The Calm Before The Storm

I feel like things are really hectic these days.
My sister came home from her mission, on her birthday, last Thursday, July 19, 2012.
My aunt JaKie and her two sons CaLon and LuKus were in town.
Omi and Opi were in town and just left today.
Grandpa and Grandma were in town as well.
And my aunt NaNet and her family live here in Fort Collins.
This past week/end we have been hanging with family a lot in addition to work, doctors appointments, hair appointments, car situations (our Jeep got all new rotors...goodbye $ that should have gone to baby stuff :( ), car seat install appointments, tens unit classes, and my baby shower!
I also went to my friend Rebekah's baby shower the same day as mine.
Kelsi spoke in church so we attended their ward.
It has been crazy.
So here is a little of what we were up to right before all of the craziness went down.
+ I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. If you can borrow a copy from the library and have time, I would read it. It is a very quick read (like 2 hours or less). It is funny but I would definitely not pay for it. While Kevin hit balls at the driving range (July 14, 2012), I started reading this book.
Here is Kevin at the local golf course...and I can't believe I forget the name of it. 
It is like a mile from our house. Last summer Kevin and I went to the driving range a few times.
It was fun and I got dang good (haha). I wished I could hit a few balls and I probably could have but hey, I got a large belly and the twisting motion is not recommended for pregos...until next time!
+ Kevin showed me this picture of him when he was a youngin! 
He looks like a little chipmunk with those cheeks haha.
+ Kevin went out of town on July 15, 2012 for a business trip in North Carolina. 
After church, I went to my parents for dinner and I went through some of my old stuff.
I was looking for children's books and maybe some stuffed animals for our boy.
I found this magazine article my family was in...
My family was in Ladies Home Journal because they were doing testing on different ages of homes for radon, asbestos, those types of things, etc. and my family had just built a new house so they tested our house. I remember I got out of school for this photo shoot. Too funny!
I also found some artwork I did in high school...
I loved taking art classes and kind of miss it.
However, I was a perfectionist so sometimes I'd have to take projects home to finish on the weekends.
I took 2-D, 3-D, drawing, and painting classes, and not sure what else.
The peach below was my favorite colored pencil artwork (prismacolor baby!).
The self portrait of myself was horrible. I cannot do self portraits. I did not take this one home to work on extra haha.
The bottom two were watercolor paintings.
I think that was my favorite type of paint medium.
Good times.
+ I'm pretty sure this was on July 18, 2012. 
Kevin was still out of town and coming in the next day, same as Kelsi's flight, but only 20 minutes before. So I hung out at my parents with my family, Omi and Opi, and CaLon and LuKus (cousins).
My parents just got a peach tree.
The tree isn't supposed to produce fruit for a few years but it had some, somehow!
Kevin and I tried the peaches a few days later...a little tart but not bad!
And I just cannot stop taking pictures of Colorado landscapes...so here you go!
Oh and my dad caught a fish.
In 2 days, I am officially 8 months pregnant and I am not ready for our little guy to come!
Well, I am but we still have a ton of things to get for our boy.
Hopefully after this weekend I can relax more and get everything we need!


  1. love these Colorado pictures! can't wait to see you soon!

  2. So why the TENS unit classes?

    I can really see why you like your Colorado scenery pictures ... those last ones are lovely. And there aren't even any mountains in them :)