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So...I was going to create a lovely Photobucket collage for you all so the post would be way shorter and much sweeter but apparently they changed the way they do collages and it seems hard. As of now, I'm not going to be attempting to make a collage through them. Maybe I will find another collage making website? Any recommendations?
So now I will catch up you on the little things in my life that do not turn into posts and by the way, I'm super impressed I am slowly but surely catching up!
After this, I need to blog about the 2nd ultrasound, Kansas City trip, and then I'm at where I am now :)
My friend Emily and I did a Livingsocial through Evolve Yoga here in FoCo. We got to go to 5 yoga classes and I just finished the 5th class last week! I just bought some light weights so I'm going to work in some arm workouts and who knows what else...I need to make an actual routine now that I have energy. I've been pretty good staying active but I want to get more out the time I spend working out, if that makes sense.
Kevin made this awesome meal - Pasta Carbonara - a few weeks ago.
Let me tell you squash and zucchini cooked in olive oil is now a favorite dinner veggie side. 
Oh my gosh loved it!
We still are doing breakfast meals, all.the.time.
Can't go wrong.
Best surprise I've found in my purse in a long time.
I freaking love Milky Ways.
I try to go on a walk everyday if I don't have another workout planned and SO CLOSE to our house the city is building a brand new park! I will take my boy here someday... :) It is only a 5 minute walk!
My mom came to our 2nd ultrasound and afterwards we went into this little boutique called 27 Trees.
We found this super soft baby blanket and she bought it for our boy! Can't wait to wrap him in this cute blanket!
Here are some views from another walk Katinka and I went on!
One evening Kevin brought these lovely flowers home for me!
They lasted a long time which is always a plus!
Kevin is so thoughtful :)
I do not recommend Monopoly to anyone.
I don't know if I've ever finished one of these games.
Have you ever finished a Monopoly game? Really, now.
I played it with my brothers, Zach and Hunter, and Hunter traded me all his money (except $1) for one of my railroad cards which he wanted haha. Not a good move on his part. The game went downhill from there and we all got annoyed at each other lol.
Katinka loves to model, no lie.
Oh my gosh. Snooze.
Snooze is the most amazing breakfast restaurant, ever.
I have never had a bad experience there and I always leave wanting to come back because I'm so obsessed with my meal. This doesn't happen to just me, but everyone.
I had a red velvet cake pancake and half a breakfast burrito (my mom and I shared two entrees).
If you ever go there you must try one of their fun pancakes! Too.die.for.
Here we have a lovely monkey 'pee pee teepee!'
Have you ever heard of a 'pee pee teepee'? Lol.
My mom and I went to Clothes Pony, right after leaving Snooze, and my mom found these there.
Clothes Pony is a children's and baby boutique in downtown Fort Collins.
Kind of pricey but they have awesome stuff.
I was looking at diaper bags and she came up to me with this teepee.
I have no idea if it will work but she bought one.
If you are still confused, I will tell you straight up. You put this on a boy's pee pee since apparently they pee all over you when they are newborns...so it is a shield haha.
The girl at the register said a ton of people buy them for gag gifts and some people love them and swear they are amazing. 
So we will see!


Now off to my glucose test (YUMMY!) & 24 week check up!


What's new with you?


  1. If you play without ones, then Monopoly goes a lot faster. And I have heard of those teepees, I'm wondering if they work too ;)

  2. That teepee thing is hilarious! Good idea though! I can't wait to hear if it works or not! Haha. And all of the food pictures are making me HUNGRY! Mmm!

  3. HAHA would you think I'm a nerd if I told you my husband and I have finished Monopoly several times and love it!

  4. HA! I've heard both good and bad things about the pee pee teepee so you'll have to let us know if it works!

  5. hahaha aaron and I were dying. we need to get a pee pee teepee!!!!

  6. snooze is the best! the downtown location is right around the corner from our apartment & we find ourselves there wayyyy too often.