35 Weeks

So tomorrow I am officially 8 months pregnant.
My due date will be in exactly a month from tomorrow...guys, that is crazy.
August 27, 2012.
When do you think he will arrive?
34 weeks, 5 days.
Baby Shower outfit!
Top: Old Navy Maternity
Skinny Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Bracelet: Guess
Necklace: Target
35 weeks, 3 days.
Top: Old Navy Maternity
Jeans: Gap Maternity
Watch: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Some boutique at the Women's Expo in Orem, UT
Earrings: Fossil

How Far Along: 35 weeks, 3 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 32 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Large cantaloupe, 6 lbs, 19-22 inches long!
Maternity Clothes: Yeah...they are pretty awesome.
Stretch marks: Just a few on each side of my hip! Lets hope it stays that way and I get no more.
Weight gain/loss: 27 lbs total now. I'll have my 36 week appointment on Tuesday and will see what changed from the 34 week appointment.
Oh, speaking of appointments, at my 34 week appointment they wanted to do a blood test again to check to see if I was still anemic or see if it had gotten worse. Well, I'm still anemic and I'm taking a prenatal with iron in it AND an extra iron pill. So now I am supposed to drink a class of OJ with my iron pill in the morning and then take my prenatal at night. Maybe I'll absorb it more? I don't know. Annoying though! Just call me anemic Ashley.
Sleep: It actually hasn't been too bad. I mean my back hurts and I wake up to pee a lot but it could be worse!
Best Moment of the Week: Well, I'm going to go with last week and say that my baby shower was pretty awesome. My cousin Paige took photos of the event and I'm not sure with whose camera...so sometime I'll get those haha.
Movement: Oh he is a mover! Getting under my ribs and such. No worries there.
Symptoms: I feel pretty good. I am hot...this summer has been dang hot...sometimes I have heartburn/reflux, sciatica, and...my back hurts...but really I feel like I've had a good pregnancy so I can't complain.
Food Cravings: I don't know. I'm getting Cafe Mexicali next week so that is sweet...I've been eating way too many Hawaiian Host Caramacs and ice cream cones, but they are so good. 
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: Still in...!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Reflux...
Labor Signs: Nada! No contractions here!
Wedding ring on or off: Off because I am paranoid...
What I miss: Being able to exercise hard...it is just different now!
What I am looking forward to: Seeing him for the first time!
Nursery: Still a work in progress. It may not finish before he comes, haha. Like it will have everything he needs but I may not get to decorating it how I want. Just got to spread out those expenses! I got a bunch of stuff to get still so that takes priority.
Emotions: Good!
Stupid things I have done: Nothing I can think of.

Question: Name your favorite baby deal websites...ready go! Or favorite baby products related to...
Now that I had my baby shower I am trying to get the best deals on: Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, a Moby Wrap carrier, ErgoBaby carrier (although I've heard they don't really go on sale), Baby Bumbo seat with tray, diapers obviously, burp rags or whatever they are called (I definitely need more than 1 haha), car seat covers, extra sheets, baby shampoo/conditioner/lotion etc., nursing covers, bibs, binkies, bottles, BABY BOY BLESSING OUTFIT (where do you look?), etc...

I have a few 20% off Babies 'r' Us coupons which ROCK by the way, but you can only get your hands on so many...wish I could get more haha!


