Days 2 & 3 at Sea + Disembarkation

 So my friends, this will be the last post regarding our babymoon cruise! Here goes.

Thursday - March 15, 2012
Day at Sea 2

Today we lied out at the pool all day. Pretty sure we hit up the breakfast buffet instead of ordering room service. Annnd...we read, had ice cream, gosh I don't know what else. That is basically what you do on a Caribbean cruise and try and get tan. Guess that is all I got haha.
Then we headed to dinner...mandatory pre-dinner shots.
And if you are not already sold on a cruise, I will show you some food pictures this post.
Pretty sure Kevin ate that and I'm sure he loved it, which is why he took this picture...
Their dinners never disappoint.
Now, I'm not sure how all cruise food is but Celebrity cruise-line has great food. This was Kevin and my second Celebrity cruise. I also went on two Royal Caribbean cruises and their food was also superb. I went on a Disney cruise when I was in elementary school so I can't tell you much there, but I've heard Disney has stepped up their game and boats in general. They apparently are getting better...
What I ate was awesome although I'm not sure what it is now haha.

After dinner we hit up the nightly show and this evenings was a Broadway musical show.
Basically since I am obsessed with dance I just watch the dancers, sometimes notice the singers, but basically watch the dancers. This show was actually pretty good considering I am not a musical person.
Don't get me started on musicals...haha not my style. 
I remember feeling so large and in charge prego style on this boat...now it seems a little funny because I really didn't seem that huge at all. I was basically just bloated and kind of look similar now?

Friday - March 16, 2012
Day at Sea 3

We did the same thing as we did the day before.
Relax for hours...and started realizing we were heading back to Colorado the next day.
It is always bittersweet when the days go by and you realize you have to get off the boat soon and that it is all over! Ahh, I love vacations.
I remember the meal I had this last evening was one of my favorites...good move Celebrity, good move.


Here is Kevin's appetizer.
Here is my meal. Amazing.
And I'm obsessed with asparagus by the way. It's the best.
And we have Kevin's meal. Seafood and all.
We decided to go with the Polo Ralph Lauren look...
My dress, Kevin's polo, and his khaki pants, are from there.
It was really hitting us, that the cruise was over, so we had a moment of mourning.
And I love these Sperrys so there.
We hurried back to our rooms to pack up most all of our stuff and put our bags out in the hallway. They always take your bags the night before so they can organize them and I don't know what else, but it makes it easier for the boat. Then we went to the farewell show. Sad evening!

Saturday - March 17, 2012

We woke up very early to disembark the boat. I wish you didn't have to get off the boats so early but after everyone on your boat gets off, the employees have to clean the whole boat and the next group of cruise travelers embark in the afternoon, so it is understandable.
We ate in the dining hall and then got our bags and got on a bus back to the Fort Lauderdale airport.
Here we are on the bus, kind of looking happy, but we were not haha.
And I wish this hat came back with me but it is lost somewhere on the island of Saint Kitts.
There we have it.
Our babymoon.
It was so much fun and I'm glad we were able to escape for a week in the Caribbean.
Now we are so excited waiting for our boys arrival in August :)

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Happy Thursday!


  1. You are like the cutest pregnant mama ever@@@ What a great cruise! Looks like you guys had a blast.. Off to check out the other days..

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. cute little belly!!!!!! looks like you had a lot of fun. Jealous.