Craziness Over Here

Sooo big things going down over here in FoCo.

1. Kelsi, my sister, is coming off her mission TOMORROW!!!
She has been in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the last year and a half preaching the gospel for our church [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)] Actually for a few months she was in San Antonio, Texas waiting for her VISA... Oh and tomorrow is her birthday. What are the chances you come home from your mission on your birthday? #cray

2. My brother is practically famous.
Zach, my 16 year old bro, is a sponsored yo-yoer (Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works) and recently got in the local newspaper...
The Coloradoan
colorodoan article 1
and then ended up on the front page of AOL today
AOL front page
(Bottom middle)
and now is on The Huffington Post
huffington post 1
sooo he is legit.
If The Huffington Post knew we were conservatives and Mormon they may not have posted about my bro. They are kind of liberal if you didn't know haha.

3. HELLO! Baby R is in my belly! I'm 8 months pregnant next week and...I'm hoping he decides to come before or on my due date and that will be sometime in August. So that is crazy awesome.

4. I'm having a baby shower (well my aunts are throwing one for me) on Saturday so that is awesome and because of my sister getting home tomorrow we have lots of relatives in town (Omi & Opi, my aunt JaKie and cousins CaLon and LuKus)...

Now let me post some random photos.

+ Say hello to the most comfortable La-Z-Boy rocking chair/recliner that is in the nursery!
It has fabric protection on it (hello spit up and hopefully not too many blow outs!) and I got the lifetime warranty so basically we are set. If we get a stain, they walk us through cleaning it or come out themselves and clean it. If they can't clean it they give us a new chair. Don't get me started on why this chair is the best option for your nursery...it is...unless you have $1000+ to spend, then I haven't done my research there haha.
+ I got the sweetest furry hat from my dad. It was just chillin in his office and it is now mine.
I would love for it to be fall right now so I can wear it, because the summer is too dang hot being pregnant.
A neighborhood pool might change my mind though...if I could get access to one...
+ I look really weird in this photo so I am not even sure why I am posting it.
But hey, it is my blog aka my journal so you do what you gotta do.
Kevin and I (along with my fam) went to Cherry Creek to have a birthday dinner with my bro Patrick a couple of weeks ago.
Here we are waiting to eat at California Pizza Kitchen.
And I swear my outfit was super cute...but I didn't take a photo.
So next time I wear it I will haha.
I always get this pizza.
Try the Tostada pizza.
+ Yes we are Romney fans over here.
I got this sign for free at a Mitt Romney rally earlier this year.
I just RT'ed a bunch of tweets from RomneyCentral via Twitter so...
PS. We have a yard and own more than this little section of rocks.
Apparently someone thought my yard art couldn't be called 'yard art' because of the yard (Instagram)...
soooo we have grass and bushes and a Blue Spruce tree and an Aspen tree and other trees and bushes I don't know what they are called...so there is more than rocks, haha. Just had to clear that up.
+ Last week when Kevin was at the All Star Game in Kansas City for Baseball, my family and I went to Smashburger. And if you are unsure of what to order, the chicken avocado club is the way to go (& has a little bit less calories than other meals) and definitely get some Smash Fries.
+ Hello cribby crib.
Diagonal or against the wall?
It would probably help if you saw the whole room but...
Basically the nursery is in progress and I am not ready to reveal it to you, but I want to.
+ And last but not least, Colorado pictures because I can't get enough and I will be posting more soon...
So this post was random but that is life right now.
I will close with some hashtags.


  1. i love reading your random thoughts. is that gorgeous house your parents? i'm jealous of all your beautiful sunset pictures. can't wait for you to have the baby so we can see what he looks like, and learn what the name is R____. :)

  2. Ah! I always wished I could be good at yo-yoing. Oh, and I blog for The Huffington Post...and I'm a BYU grad, so I'm pretty sure they're not banning Mormons from the website :) If anything, I think they like to include conservative stuff now and again because it riles up their largely liberal audience.

  3. great pictures!! i like cribs against the wall, but your right i cant tell in just the picture..im sure it will look great no matter what!!!

  4. my friend Kimberly Smith is in that mission right now. I wonder if your sister knows her.
    And is that castle an actual house? haha just wondering. it is beautiful.

  5. Awesome about your brother!
    I was pregnant this time last year (my daughter will be one on August 30th) and I completely agree with you about being preggo in the summer. NO BUENO. I'm totally planning my next one, haha!