The Calm Before The Storm

I feel like things are really hectic these days.
My sister came home from her mission, on her birthday, last Thursday, July 19, 2012.
My aunt JaKie and her two sons CaLon and LuKus were in town.
Omi and Opi were in town and just left today.
Grandpa and Grandma were in town as well.
And my aunt NaNet and her family live here in Fort Collins.
This past week/end we have been hanging with family a lot in addition to work, doctors appointments, hair appointments, car situations (our Jeep got all new rotors...goodbye $ that should have gone to baby stuff :( ), car seat install appointments, tens unit classes, and my baby shower!
I also went to my friend Rebekah's baby shower the same day as mine.
Kelsi spoke in church so we attended their ward.
It has been crazy.
So here is a little of what we were up to right before all of the craziness went down.
+ I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. If you can borrow a copy from the library and have time, I would read it. It is a very quick read (like 2 hours or less). It is funny but I would definitely not pay for it. While Kevin hit balls at the driving range (July 14, 2012), I started reading this book.
Here is Kevin at the local golf course...and I can't believe I forget the name of it. 
It is like a mile from our house. Last summer Kevin and I went to the driving range a few times.
It was fun and I got dang good (haha). I wished I could hit a few balls and I probably could have but hey, I got a large belly and the twisting motion is not recommended for pregos...until next time!
+ Kevin showed me this picture of him when he was a youngin! 
He looks like a little chipmunk with those cheeks haha.
+ Kevin went out of town on July 15, 2012 for a business trip in North Carolina. 
After church, I went to my parents for dinner and I went through some of my old stuff.
I was looking for children's books and maybe some stuffed animals for our boy.
I found this magazine article my family was in...
My family was in Ladies Home Journal because they were doing testing on different ages of homes for radon, asbestos, those types of things, etc. and my family had just built a new house so they tested our house. I remember I got out of school for this photo shoot. Too funny!
I also found some artwork I did in high school...
I loved taking art classes and kind of miss it.
However, I was a perfectionist so sometimes I'd have to take projects home to finish on the weekends.
I took 2-D, 3-D, drawing, and painting classes, and not sure what else.
The peach below was my favorite colored pencil artwork (prismacolor baby!).
The self portrait of myself was horrible. I cannot do self portraits. I did not take this one home to work on extra haha.
The bottom two were watercolor paintings.
I think that was my favorite type of paint medium.
Good times.
+ I'm pretty sure this was on July 18, 2012. 
Kevin was still out of town and coming in the next day, same as Kelsi's flight, but only 20 minutes before. So I hung out at my parents with my family, Omi and Opi, and CaLon and LuKus (cousins).
My parents just got a peach tree.
The tree isn't supposed to produce fruit for a few years but it had some, somehow!
Kevin and I tried the peaches a few days later...a little tart but not bad!
And I just cannot stop taking pictures of Colorado landscapes...so here you go!
Oh and my dad caught a fish.
In 2 days, I am officially 8 months pregnant and I am not ready for our little guy to come!
Well, I am but we still have a ton of things to get for our boy.
Hopefully after this weekend I can relax more and get everything we need!


34 Weeks

34 weeks.
 Top: Old Navy Maternity
Shorts: Gap Maternity
Elephant Bracelet: Asia
34 weeks, 3 days.
Top: Burt's Shirts (custom obviously- we all wore these to pick up my sister, Kelsi from the airport since she just got off her mission yesterday!!!)
Tank Top: Motherhood Maternity
Shorts: Gap Maternity
Bracelets: Asia & Banana Republic

How Far Along: 34 weeks, 4 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 38 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Large cantaloupe, 5.5 lbs, 19-22 inches long!
Maternity Clothes: ...Rock. #letsbereal
Stretch marks: Just a few on each side of my hip! Absolutely nada on my belly. Guess my belly is very stretchable. Knock on wood...
Weight gain/loss: I gained 1 lb. within the last 2 weeks so I'm at 27 lbs total now.
Sleep: Same old. I love noise when I sleep. A fan, bathroom fan, white noise from a machine...it just helps. So we've been using a fan for a few weeks and it is awesome! And good because our A/C just isn't cutting it...and Kevin is freezing in the house haha.
Best Moment of the Week: All I can say is I know my son because I went in to my 34 week appointment and the girl checking me in - before the obgyn - asked about where he might be so she could look for his heartbeat. I pointed right to the spot, next to my belly button, and his heartbeat was RIGHT there. I swear he has not even ventured into the left side of my uterus. He is all about choosing the right haha ;)
Movement: Great! He is loving getting under the ribs on my right side these days so that is just great haha.
Symptoms: Honestly the only thing really bugging me is my upper back! I can take the leg cramps, sciatica, heartburn here and there no problem!
Food Cravings: Well Kevin ate at Wendys when he was on a business trip this week and told me about it and I can't remember the last time I ate there. A junior bacon cheeseburger with fries and a frosty sound amazing! Not the healthiest but sounds so good hahaha. Dipping french fries in your frosty is soooo good. Have you tried it? Kevin thinks it is nasty.
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: Still in...wondering if it will pop in a few weeks?
Anything making you queasy or sick: Just being gaggy in the morning haha.
Labor Signs: Nope... so I asked my doctor if it was okay I hadn't had any braxton hicks yet (since I know other people at my point have had some) and good to know, braxton hicks don't really correlate with early delivery...if that makes sense. Like, if you have them, great, but if they aren't regular, they don't mean anything really... maybe you are thinking I am crazy and if you are thinking that then I did a horrible job explaining. I guess I was just wondering if that meant my baby would be due at 42 weeks but nope! It would be nice to know when he will come though...lol.
Wedding ring on or off: Off and wearing random rings! Although I tried on my wedding ring and band the other day and it still totally fits like no problem... I guess I am paranoid hahaha...
What I miss: Being able to breathe easier. Our little man is getting under my ribs now!
What I am looking forward to: Seeing him for the first time!
Nursery: In progress! I have one more week of work and then after that I will be 8 months pregnant and will hopefully be able to have more time to shop around, finish up the nursery, and get everything else I need.
Emotions: Good!
Stupid things I have done: Nothing I can think of.

