When we found out I was pregnant...

I've been planning on writing a post on this...and just realized I never did!
We found out I was pregnant on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011.
I was almost 5 weeks pregnant when we found out.
Kevin and I went downtown Fort Collins to walk around and check out the fun stores.
I wanted to check out White Balcony, Kansas City Kitty, and some other ones.
Apparently we were both annoying each other and it wasn't very fun for some of it haha.
I was kind of hormonal and later I found out why.
After our afternoon downtown I was thinking "Dang, why am I acting like this? I'm either about to start my period or I better be pregnant!" ...because I guess I kind of do get PMS-y before I get my periods.
Kevin was watching TV and I was so annoyed so I think, I'm just going to go take an at home pregnancy test and find out! I always wanted Kevin to be next to me when the lines appear on the test and says "You're pregnant" or whatever but I was like screw it, I need to know haha.
So I go upstairs and take the test...then 2 lines appear which meant I am pregnant.
I was shocked and on the box it said to wait like 2-3 minutes for the lines to appear.
I waited that time to make sure the second line didn't disappear!
It stayed there. Thank goodness I am not crazy, I'm pregnant!
I was in shock and it seemed unreal.
By the way I took just one of these tests that day (not the top one - that is a cheap dollar store one).
Then the next day, and the following day, I took the other two haha.
I made sure not to get the "pee part" in these pictures since apparently some people think that is super gross. I don't really care, honestly, but whatevs...and too bad it is blurry ha. I have some better ones that are clearer that show the pee part lol.
I then ran downstairs and said to Kevin, "Guess what?!"
Like he would have guessed haha...
He said "I don't know"
I showed him the pee stick and said "I'm pregnant! That is why I've been so crazy today!"
I think he was in shock as well but he was very excited.
We both were. 
We wanted to have kids now so it wasn't a surprise or oops haha.
 We just chilled on the couch and couldn't believe I was pregnant.
I decided I would take another pee test the next day and the following haha, saving the dollar store one for last (since it can't detect pregnancy as early).
Each one showed two lines meaning you're pregnant!
 I wish I could have told Kevin in a creative or fun way that I was pregnant but there was NO way I could wait longer than those 2-3 minutes for the lines to stay there, and NOT tell him!
Then on Monday, I called The Women's Clinic and said "I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. I just took 3 tests and they all said I'm pregnant. Should I come in to get blood work to make sure I'm really pregnant?"
So yes, I wasn't very trusting in these home pregnancy tests haha.
But she said "No, you're pregnant. And come in at 6 weeks (I think) for blood-work and to meet with a financial lady and counselor." (You meet with a financial lady who goes over insurance and tells you how much it will cost to bring your baby in the world...omg...we cannot spend any money haha. Also you may meet with a counselor lady who will tell you congrats, ask about family history and give you books, pamphlets, and stuff to read and look over...)
I just thought I had to double check but then I started to believe I was pregnant.
I just felt so good and not very different so that is why I wasn't that sure...and I haven't been pregnant before.
Here is me the next day, pretty sure.
We were like, let's take weekly bump pictures!
Well, it didn't go so well and then I started taking random ones on Instagram so oh well, maybe we'll take better ones next pregnancy.
I was 5 weeks here. Dang, I don't even know what it feels like to be that size anymore. CRAZY!
 We are SO excited to meet our baby boy!!!!
24 weeks is tomorrow and I get to do the lovely glucose test and make sure I don't eat sugary foods...so hmmm what to eat tomorrow haha.


  1. Cute story. Every time my period is the teeniest bit late I always think I am pregnant. I think it's hilarious the lady told you that you were pregnant and you didn't need bloodwork- I'd probably ask the same thing!

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  3. congratulations! i may or may not have teared up a bit for you. i love that you shared all the cute details of the story...what a thing to treasure forever. xo.

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  5. oh, love it! That is so sweet! I wanted a fun way to tell my hubs too, but it didn't end up that way for me either :)

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