Table Rock Lake - Part 2/2 - 2012

Sunday - May 27, 2012

We had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes, if I remember right and then headed to the lake!
Here is a sign posted at the dock...love it!
We hung out at the dock all day, laying out and floating in the lake. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch which the last time I had one...I was probably in junior high? I decided I didn't like them then or it may have been in elementary school. I've never been a big fan of peanut butter, call me cray! Well, time has passed and I tried one again and it wasn't too bad! I just have to make sure to not put barely any peanut butter on or a ton of jam haha.
Later in the evening we went out in the boat so we could cruise over to the different cliff spots for the boys to jump since Jonny didn't get a chance to the day before.
Kevin, me, Stephanie, & Jonny.
Stephanie & Jonny.
Don't mind Kevin's weird face haha.
The guys started with the smallest cliff...this was around 20-25 ft high.
David jumped first...
then Kevin...
and then Jonny did a flip!
Somehow Kevin forgot that Jonny was a crazy daredevil at school at BYU...and he forgot he took a diving class...and so basically Jonny is amazing at diving and tricks haha. It threw us all off since no one was expecting it!
Then Jonny jumped off the 70 foot cliff!
I always get nervous when guys jump off this!
And then Kevin jumped off the 40 ft. cliff from the cave...
Then we hung out a bit longer by the cabin and then it was time to head back home.
Stephanie & me saying goodbye... :(
We wish they lived closer to us in Colorado but at least we could meet up with them for the weekend! And they may come through Colorado next month and hopefully stay with us for a bit...!!! Do it Steph!
We then headed back to KC and them to Russelville.

Monday - May 28, 2012

We spent our last day on this mini trip in Kansas City at the in laws.
We slept in, hung out, Katinka hung out outside on the porch (below) and wanted to come inside...
and Kathy, Anna, and I got pedicures!
It was amazing and I loved the massage.
Sometimes my calves get sore so the massage was pretty sweet.
And it is getting harder to paint my toes so it would awesome!!
I picked out this light blue OPI nail polish...unfortunately I don't remember the color but I love it!!!
We then hung out and the Painters came over and of course Tara and I talked about baby stuff forever.
I am such a newbie when it comes to baby stuff! I don't know what anything is! Thank goodness I can learn from other moms!

Tuesday - May 29, 2012 

And we drove home...leaving at 5 am again and got in to Colorado in the afternoon which was great.
We took a nap and then I cleaned the master bathroom like crazy and then we went to dinner with my family at Famous Daves! Oh and then I watched The Bachelorette with my mom...and it was one of the longest days ever!

It was a fun, crazy, and busy weekend!


  1. I got a pedicure over the weekend too. Mine is red. :) I hate when they use the scrubber on the bottoms of my feet, cuz I'm so ticklish there, but I LOVE the massage. Like you. :D

    Cliff diving looks exciting! I want to!

  2. you're pretty much the cutest girl ever... and you have the cutest husband... and cutest baby bump...

    i like you:)