ER Fun!

Luckily this is no post where I tell you about a recent scary trip to the ER so we are all 'A Okay'! :)
We took a visit to the Enterprise, Alabama Emergency Room because that is where my grandpa works!
Me and Hunter in the car!
Oldest and the youngest!
We got to walk around the hospital and see where everything goes down!
First stop, cat scan room haha.
Hunter pretends to get a cat scan, my mom takes a picture of him like this, texts the picture to my dad, and then my dad calls making sure everything is okay haha.
And my little cousin GaVen!
Me, Opi, Hunter.
Here is a shot of an ER room.
There was a poster of venomous snakes of Alabama since apparently every so often someone comes in with snake bites! Opi put this neck brace on Hunter which he loved haha.
Here we are in front of the ER entrance.
Me, Hunter, mom, GaVen (in front).
One of Opi's friends, who drives ambulances, pulled up and let us in the ambulance and turned on the lights. Luckily I've never had to ride in one of these before!
The gang.
It was fun to see where Opi works. He is such a fun doctor and is friends with everyone in the ER. If you ever talk to him he will show you pictures of someones head that the skin is peeling off and then show you a picture of his stitch job. He will show you very graphic pictures and you will not want to know much about them haha. And he will try to show you them at dinner time. He sure loves being an ER doctor!

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  1. This looks like fun! I am glad it was just to visit your Opi! Haha. Also, I love that your mom texted a picture of your little brother to your dad. Such a good trick! And I LOVE your shirt!