70 Ft. Cliff Jump at Table Rock Lake

Whenever we go to Table Rock Lake Kevin likes to jump off the highest cliff, which is 70 ft.
The guys decided they wanted to jump off after dinner on May 26, 2012.
Gorgeous Table Rock Lake shot from the boat!
Here is the dock where we hung out all weekend!
Here is the cliff! The top is 70 ft!
Halfway is 40 ft and you can jump that from a cave as well.
I got the guys jumping off the 70 ft. cliff on video!
Unfortunately I had the camera vertical so I could get the whole cliff in...and I don't know how to switch it so you can see it the right way...but if you want, watch!
The jumping starts at around 30 seconds in...
Kevin jumps first, then David, then Kyle, and lastly Charles.

Afterwards they climbed back up the cliff and jumped from the cave (at 40 ft).
Here is Kyle & Kevin!
Right next to the cave there was a vulture and a bunch of vulture chicks in a nest!
When the guys first walked in the cave, the vulture mom was guarding the entrance.
Afterwards, I was so glad he was alive. I always get nervous when they jump the 70 ft. cliff!
You just never know! Some people get seriously hurt jumping from high distances.
But thank goodness he was a-okay :)
To top off the night they jumped off the 25 ft. cliff.
And it was a gorgeous night!
That wraps up the Table Rock Lake/Kansas City Memorial Day trip!

Do you like jumping off cliffs?
Luckily I am pregnant so they couldn't beg me to jump off one with them...I am not a fan of heights OR falling so I don't ever want to haha. There is nothing you can do or say that will make me want to! But really...too scary ha!


  1. So pretty there!! And I love cliff jumping, even though I am old now and I probably wouldn't dare.. ;) Love seeing the progress of your cute little baby bump.. You are the cutest preggers ever!!

  2. I love Table Rock lake! We have taken a couple of family boating trips there. Looks like a blast!

  3. wow that's crazy! how fun! I wonder if I would have the guts... hehe

    daydream frenzy

  4. Last time I went cliff jumping my stomach hurt for 3 days! ha

  5. PS. I'm giving away a bubble necklace on my blog if your interested:-)

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  12. No we're not gonna pay them!

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