Table Rock Lake - Part 1/2 - 2012

Kevin and I went to Kansas City and Table Rock Lake for Memorial Day weekend.
The whole family was headed to Table Rock Lake to boat and hang out at the lake!
Here is our trip recap!

Thursday - May 24, 2012

Kevin and I woke up really early to drive to Kansas City, like at 4:30 and we left at 5 am. We arrived at his parents around 5 pm. We were in the car forever!!! The good thing was we took breaks every 2-3 hours to get a snack, fill up on gas, let Katinka out, and of course, bathroom breaks for the prego girl! I felt like it made it go a little faster but still we were in the car forever. Then Kevin helped load up Greg's truck with all the lake stuff, etc. Then we ate at Taco Bell and Kevin drove the truck to Table Rock Lake which is about a 4 hour drive. He drove so many hours this day! I felt so bad for him. Anyways, we finally made it to the cabin at 1ish am in the morning.

Friday - May 25, 2012

Kevin and I hung out at the dock. We floated in the lake for hours on those noodle flotation devices and just hung out. I could float in the lake for hours, no problem. It feels so great.
I did take Katinka swimming.
She was not a fan.
Unfortunately we couldn't find her life vest when we were packing for this trip so I just held her...I don't think the life vest would have really helped. She is hilarious in the water. I just wished she liked it! I think her legs are too short.
Our good friends, Jonny and Stephanie Neeley met up with his this evening. They are our friends from BYU and I guess Stephanie from Utah (go Cougars! haha) who ended up moving to Russelville, Arkansas after graduation. They were only a few hours from the lake so they came for the weekend as well.

Saturday - May 26, 2012

Kevin and I at the dock.
I'm so glad I got this maternity swimsuit because I didn't want to wear my normal ones and stretch them out! I had a few that I could probably make work but this was definitely more comfortable and a better option. The good thing about this swimsuit is that it fits, but it also has room to grow so I'll definitely be able to wear it when I'm 8 or 9 months pregnant if I want to. I hope I'll be able to but I need dang access to a pool in Colorado!
Hanging out at the dock...
Tara, Kevin, Jonny
Here is my cute nephew CJ!
Katinka just chilled on the dock all weekend!
Our friends Jonny & Stephanie.
Stephanie & Katinka! & Greg in the background...
After the lake we chilled at the cabin and Katinka just chilled and lounged around some more.
We ate yummy food and then Kevin and I played Frisbee and then he played football with our nephews Zach and Roman.
Later on we had s'mores.
Kevin cooked them and we ate them haha.
Stephanie & Jonny.
Anyways that'll be it for the first post! I have 2 more... one of which is the second part of the trip and the other about cliff jumping...

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?


  1. this looks like so much fun ashley!

  2. I LOVE the water! Seriously I am a water baby. This trip looks like so much fun! And look at little Tink. She's so cute.

    Can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

  3. looks like a great time away! too fun!

  4. Totally random, but I grew up in the same ward as Johnny and his family. Not sure if he would remember me, but he knows my dad pretty well (he referred to him as Bingham). Anyways, looks like a fun trip!