Fort Rucker Aviation Museum

When we were visiting my grandparents in Alabama we checked out the U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker! Opi was actually an ER doctor in the army when my mom and her siblings were growing up. That meant they moved...all the time. They lived in Germany, Iran, and tons of different states in the US. They never were able to go a full year in school somewhere and my mom's geography knowledge definitely shows that haha. It makes sense if you miss core curriculum in school, only learning bits and pieces, but we give her a hard time for that. Omi, my aunt RaKel, and cousin LoGan went to the commissary to do some shopping while Opi, my mom, Hunter, and GaVen checked out the museum. An interesting fact, if you are driving on base you cannot be on your cell phone, not sure why. I also had to show my drivers license to get on base! Oh and yes, Fort Rucker is where many people learn how to fly helicopters and many other air crafts.
I remember going to this museum when I was younger!
Hunter had to get a picture like this.
Apparently Patrick got one in the past.
Mom and I.
Oh and by the way, I'm 28 weeks pregnant here.
I am poking the bum! I forget whose idea this was lol.
Hunter, me, GaVen.
Opi and me!
He loves Hawaii so we had to do throw up the 'hang loose' hand!
He loves Hawaii so much, he goes multiples a year. Plus his brother lives there.
GaVen & me.
Hunter & Opi.
Hunter wanted a picture like this.
He said he is pretending to give a speech to some army men haha.
Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?
I haven't, but just wondering ha!

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  1. I have been in a helicopter and it's so fun! We went in Hawaii and I loved every second of it! Your G-pa and I would get along..... HA HA ;)