Pack 'n' Play! Actually make that, Kevin put it up. I just put things in the storage part of it (diapers/wipes/diaper rash creams). Our babe will sleep in the little bassinet in our room for a few months and then we will move him into his own room into his crib. At least that is the plan...any tips/advice? :)
What are must haves for when a newborn arrives?
I want to be sure to have everything I need...thanks :)
Have a good weekend!


  1. That is such a cute pack-n-play! I don't have any newborn tips, but I can't wait to hear yours!

  2. You are such a cute pregnant lady!
    LOTS of burp rags, extra bottles/pacifiers (if you use them) because you WILL lose some, and comfy clothes for yourself.

  3. Awww you are almost there...so
    Exciting!! Lots and lots of wipes and diapers! And get us much sleep as you can. At
    Least that's what I've been told!

  4. Ahhh its almost time to meet bubs!! Sooo exciting. You look absolutely stunning and I don't understand how you can still be sooo glam this far into your pregnancy. Your hair looks so shiny and you are just glowing.
    I will be thinking of you!