I went to our 34 week appointment on Wednesday and everything is going great so far! Babies heartbeat was 140 beats/minute. My doc wanted to check my iron again since earlier I was anemic. I was even borderline anemic when I was taking a prenatal WITH iron + an iron supplement so as long as it hasn't dropped we should be good! I will see her one more time at my 36 week appointment and then come back weekly until Baby R is born! It is getting real over here!



Craziness Over Here

Sooo big things going down over here in FoCo.

1. Kelsi, my sister, is coming off her mission TOMORROW!!!
She has been in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the last year and a half preaching the gospel for our church [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)] Actually for a few months she was in San Antonio, Texas waiting for her VISA... Oh and tomorrow is her birthday. What are the chances you come home from your mission on your birthday? #cray

2. My brother is practically famous.
Zach, my 16 year old bro, is a sponsored yo-yoer (Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works) and recently got in the local newspaper...
The Coloradoan
colorodoan article 1
and then ended up on the front page of AOL today
AOL front page
(Bottom middle)
and now is on The Huffington Post
huffington post 1
sooo he is legit.
If The Huffington Post knew we were conservatives and Mormon they may not have posted about my bro. They are kind of liberal if you didn't know haha.

3. HELLO! Baby R is in my belly! I'm 8 months pregnant next week and...I'm hoping he decides to come before or on my due date and that will be sometime in August. So that is crazy awesome.

4. I'm having a baby shower (well my aunts are throwing one for me) on Saturday so that is awesome and because of my sister getting home tomorrow we have lots of relatives in town (Omi & Opi, my aunt JaKie and cousins CaLon and LuKus)...

Now let me post some random photos.

+ Say hello to the most comfortable La-Z-Boy rocking chair/recliner that is in the nursery!
It has fabric protection on it (hello spit up and hopefully not too many blow outs!) and I got the lifetime warranty so basically we are set. If we get a stain, they walk us through cleaning it or come out themselves and clean it. If they can't clean it they give us a new chair. Don't get me started on why this chair is the best option for your nursery...it is...unless you have $1000+ to spend, then I haven't done my research there haha.
+ I got the sweetest furry hat from my dad. It was just chillin in his office and it is now mine.
I would love for it to be fall right now so I can wear it, because the summer is too dang hot being pregnant.
A neighborhood pool might change my mind though...if I could get access to one...
+ I look really weird in this photo so I am not even sure why I am posting it.
But hey, it is my blog aka my journal so you do what you gotta do.
Kevin and I (along with my fam) went to Cherry Creek to have a birthday dinner with my bro Patrick a couple of weeks ago.
Here we are waiting to eat at California Pizza Kitchen.
And I swear my outfit was super cute...but I didn't take a photo.
So next time I wear it I will haha.
I always get this pizza.
Try the Tostada pizza.
+ Yes we are Romney fans over here.
I got this sign for free at a Mitt Romney rally earlier this year.
I just RT'ed a bunch of tweets from RomneyCentral via Twitter so...
PS. We have a yard and own more than this little section of rocks.
Apparently someone thought my yard art couldn't be called 'yard art' because of the yard (Instagram)...
soooo we have grass and bushes and a Blue Spruce tree and an Aspen tree and other trees and bushes I don't know what they are called...so there is more than rocks, haha. Just had to clear that up.
+ Last week when Kevin was at the All Star Game in Kansas City for Baseball, my family and I went to Smashburger. And if you are unsure of what to order, the chicken avocado club is the way to go (& has a little bit less calories than other meals) and definitely get some Smash Fries.
+ Hello cribby crib.
Diagonal or against the wall?
It would probably help if you saw the whole room but...
Basically the nursery is in progress and I am not ready to reveal it to you, but I want to.
+ And last but not least, Colorado pictures because I can't get enough and I will be posting more soon...
So this post was random but that is life right now.
I will close with some hashtags.


