That Awkward Couple in Birthing Class

Here is a photo of a little game, more like exercise, we got to do...
make that I since Kevin was out of town for business.

Kevin and I have been going to birthing classes for...6 weeks now.
We have 1 more week and then a class on 'The Happiest Baby on the Block.'

We are that.awkward.couple. who laughs at awkward and inappropriate parts.
I can't help it.
I don't know how people can be so mature in class.
For instance, I laugh at weird noises people make while pushing.

And probably the best example...
It was time to practice 'breathing techniques' which I am not even sure I'll use lol.
our teacher dimmed the lights, we got out our pillows (we were told to bring 2 pillows to class that day), relaxing music was playing in the background, and the teacher had us practice different breathing techniques.

"Ha ha ha...hoo/hee" 
Or whatever you wanna it to be like.
Well, of course I start hysterically laughing.
Every other couple in the class was focused and super into it.
That made it even more awkward.

Then she said for the husband to squeeze tightly onto the wife's arms/legs/whatever to be like a contraction and for the wife to practice her breathing to distract herself from the 'contraction'.

Well, Kevin chose my calves and when it was time for the contraction he squeezed my calves SO HARD and I lost it. Again, we both started laughing uncontrollably.

And of course whenever they play cheesy birthing movies, I always have to struggle not to laugh.
I know, horrible. There are just so many awkward parts.

If you are awkward and going to attend a birthing class, I recommend wearing your hair down so you can hide in it if you need to.

Are we ready to be parents? Who knows? Haha.
I don't know if anyone really ever is, so I'm not too worried about it.

My birth plan is to have a healthy baby and lets just say I'm really looking forward to a nice epidural.


  1. Oh hello, I'm just in love with you. No big deal. I love your honesty and the fact that you aren't even trying to "save face" and act like everyone thinks you are supposed to. Love it.


  2. haha - i laughed just reading this - there is no way i'd survive a whole class :)

  3. haha I'm sure we would be there laughing right with you. And as long as the baby is healthy that is all that matters!

  4. I never had a chance to go to a birthing class, but if I had, I am sure I would be the awkward one too... laughing at every amusing thing there is to laugh about.
    YOU WILL DO FINE! I cannot wait for your baby to come (:

  5. Oh this is so funny. That would totally be Sam and I. I swear, we are so immature. And anything that involves serious things is pretty much out for us. Even Sacrament Meeting. We just can't hold it together :) That's the best way to be though!... right?

  6. HAHA I think being able to laugh is part of what will make you guys great parents!!! And that sounds totally awkward. Now I'm nervous.

  7. We did a Bradley birthing class for our second baby. And my husband told the entire class that when I had our first baby I looked like "a sweaty albino" because I was so sweaty and pale afterwards. Awkward. Have fun!

  8. Your last 2 sentences are hyterical and SOOOOOO me!!!! :)

  9. That is too funny! I didn't attend a single birthing class when I was pregnant and I did fine! You'll be great :)

  10. girl. that was totally my husband and i. shoot that was us waiting for my appt yesterday - all those brits were looking at us like we were crazy. lol i love it

  11. Epidurals are great friends;-) ha. Your hilarious- I would've been the same way which is why I just got info online!