Baby R's Nursery Elements

(may have his name and it may start with an R...but not 100% decided hehe and I'm not going to tell you)

What I've been working on the past couple of months is the nursery of course!
Here is what the nursery will consist of and if you have any tips or recommendations feel free to share!

Pottery Barn Kids Catalina Crib
+ One thing I like about this crib is that it is a 3:1 meaning it can be a crib and can be converted into a toddler bed and even a full size bed. When it is time to turn it into the toddler bed we will go buy a conversion kit.
+ I also like how there are less slats on the back side of it. This is perfectly fine when your not going to use a bumper! If you are going to use a bumper then this will be a little difficult. I am not going to be using a bumper as that is what they are recommending now, plus not buying a bumper is cheaper which is a plus! If you don't know much about bumpers I would research it because I'm not going to discuss the bad things about them here. What they are recommending is a breathable bumper (kind of like mesh) and you can get them at Pottery Barn or your local Babies 'r' Us. It can help prevent their limbs from getting stuck in the slats and if for some reason they put their face up next to it, it is breathable so they won't suffocate. They recommend putting one of those on when the baby is able to move around. We'll see if we try one.
+ I also went with white furniture since most of the furniture we have at our house is darker and I want to bring in some lightness and color! And the good thing is they sell paint touch up pens at Pottery Barn so I have a touch up pen just in case we get a ding!

Pottery Barn Kids Catalina Extra Wide Dresser
 + We got the extra wide dresser since it has more space than their normal dresser. We did not get the topper because it is pricier and if you get a changing pad, it can screw into the back so it isn't necessary (safety-wise). Plus when the baby gets taller they may hit their head on the end of the topper if that makes sense... I can't wait to organize his clothes in this dresser!
+ I am also going to get a basket or something to put diapers and all that fun stuff in it and...I definitely want a wipe warmer. Anyone have one they recommend?

Pottery Barn Kids Catalina Nightstand
+ We got this cute nightstand to get next to a rocking chair (which we don't have yet). I still need to get baskets to go in it so I will be looking around for ones that fit well. I'm not really sure what I will put in here but I'm sure I have things to haha.

Skip Hop Elephant Parade 4 Piece Bedding Set
+ It took me forever to decide on the bedding oh my gosh. Mainly because bedding is expensive and most come with those big bumpers and I didn't want that. I found several I really liked but they were crazy expensive- even if you bought the crib skirt, sheets, blanket separately. I really like Skip Hop's bedding because 1. It is cheaper, 2. It is modern, 3. Doesn't come with a bumper and that is basically it haha. We liked the Treetop Friends set as well as this one but I don't think the whites would have matched so we went with the Elephant Parade. And...elephants are my favorite animal! I ordered it from Baby Supermall and saved $20 and also got an extra crib sheet. I will probably get a few more crib sheets - plain colors - elsewhere for cheaper for backups when baby has big messes in the crib haha. I also need to get a those 'pee pads' okay that is not really what they are called but you know what I mean, I hope. And now what I'm wondering is, do you really need a mattress pad for a crib haha? Just seems like so many things to change when they have a blow out.

We got a great mattress at Babies 'r' Us and a changing pad already so we are good with that.

Rocking chairs/gliders: Here is where I'm kind of lost. I checked out all of the ones at Babies 'r' Us here in Fort Collins and decided none are good haha. I originally found one that would have matched that was on sale. I then read reviews and realized it would have been a big mistake and the chair may not have even lasted one baby...haha. Peoples were falling apart, screws falling out, cushions completely flat and no support, loud squeaking, wobbly, etc. So glad I read the reviews!
I sat in all of the other chairs there and the back of the seat was never high enough so your head would be uncomfortable (I'm not even that tall!) and I just could not get myself to buy a chair that I didn't feel was worth the money! Seriously I don't want to pay a few hundred or so for a chair that isn't going to last a bit and isn't comfortable.
I then went to American Furniture Warehouse, Woodleys (had some awesome ones but crazy expensive), Furniture Row (didn't have any), and called around to every furniture store in town asking for what they had.
I wish we had more specialty baby stores in Fort Collins. There aren't many options around!
But La-Z-Boy! Now they have chairs that are comfortable and I seriously might buy one! They are not the typical 'baby nursery looking chair styles' but they actually sell a ton for nurserys. They don't have a rocking ottoman but you can raise your feet with the lever. Either I will probably go with a La-Z-Boy or save up money for a nicer chair and hold off for awhile.
We have all of the above, minus the chair, so we need to wait on painting next week to get things set up and then time to decorate!
Well, I will stop blabbering for now and finish this off. But by the way, I've turned into the crazy pregnant research lady, reading all the reviews, etc. to find the best stuff for the best price for the baby! Haha. Seriously. I may be going overboard.

1. Do you use a mattress pad for your crib?
2. Any recommendations on mobiles?
3. Do you know of the perfect nursery chair? Lol.
4. What are your top baby products to get? And why?


  1. I nanny for 9 month triplets and the one item they have which is pretty awesome is the Nap Nanny. They sell it at babies r us. It is a little pricey but completely worth it. It is a foam reclining seat that the babies lay on. It helps a lot with acid reflux and reduces spitting up. All three babies loved them. They napped in them during the day, played in them, watched tv, and once they were a little bigger we used them to feed two babies at once. If you research them, there have been voluntary recalls on them, but they are when they aren't used property. Parents put them in the crib and the babies can roll and get stuck between the nap nanny and the crib. But if you used them correctly, on the floor only, and not unattended they are the greatest baby invention ever!!

  2. I would use a mattress pad, I actually got two for each bed. I did not want to clean off the mattress with a cloth and cleaning solution if I can just take off the sheet and pad and put it in the washer. I did not really use any pee pads, only because I have really wiggley babies. I did not get a mobile for over the crib, instead I hung butterflies on the ceilling all over the room. A mobile over the changing table might be nice.

  3. I have 14 month old twins so I have an opinion or two about baby junk haha.
    1. I have always used mattress pads because we had hand me down crib mattresses and it just makes them the tiniest bit softer and if there does happen to be an accident the mattress pad has a plastic lining that will protect the mattress. We also used the pee pad things and those are lifesavers ESPECIALLY on the changing table. I can't tell you how many poop explosions we had.

    2. I made my own mobile. You can look on etsy for ideas or just buy one on etsy.

    3. If you like modern I have seen a lot of people with this chair:
    but personally I like some padding and comfort.

    4. my favorite products (or things)
    Huggies or Target brand diapers, target brand diaper cream (I tried everything under the sun even expensive stuff and nothing was faster at healing than this cheap 2$ stuff), burp cloths made from cloth diapers (without extra fabric sewn in the middle because those are cute but don't absorb as well but I don't know if you know what I'm talking about)

    1. I completely agree with the Huggies or Target brand diapers. I would NOT recommend Pampers. I used to teach 2 year olds at the daycare I worked at and came across probably every disposable diaper there are, and nothing compared to Huggies or Target. They absorb very well. Pampers feel softer but they get very saggy and mushy once they are wet,

  4. No bebe here for me, but I would just make a mobile! There are so many cute ones on pinterest or just make your own! It can be as simple as punching circles or long strips the same color as the bedding hung on fishing wire at different levels. For the rocker, I have seen a blog where she got a modern low back rocker and I just sat thinking "are you crazy?!" I totes agree with you! You want a high back with good arm support as well. In the long run, it might be worth it to BUY the expensive one....... My mom still has her rocker she bought when she was pregnant with me 24 years ago. And lucky me, I'm gonna snag that bad boy and paint it when it's my turn!