High Park Fire + Shabby Apple Winner

The High Park Fire started June 9, 2012 due to lightning striking a tree.
It burned 87,284 acres and destroyed 259 homes.
There was 1 death (a homeowner who didn't want to leave her home).
The cost of the fire was $38.4 million.
It was one of the most destructive in Colorado's history.
It was finally 100% contained at the end of the month.
The fire was approximately 20 miles from my home in Fort Collins, Colorado.
It is now 100% contained, thankfully after weeks of hard work from the firefighters.
 I am not a storm chaser by any means but my mom and brother, Zach (big into photography), went up to Horsetooth to try and see the fire close up and get some pictures. They were able to June 11th and got some amazing photos. They almost got in a picture in the local newspaper of locals watching the fire burn.
The next day, June 12, my mom and I were going to dinner at Cafe Mexicali and going to check out rocking chairs at various stores and she asked me if I wanted to try and take some pictures.
So I said yes and I brought my camera hoping to get some good shots.
Unfortunately, Horsetooth was closed so we had to drive back...
my mom was super bummed.
This was the only decent photo I got and definitely not the best.
Here is a view from the highway a couple days prior.
The smoke was out of control.
And here is a view from our house.
And a view when Kevin and I had a date night at Coldstone Creamery.
One day when I was driving to work it was like I was driving through intense crazy fog.
You couldn't see very close in front of you...but it wasn't fog, it was smoke.
One morning - make that several actually - I walked downstairs and the main level of the house smelled like campfire. Outside was always smelling like campfire.
There was ash on our cars, driveway, patio furniture, etc.
Also, the air quality was so poor that they recommended everyone stay inside.
It was hard to breathe outside so I couldn't take Katinka on walks or workout outside.
Anyways, I'm so thankful for the firefighters who worked so hard to contain this fire!


And the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway (HERE) is...
Kelsey from Kelsey & Covey!
(Used a random number generator to determine winner)
Congrats girl!
Going to email you now :)


4th of July in FoCo

Our 4th of July was splendid.
Kevin woke up to golf with some guys from church at a 6:15 am tee time at Marianna Butte.
He played 18 holes while I slept in.
Then we wanted to go swimming but
1) We don't have access to a neighborhood pool or club with one...
even if we had access to one I'm sure everyone and their dog would be in the pool
2) My parents have a lake that we swam in last summer but they just got new grass/sod and you couldn't walk on it for 2 weeks...so getting to the dock would be difficult...
so we didn't swim haha
And since we are lame we didn't plan anything else for the afternoon. 
Kevin took a nap and I went and worked out.
Then because of all of the Colorado wild fires (High Park Fire was 15 miles away from us! And this has been on my 'To Blog' list for awhile...anyways, I'll get there) there was a statewide fire ban and still is.
However, professional firework shows can get permission from the city to do their own show.
Fort Collins show was cancelled so we went to Loveland's (15 min. away).
Here is Katinka wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July!
Yes, she wasn't too thrilled to wear this but I was super excited since whenever I see this outfit I think, "I need to put her in that for the 4th of July!" I never have but I finally did this year, so props to me.
And yes her lip in the left photo is stuck on her tooth so she has a nice snarl.
Kevin and I went to our church's old stake center in Loveland (We are in the Loveland Stake) to save seats for the firework show while my parents picked up some KFC.
I honestly haven't been in Colorado for the 4th of July in forever!
Recently, the last few years for July 4th, we were in Kansas City and a couple we were on trips (and on a cruise) so I've missed it. I remember seeing the Loveland show here at the stake center when I was younger. And when I was clogging growing up, we always performed at 4th of July events! Actually, we performed everywhere publicly you possibly can - no lie haha.
Kevin chillin and we were getting hungry.
This lighting was horrible but here is our photo for the night lol.
We saw a TON of people from the church here! 
It is a hidden secret of where to sit for the show that mostly members know about.
My parents came and brought the KFC.
And omg.
I've never been a HUGE fan of KFC but 1. I am pregnant, 2. I was mad hungry. and 3. When the food came, I scarfed it down like nobodies business. Like I always ate a few bites of the drumsticks in the past, but I was eating the weird funky pieces no problem.
It was SO good!!!
I even ate the mac n cheese that Kevin said was gnarly lol.
And here is my red/white/blue attempt.
Happy Belated 4th of July America!
PS. I was 32 weeks pregnant here.


33 Weeks

It is practically Monday which means I am 34 weeks, hehe.
But for now...I guess I am 33 weeks pregnant!
Less than 2 weeks until I am officially 8 months pregnant!
32 weeks, 6 days.
Dress: Downeast Outfitters
Belt: American Eagle
Necklace: Target
Bracelets: Guess, DIY Nordstrom bracelet
33 weeks, 2 days.
Top: from Herajuku, Japan years ago haha.
Please tell me you know this song...
"Harajuku Girls you got the wicked style. I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan."
Anyways, it is a Gwen Stefani song and Herajuku is a place in Japan where the Japanese have CRAZY style. CRAZY I TELL YOU!!! Wearing 5 inch platforms with fake fish in them, men wearing thongs over their outfits, wearing gothic poofy dress outfits, anything goes...it was very fun to see all of them!
Undershirt: Shade Clothing Maternity
Jean Shorts: Gap Maternity
Bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: Asia (yes I have a lot of things from Asia)
33 weeks, 3 days.
Top: Gap Maternity
Jean Shorts: Gap Maternity
Bracelets: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft

