31 Weeks

This week I officially have been pregnant for 7 months!
I had been keeping my eye on June 27, 2012 (Wednesday) for a bit now, since that was the 7 month mark.
Now I just got less than 2 months till I meet him, unless of course he wants to stay in me longer than 40 weeks...lets hope not!
  31 weeks, 1 day.
 Top: Ann Taylor Loft Maternity
Undershirt: Shade Clothing Maternity
Grey capris: Motherhood Maternity
Elephant Bracelet: Asia

How Far Along: 31 weeks, 4 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 59 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Head of lettuce, 3.9 lbs, 19 inches long!
Maternity Clothes: Awesome...I feel like I wear the same things over and over again though...and the temperature has been in the high 90's these days, so that is less than awesome. I wish I had more flowy breathable clothes haha.
Stretch marks: No. 
Weight gain/loss: 21 lbs.? I guess I'll see at my 32 week appointment on Monday! It looks like I'll end up in the higher range of the 'healthy recommended pregnancy weight gain' but hey, I'd rather gain a little too much (although I'm still in the healthy range) than not enough, since that can be bad for baby (can't tell you what is bad but I've read things). But he is healthy and that is all that matters!
Sleep: It is okay. I feel like I've been getting more tired lately and wanting to go to bed before midnight lol, like at 10 pm. I've also been keeping INSANELY busy doing 100 things a day! I think I am working myself too hard but I have to since I have so many things to get done. With the intense heat, I've been sleeping with a fan on me and that has been pretty awesome. And we do have air conditioning...but I'm still hot, so the fan helps.
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling our baby boy moving! Apparently some people have to do 'kick counts' to see if their baby is moving enough but I sure don't have to. He moves ALL THE TIME so it isn't even necessary. I wonder if he will be insanely active and wear me out after birth because he sure is active in my belly haha.
Movement: See above.
Symptoms: Leg cramps/sore calves, sciatica, back pain, heartburn (I call them heartburn attacks since I will lay down to go to sleep and then I will get attacked!), and tired feet...think that is basically it. Oh, and sadly the gag reflux is back...and in the morning I've been gaggy...yeah...not my favorite!
Food Cravings: You know what is bomb. Drumstick ice-cream cones...especially the vanilla ones with caramel in them. They are awesome. I had one at my parents the other day. Also, loving trail mix as usual and not sure what else.
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: Still in but I swear our son is trying to make it come out. He keeps pushing on it or around it...I'm serious ha.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Ummm gag reflux lol.
Labor Signs: Nope!
Wedding ring on or off: I have decided to not wear my wedding ring/band anymore :( It still fits but I am just paranoid of it getting stuck and having it get cut off (heard of that before)...so I wear random rings of mine hehe.
What I miss: A healthy non-aching back...that day will be awesome, if I ever get it back...
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our guy!
Nursery: Kevin painted the nursery last week. We set up the nightstand  and actually have to exchange our Pottery Barn Kids crib because the mattress didn't fit (apparently we got a rare defective one, just our luck!) and are waiting on the extra wide dresser. I bought a La-Z-Boy chair and that will arrive next Tuesday I think! We are getting some shelves at Ikea tonight for his room and I got some storage things at Target for the closet last night...once we have the furniture, things will fall into place! Oh, and Kevin will do some touch up paint work soon :)
Emotions: Good?
Stupid things I have done: Not sure.

What are you up to this weekend?

PS. We have a giveaway coming up...so be prepared!


That Awkward Couple in Birthing Class

Here is a photo of a little game, more like exercise, we got to do...
make that I since Kevin was out of town for business.

Kevin and I have been going to birthing classes for...6 weeks now.
We have 1 more week and then a class on 'The Happiest Baby on the Block.'

We are that.awkward.couple. who laughs at awkward and inappropriate parts.
I can't help it.
I don't know how people can be so mature in class.
For instance, I laugh at weird noises people make while pushing.

And probably the best example...
It was time to practice 'breathing techniques' which I am not even sure I'll use lol.
our teacher dimmed the lights, we got out our pillows (we were told to bring 2 pillows to class that day), relaxing music was playing in the background, and the teacher had us practice different breathing techniques.

"Ha ha ha...hoo/hee" 
Or whatever you wanna it to be like.
Well, of course I start hysterically laughing.
Every other couple in the class was focused and super into it.
That made it even more awkward.

