High Park Fire + Shabby Apple Winner

The High Park Fire started June 9, 2012 due to lightning striking a tree.
It burned 87,284 acres and destroyed 259 homes.
There was 1 death (a homeowner who didn't want to leave her home).
The cost of the fire was $38.4 million.
It was one of the most destructive in Colorado's history.
It was finally 100% contained at the end of the month.
The fire was approximately 20 miles from my home in Fort Collins, Colorado.
It is now 100% contained, thankfully after weeks of hard work from the firefighters.
 I am not a storm chaser by any means but my mom and brother, Zach (big into photography), went up to Horsetooth to try and see the fire close up and get some pictures. They were able to June 11th and got some amazing photos. They almost got in a picture in the local newspaper of locals watching the fire burn.
The next day, June 12, my mom and I were going to dinner at Cafe Mexicali and going to check out rocking chairs at various stores and she asked me if I wanted to try and take some pictures.
So I said yes and I brought my camera hoping to get some good shots.
Unfortunately, Horsetooth was closed so we had to drive back...
my mom was super bummed.
This was the only decent photo I got and definitely not the best.
Here is a view from the highway a couple days prior.
The smoke was out of control.
And here is a view from our house.
And a view when Kevin and I had a date night at Coldstone Creamery.
One day when I was driving to work it was like I was driving through intense crazy fog.
You couldn't see very close in front of you...but it wasn't fog, it was smoke.
One morning - make that several actually - I walked downstairs and the main level of the house smelled like campfire. Outside was always smelling like campfire.
There was ash on our cars, driveway, patio furniture, etc.
Also, the air quality was so poor that they recommended everyone stay inside.
It was hard to breathe outside so I couldn't take Katinka on walks or workout outside.
Anyways, I'm so thankful for the firefighters who worked so hard to contain this fire!


And the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway (HERE) is...
Kelsey from Kelsey & Covey!
(Used a random number generator to determine winner)
Congrats girl!
Going to email you now :)

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