June & July

Recently we have been very busy, and I mean, very busy!
Honestly, we haven't been very social at all - like haven't hung out with anyone - because we are busy doing errands, things on 'to-do' lists, house stuff that we never got around to when we moved in, and trying to get things ready for when our son comes!
And we are so not ready for him to come...haha.
My Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy diaper bag arrived!
PS. Does anyone know the Etsy shop that sells magnetic strips to go over the PPB bags that have Velcro so you don't snag your clothes? Anyone? I was told on Instagram someone makes them!
I hung out with my mom a lot mid June while Kevin was out of town at the College World Series in Omaha. We ate out a lot and looked at every store around town that carried rocking chairs...and by the way...my rocking chair arrived yesterday! I got a great deal at La-Z-Boy and it is by far way more comfortable than any chair at Babies 'r' Us. I will eventually show a picture of the nursery but for now, it is missing a lot haha.
One evening, June 13, 2012, my mom and I looked at rocking chairs at Woodleys, Babies 'r' Us, and La-Z-Boy and then ate dinner at Cafe Athens (amazing!) and stopped by Mary's Mountain Cookies!
I got a chocolate chip one and a snicker-doodle cookie!
They are so amazing!
I got a $10 off coupon a $10 purchase or more at Kohl's so I got this cute little outfit for our son!
Only problem is...it is 9 months and in 9 months it will be the springtime (from our due date) so it should fit...unless he is a chunker haha! I wished I could have gotten a bigger size (to be safe) but this was the biggest and it was only $3 after the coupon! So...who knows, maybe I'll try to exchange it for something different.
While Kevin was out of town and on June 15, 2012, I had FHE at my parents. We watched the 5000 Days Project: 2 Brothers and then hit up Coldstone Creamery.
You should definitely try this creation!
Sweet cream ice-cream, brownies, raspberries, and caramel!
Then the following week Kevin and I grabbed ice-cream here again for a date night :)
One thing I've been working on really hard is organizing our upstairs 'clutter' room and basically organizing everything upstairs. When we moved in, we got everything semi moved into a spot and then threw everything into a 'clutter' room. Everything in there didn't have a spot and we couldn't find anything haha. It was horrible. Anyways, more on this later.
But I did go through Katinka's dog outfits and made her wear this Matsumoto's Shave Ice t-shirt!
We got this the last time we were in Hawaii which was in December of 2008.
We actually didn't even have her yet haha but I knew I wanted a small girl dog so I bought it anyways.
While at the grocery store, I made an impulse decision and grabbed Chocolate Cheerios.
I don't care if they are unhealthy or whatever...they were good!
And unfortunately they are all gone.
Zach and Hunter came over June 21, 2012 to hangout for a bit at night.
Kevin and the boys played football in our backyard.
Here is Hunter snuggling with Katinka!
June 23, 2012 Kevin started painting our son's room!
The people who lived here before us had a purple wall on one side and a bright orange wall on the other.
Then the other two walls were beige...so that was definitely going to change!
We went with a light tan color instead of a baby blue (which would match the bedding) since then we won't have to repaint the room when we have another baby. Painting is a pain.
Here is a view of what my organizing days look like!
I found Tiny, the Ty Beanie Baby chihuahua and kind of looks like Katinka!
Katinka just wanted to play with the beanie baby.
An OCD way to organize medicine haha...
Oh, for Father's Day my parents got Kevin this book and I think it is pretty much amazing.
On Sunday, July 1, 2012, we ate dinner at my parents after church.
For dessert we had an Oreo ice-cream cake and it was divine.
Backyard view at my parents.
And I took this picture yesterday.
They just got new sod in and I can't wait to walk on it!
You have to wait 2 weeks until you can...
That is some of what we've been up to these days in June and so far July!
We got a lot more busy days to come but hopefully things will settle down soon, I hope.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. the bag is super cute! Sounds like you guys have been having quite the adventures :)

  2. I could be one satisfied gal with a slice of that oreo cake and sitting outside enjoying those stunning views!

  3. Ashley my mom got me the same diaper bag from the nordstroms sale only it's black! haha aww I'm waiting for mine to arrive! yours is so dang cute!! We will be matchy!!