Then she said for the husband to squeeze tightly onto the wife's arms/legs/whatever to be like a contraction and for the wife to practice her breathing to distract herself from the 'contraction'.

Well, Kevin chose my calves and when it was time for the contraction he squeezed my calves SO HARD and I lost it. Again, we both started laughing uncontrollably.

And of course whenever they play cheesy birthing movies, I always have to struggle not to laugh.
I know, horrible. There are just so many awkward parts.

If you are awkward and going to attend a birthing class, I recommend wearing your hair down so you can hide in it if you need to.

Are we ready to be parents? Who knows? Haha.
I don't know if anyone really ever is, so I'm not too worried about it.

My birth plan is to have a healthy baby and lets just say I'm really looking forward to a nice epidural.


Sweet Home Alabama Part 2

Here is the last post for my Enterprise, Alabama trip!
We visited Omi and Opi in Alabama between June 2-10, 2012.


I've said it before on my blog but Omi is the best cook.
Here are some amazing crepes we ate one morning!
In 2007, there was a bad tornado in Enterprise, Alabama.
It wiped out many many homes and hit my mom's old high school.
8 high schoolers were killed and 1 adult.
This made the national news and Enterprise, Alabama has received a lot of funding from the government.
The high school they re-built looks like a really nice community college.
I've never seen such a nice high school!!!
My mom toured it last time she was in town and apparently they still give 'licks' which is shocking to me.
They hit kids with paddles over having PDA with their boyfriend/girlfriend, standing on some part of the school ground that is 'special', sagging their pants, etc...
I think that is insane and would not be okay sending my children there!
That is SO CRAZY!
My mom's friend from high school and her 2 children visited us one evening and I asked,
"Do you think it is normal to give licks or do you think it is crazy? Because I've never heard of that or thought people didn't do that anymore!!!"
They both thought it was normal!!!
Anyways, just blows my mind!
To be beaten with a paddle on the bum in class!!!
Here we were at the memorial outside of the old high school which was hit.
One evening we all ate at Milky Moos in downtown Enterprise.
They had some pretty good ice-cream!
Once we all ate at Larry's Real Pit Barbeque...
and I had the most amazing pork salad!
Meanwhile, I started reading the book, Secrets of a Baby Whisperer.
So far it is a good book, but honestly I haven't read any more of it after I came back to Colorado.
I have a hard time making time to read!
One evening we had the best.ribs.ever. with a twice baked potato, corn on the cob, and soft bread.
Another outstanding meal.
The whole week, when it wasn't raining as it was off and on, we hung out at their pool!
Did you know they make waterproof casts now?
Well they do! Hunter swam the whole week with a cast on his wrist!
Kind of an interesting picture haha.
Mom, RaKel, me.
I am not a good swimmer so Hunter and I hung out swimming laps and doing different strokes. It was a fun, brother-sister bonding time lol.  I asked him for some tips and he wanted to get a picture of him 'being the teacher' and showing me a stroke haha.
And yes, I wear goggles. I have contacts and if I get any water in them, my eyes feel like crap for the rest of the day and they kill!!! It is not worth it. Luckily I wore Hunters goggles and they kept the water out pretty well.
Youngest and the oldest!
Opi and Hunter found a toad in 'the thing that catches debri that goes into the pool'...I definitely don't remember what that is called. Hunter named him Ronin haha and used my sandal to pick him up!
One afternoon, Opi, Omi, my mom, and I drove around their old neighborhood, The Gateway.
They lived in this neighborhood until their house burned down in the middle of the night.
And yes, they were in it. They luckily escaped the fire but lost everything they had!
This is actually right where their house used to be!
This lake was down the street from their house and I guess my mom would go swimming here with friends.
We are pointing to where their house used to be.
Mom and Opi.
My mom, me, and Omi.
Slowly the birds in the nest (on their wreath) flew away...by the time we left they had all flown away!
And Hunter got a real medal of honor!
Well, this medal of honor belonged to one of Opi's friends, who passed away.
Hunter was obsessed with it and kept begging Opi to have it and asking him what he could do to 'earn points' to get it, etc.
I'm shocked but by the end of the trip Opi gave it to him haha!
Hunter might be the youngest person to have a medal of honor!
He loves it.
And that's a wrap! :)


