29 Weeks

29 weeks is practically over so basically I'm 30 weeks and that is ONLY 10 away from my due date!
28 weeks, 5 days.
This was in Alabama when I had already done the 28 week update.
Top: Shade Clothing Maternity 
(seriously probably one of my favorite shirts)
Shorts: Gap Maternity
Necklace: Target
Watch: Asia
29 weeks, 2 days.
Tunic: Bought in Herajuku, Japan 
Skinny Jeans: Clothes Pony
Cardigan: Nordstrom
Undershirt: Shade Clothing Maternity
Watch: Asia
Earrings: Gift
Bracelet: Guess
29 weeks, 3 days.
Top: Old Navy Maternity
Shorts: Gap Maternity
Scarf: Forever 21
Watch: Hello Kitty from Asia

How Far Along: 29 weeks, 5 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 72 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Butternut squash, 3.1 lbs, 17 inches long! Baby is growing!
Maternity Clothes: Want some more. I feel like I'm running out of clothes. I have maternity tops but I feel like I wear the same ones over and over...because well I do haha. So it would be nice to have more variety!
Stretch marks: No. 
Weight gain/loss: 21 lbs.
Sleep: My back is so sore. Anyones else back insanely sore while sleeping and afterwards when your pregnant? I don't know if it is the pregnancy or my prior back problems or a combination...I bet it is the combination but man, after I give birth my back better go back to normal because if not, I'm screwed.  
Best Moment of the Week: So remember when I said baby moved 100+ times last week? Well...I actually realized half of those were hiccups haha. Baby got hiccups again this week, well a couple of times, and then I thought, I wonder if these are hiccups? I googled it and yep, definitely hiccups! I just didn't know what they were last week. But it feels like a tap in one place every few seconds, right on beat, for a few minutes...
Movement: Each week I think he is getting so much stronger because I can feel him more and more and yep! He is an active man! It is crazy when they rub like a foot or some body part right across the top of your stomach. Love it.
Symptoms: Leg cramps/sore calfs, right leg numbness after I've been sitting for a bit (better be sciatica), back pain, heartburn, and tired feet...think that is basically it.
Food Cravings: Asian food! We had Tokyo Joes last night and man, the teriyaki bowl was way good! Also, had Cafe Mexicali again this week and it never disappoints. I wonder if I will ever get sick of it? Probably not.
Gender: BOY!!!
Belly Button in or out: In but it is looking different than it used to! More shallow.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Labor Signs: Nope thank goodness!
Wedding ring on or off: It is starting to get tight so I'm wondering if I should stop wearing it :( I've been wearing my wedding band because it is skinnier and easier to get off but I miss my big rock...I wonder if I should just go get a ring somewhere to last until after the baby comes but it won't be the same :( My finger is a size 4 which is very tiny so maybe I just need a 5 but I hate it!!!
What I miss: Healthy feeling body haha. No aches and pains from growing a human!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our guy! Seriously, will be awesome.
Nursery: Actually making progress! We got some paint samples to try out, should hopefully decide this weekend, and will start painting next week! Then once it drys, we will set up the crib, dresser, nightstand, put on bedding, and start decorating :)
Emotions: Good? I don't know?
Stupid things I have done: Can't think of anything.

Did you have to stop wearing your wedding/engagement ring while pregnant? Anyone? :(


  1. my sister had to stop wearing her ring near the end of her pregnancy, but she just went and bought a fake cheap ring at claires (funny because it was way bigger than her real one but didn't look fake from far away!).

  2. I wear a fakie during the week. The only time I wear my real ring is on date night (Saturday) and church on Sunday. I'm weird...but I baby my wedding ring. And my fakie is super pretty! HAHA