How Far Along: 33 weeks, 5 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 44 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Pineapple, 4.9 lbs, 19-22 inches long!
Maternity Clothes: I actually just got 2 awesome deals at Old Navy...so I will be wearing those soon...
Stretch marks: Actually I have a couple tiny ones on each side of my hip...guess my stomach is getting big! They are small and will fade so I'm not too worried. 
Weight gain/loss: 26 lbs. Will find out the updated weight on Monday at my 34 week appointment. At this point in your pregnancy the baby is growing so much! This is where they pack on their pounds and fat and fill out those wrinkles haha!
Sleep: It actually has been not too bad recently. I think maybe having a big stomach makes sleeping on your side more comfortable? Last night wasn't the best though. My calves were cramping and some muscles in my low back were uncomfortable. I think having a fan helps!
Best Moment of the Week: Umm, we got our crib and the nursery is coming together, slowly. So that is awesome. Ohhh we went to a class on 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' and it was pretty awesome! I feel more confidant now that I know some techniques to calm my son...but I guess we will see how it goes when he comes haha.
Movement: Oh he is a crazy man in there. He always gets the hiccups and moves like crazy!
Symptoms: Leg cramps/sore calves, sciatica, back pain, heartburn, and tired feet...think that is basically it. Nothing too bad.
Food Cravings: Ummm I'm not sure if I've had any this week! I don't know if I honestly believe in people having true food cravings. Obviously there will always be food (being pregnant or not) that sounds good or maybe amazing and you may die to have it...but I don't feel like I've been uncontrollably desiring some food. Call me crazy but maybe it is just something pregnant woman do because, I don't know, they can...? Like really, please explain if you believe otherwise. Were you going to DIE if you didn't have a certain fruit? Like more than you would if you weren't pregnant? I don't know...just a thought.
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: Still in!
Anything making you queasy or sick: When I gag haha. It is always in the mornings.
Labor Signs: Nope!
Wedding ring on or off: Off and wearing random rings!
What I miss: Healthy back, being able to workout harder, and feeling dang good.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our guy!
Nursery: Now we are to the point where I need to get little things to finish the room (like curtains, diaper pail, baskets, etc.) and things to cover the wall because we have a lot of wall space. Anyone have any ideas of what to put on nursery walls that is cheap? But obviously still looks good...
Emotions: Good!
Stupid things I have done: Not sure.

We finally put together our Chicco Cortina Travel System! After hours of research and debate we ended up going with a Chicco travel system instead of a car seat and then either a Phil & Ted Explorer, Britax B-Ready, or my favorite the Baby Jogger City Select. With each of those strollers you would need to buy an adapter to fit the car seat in, a second seat (for a future child), and random parts if you wanted a cup holder, etc. We went with the Chicco system because it is cheaper and we figure when we have our second child we will get one of the nicer ones then. We will for sure need it because we have the second child and now we don't know when we will have our second child. I guess it depends how our son goes haha and how crazy he is. By then, they will probably have even newer better strollers. It may have been a good investment to get one now, but you never know. But we LOVE our Chicco travel system. It comes with the Chicco Keyfit which is the #1 best rated car seat right now for safety. And, that car seat alone, when bought separately, almost costs as much as the whole travel system. So we got the stroller with it for minimal cost. And we used a 20% off coupon.  And I love the dark grey and lime green combo. My favorite color is green and it looks bomb. Yes, we analyze our stroller options very intensely, so good for you if you read this whole thing haha!
Here is a glimpse at our Happiest Baby on the Block class!
I think the class was super helpful!
Kevin and I both became pros at swaddling and other things as well!
What are some of your favorite books to read babies/little kids?
I want to get a good collection going, and right now...we just have one and it is a dog book haha.
It is called Dogs and is actually a really cool one lol.


{Giveaway} $50 Shabby Apple Giftcard [CLOSED]

Today I am excited to announce a giveaway from Shabby Apple for a $50 gift card!
Yes, I'm sure you have heard of Shabby Apple.
They are that cute company that makes adorable dresses, swimsuits, maternity dresses, workout attire, accessories, etc.
I actually have 2 dresses of theirs and a necklace and I love them all!
*Praying I will be able to fit into the dresses again after I have my son*

Here are some of my favorites!
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