30 Weeks

This was my 30th week of being pregnant with our little boy!
30 weeks, 1 day.
Top: The Buckle
Tank Top: The Buckle
Khaki pants: Old Navy Maternity
Earrings: Bought at Women's Expo in Utah
Bracelets: Nordstrom, American Eagle, Gift
30 weeks, 2 days.
Top: Shade Clothing
Skinny Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Necklace: Target
Bracelet: Guess

How Far Along: 30 weeks, 3 days. 3rd trimester! As of today there are 67 days until the due date!
Size of the Baby: Head of lettuce, 3.2 lbs, 18 inches long!
Maternity Clothes: The best. I wear my Gap Maternity shorts all the time. It is getting so hot! I want to find some flowy skirts or some more shorts!
Stretch marks: No. 
Weight gain/loss: 21 lbs.
Sleep: Alright. Just got a killer sore back. I had my 30 week appointment today with my obgyn and she mentioned getting a maternity belt. Basically it helps hold up your belly and you get it at Motherhood Maternity lol. Not sure if I'll try it or not. If it gets way worse I may give it a go!
Best Moment of the Week: Baby getting the hiccups all the time and moving all the time! It is so crazy to feel him as he gets stronger! Each week I am amazed at how much more he moves my belly on his own haha.
Movement: See above.
Symptoms: Leg cramps/sore calfs, right leg numbness after I've been sitting for a bit (it is sciatica), back pain, heartburn, and tired feet...think that is basically it.
Food Cravings: Hmmm I have been wanting Twizzlers, a dinner at Cracker Barrel (random I know), and a barbecue sounds great! But I love my 100 calorie ice cream sandwiches...so good!
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: In but looking funky haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Labor Signs: Nope!
Wedding ring on or off: I decided since it was getting a little tighter I would rather not risk having my wedding ring get stuck and having it get cut off. So...I've been wearing my awesome elephant ring. I'm sure people think I'm married haha ;) But really, it fits, but I just am paranoid so, it is sad, but what can you do. Better safe than sorry and only 2 more months to go!
What I miss: A back that doesn't hurt!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our guy!
Nursery: Painting goes down on Saturday and then we will set up the nursery!!! And then I can decorate!
Emotions: Think I am pretty good. Don't think I'm having crazy hormonal mood swings or anything.
Stupid things I have done: Not sure.

Anyone used a maternity belt before? 

Fort Rucker Aviation Museum

When we were visiting my grandparents in Alabama we checked out the U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker! Opi was actually an ER doctor in the army when my mom and her siblings were growing up. That meant they moved...all the time. They lived in Germany, Iran, and tons of different states in the US. They never were able to go a full year in school somewhere and my mom's geography knowledge definitely shows that haha. It makes sense if you miss core curriculum in school, only learning bits and pieces, but we give her a hard time for that. Omi, my aunt RaKel, and cousin LoGan went to the commissary to do some shopping while Opi, my mom, Hunter, and GaVen checked out the museum. An interesting fact, if you are driving on base you cannot be on your cell phone, not sure why. I also had to show my drivers license to get on base! Oh and yes, Fort Rucker is where many people learn how to fly helicopters and many other air crafts.
I remember going to this museum when I was younger!
Hunter had to get a picture like this.
Apparently Patrick got one in the past.
Mom and I.
Oh and by the way, I'm 28 weeks pregnant here.
I am poking the bum! I forget whose idea this was lol.
Hunter, me, GaVen.
Opi and me!
He loves Hawaii so we had to do throw up the 'hang loose' hand!
He loves Hawaii so much, he goes multiples a year. Plus his brother lives there.
GaVen & me.
Hunter & Opi.
Hunter wanted a picture like this.
He said he is pretending to give a speech to some army men haha.
Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?
I haven't, but just wondering ha!


ER Fun!

Luckily this is no post where I tell you about a recent scary trip to the ER so we are all 'A Okay'! :)
We took a visit to the Enterprise, Alabama Emergency Room because that is where my grandpa works!
Me and Hunter in the car!
Oldest and the youngest!
We got to walk around the hospital and see where everything goes down!
First stop, cat scan room haha.
Hunter pretends to get a cat scan, my mom takes a picture of him like this, texts the picture to my dad, and then my dad calls making sure everything is okay haha.
And my little cousin GaVen!
Me, Opi, Hunter.
Here is a shot of an ER room.
There was a poster of venomous snakes of Alabama since apparently every so often someone comes in with snake bites! Opi put this neck brace on Hunter which he loved haha.
Here we are in front of the ER entrance.
Me, Hunter, mom, GaVen (in front).
One of Opi's friends, who drives ambulances, pulled up and let us in the ambulance and turned on the lights. Luckily I've never had to ride in one of these before!
The gang.
It was fun to see where Opi works. He is such a fun doctor and is friends with everyone in the ER. If you ever talk to him he will show you pictures of someones head that the skin is peeling off and then show you a picture of his stitch job. He will show you very graphic pictures and you will not want to know much about them haha. And he will try to show you them at dinner time. He sure loves being an ER doctor!


