Basseterre, Saint Kitts

Wednesday - March 14, 2012

Our third stop on the cruise was Basseterre, Saint Kitts!
Kevin and I had received some on-board credit because we booked through cruises.com (pretty sure) and not directly through Celebrity cruises. We used some of the credit to go on an excursion to a beach here on this island. We could have done all sorts of things like zip lining (which we did in Jamaica and LOVED), snorkeling, scuba diving, etc...but most of the excursions had pregnancy restrictions so we chose a relaxing day at a beach.
Here is the entrance to Saint Kitts!
We waited in line to get on little buses to take us to the private beach where our excursion was. I got tired so I sat on the floor (kind of gross) and Kevin took pictures...like of our boat. Yep our boat is the big one!
If you've ever wanted to see me without makeup, today is your day.
I don't go without makeup that often...but when I do I feel naked haha.
I'm so white! I'm over it. My face also never seems to tan, whatevs.
So on the bus ride to the beach, the route was very scary.
The bus driver drove us on high roads that were in bad condition.
There were lots of pot holes and one area was closed off so he took us on this short cut.
The roads were very steep and you were right next to cliffs so I was a little stressed haha.
This island is not very developed compared to other islands, thus the horrible road conditions.
I wish we could have gotten better pictures through the bus windows but these next few are just that.
It was so gorgeous, so even though they aren't the best quality, I'm posting them.
You just see water and land for awhile aways...hopefully that makes sense, it was so pretty!
Sometimes monkeys would run across the roads.  Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures. They were cute and I wish we could have seen them close up.
If I remember right we ended up at Cockleshell Beach.
Part of the excursion was reserved chairs to lay out on and a drink when you arrive.
If you didn't know, if you ever want chairs at a beach in the Caribbean you have to pay like $20 for a day for 2 people, or something along those lines...on top of whoever you pay to take you to the beach (taxi/water shuttle/bus/etc.)...

Baby bump at 16 weeks, 2 days.

This beach was gorgeous.
We lied out on our chairs, sipped our tropical drinks, read a little, and walked along the shore.
It was a great day except for when we got back to the boat...I realized we left my fedora at the beach probably under a chair or something.
I was SO upset. I wore that fedora everywhere and it was perfect for keeping the sun out of my face! RIP Nordstrom fedora...
I need to get another one...I really do.
And I just found mine here. Need to order asap. So pumped I just found it.
We relaxed at the boat before getting ready for dinner and a show...
Kevin is reading The Millionaire Next Door here and eating a classic soft serve ice-cream.
I also read The Millionaire Next Door while on the boat.
We made plans for retirement, savings, investments, etc. while on this trip haha.
And since then we've done pretty good. We opened up a Roth IRA and put money into it and also are working on getting Kevin life insurance (just waiting to hear back from the insurance company). We also are going to write a will before our boy is born. I hate thinking about wills or people dying...ehhh.

And here is what I wore to dinner and the show!
Dinner was amazing as always.
If you've never been on a cruise, each night you go to a huge dinner.
You have a certain table you sit at and assigned servers.
They first bring out assorted breads and butter. You then choose an appetizer, a soup or salad, entree, and dessert. And then they bring you food nonstop and it is delicious.
The show we went to was an impressionist. This lady, oh my gosh, I remember her name, Karen Grainger... she sings and acts like different singers. And her voice is amazing and she sounds just like them. She pretended she was everyone and anyone from Cher to Celine Dion and she sounded and acted just like them, complete with wigs and mannerisms.
Anyways, if you've never been on a cruise I highly recommend them!

Next up: 2 days at sea!


  1. We so want to go on a cruise someday...maybe in a few years. Looks like tons of fun!

  2. Awe, you are the perfect pregnant women..... so cute :)


  3. I'm loving these cruise updated! Looks like you guys are having so much fun. This post reminded me of how I need to start my 401 K. I just don't know which investment to choose. Anyways can't wait for more!

  4. Oh my, this makes me want to go on a cruise SO dang bad. It seems so relaxing and fun. Also, you look adorable and amazing.