Sweet Home Alabama

The beginning of June my mom, Hunter, and I went to visit Omi and Opi (mom's parents) in Enterprise, Alabama! It was a spur of the moment trip. My mom found out Opi had 10 days off work which is very unusual since he is an ER doctor. Usually he plans vacations on his time off but this time he didn't. When my mom found that out she wanted to go visit them and luckily I was able to go as well. The last time I visited them I think I was in junior high or high school...so it has been awhile for sure! I honestly can't remember the last time I was there.

June 2, 2012 - Saturday

We flew into Atlanta, Georgia as Enterprise doesn't have their own airport. They have a couple of small airports closer (one I think in Dothan) but the flights are very pricey. Atlanta is 3.5 hours away and luckily Opi drove all that way to get us. I cannot imagine having an airport be that far away! Denver is only 1 hour away from where we live now. On the way back to Enterprise we stopped in Auburn for some Chick-fil-a. Then we got back to their home late at night and headed to bed!

June 3, 2012 - Sunday

We woke up very early to make it to church and I was so tired! The good thing was I got to attend 2nd and 3rd hour of church instead of being in nursery! I have been to all the church meetings...once since I've been in nursery? And I've been in nursery for longer than a year now! I went to Relief Society on Mother's Day so that was good...anyways, it is nice just to go and listen sometimes :)
Here we are after church!
PS. I was 27 weeks, 6 days pregnant here.
I remember going to a pancake breakfast here (and outside) one time when I was little and we were visiting them!
We spent the afternoon hanging out enjoying the Sabbath.
Here is a pepper plant Opi is growing. 
They are kung pao (sp?) peppers!
He is also growing ghost peppers that he gets from someone in China which are insanely hot.
Hunter and Opi each had a kung pao pepper the next day...haha...
The last time I was here they had a tree-house, trampoline, and their pool was in a different location. 
They redid their backyard and it looks awesome!
For dinner Omi cooked a German meal (she is German!)
Dinner included: dumplings, rouladin (sp?), green beans, gravy, a roll, and a mandarin orange salad!
She is an AMAZING cook!
Then Opi, Hunter, and I went on a walk around their neighborhood.
I remember doing that when I was younger and stomping on red ant hills lol.
Hunter, Opi, & Allie the dog (soft coated wheaten terrier)
Sooo...Allie is really strong. 
And lets just say she killed Omi's other dog before and has attacked multiple dogs (causing them to have to get stitches, etc...). Allie loves people but NOT dogs. She hasn't been walked in the neighborhood for a long time but Hunter wanted to take her.
These next pictures are not a joke, Allie pulled Hunter down and dragged him on the grass!
After Allie pulled Hunter down we decided he would not walk her since she is too strong, plus Hunter has a broken arm and is in a cast. So halfway in our walk, Hunter asks if he can walk Allie. So Opi lets him and then immediately she takes off and the leash is wrapped around Hunter's wrist. He follows and she pulls him down and drags him for a good bit on the neighbors yard. It looked painful! The leash unraveled from his wrist and she got lose. You could tell Hunter was in pain. I ran after him and asked if he was okay and then I heard Allie attacking another dog. Then Opi runs to someones backyard and pulls Allie off another dog. Meanwhile, a little boy goes running off into the woods crying hysterically since he thinks that his dog is going to die. Most people here have pools so a few guys jump out of the pool and ask if any kids got bit. I say "No, I just got here. I don't know what is going on." Then Opi takes Allie off and the other dog was okay but man it was crazy! It sure sounded vicious and I thought another dog was going to die. All in all, it could have been a lot worse but it sure wasn't good. So that is an interesting story for you!
Check out these cute birds that had just hatched in a nest in my grandparents wreath!
By the end of our visit they had all flown away!
Then we had the most amazing desert.
Nutella layered pound cake with cream and berries!
The rest of the trip will be continued... :)

Have you ever been to Alabama? What did you think?