2nd Ultrasound!

When we found out the gender of our baby at our first ultrasound, at 20 weeks, our little guy wouldn't let us get all of the pictures the ultrasound techs needed. So we had to come back at 22 weeks and try again to get the last few pictures...we were fine with that, so we could see him again :)

April 24, 2012 was the 2nd ultrasound.
Kevin and my mom came. They got the few pictures they needed, literally they only needed like 3...a picture of his diaphragm, four chambers of the heart, and a low spine shot.
His heartbeat was a healthy 143 beats per minute...

It went by really quickly and I was like dang, my mom came and we are looking at weird shots and you can't even tell it is a baby haha. Kevin asked if we could check to see if it is still a boy...YEP definitely still a boy! He then asked if we could get another profile shot so they got a few...
I think he is so cute!
Then a different ultrasound tech came in and was just watching the other ultrasound tech get pictures. She then said she wanted to do some 3-D ultrasound stuff for us. We were like YES! So, since I was the last appointment of the day they spent like an hour with us messing around taking extra pictures in 3-D! That was SO nice of them!
So here is his little foot pushing on me!
And a normal foot shot.
Then they kept trying to get little face shots.
It was hard to get a good angle because they couldn't put the whole sensor (stick thing that picks up the picture- you know what I mean?) on my stomach because he was at an angle. So they kept trying and got these :)
Now I used to think 3-D ultrasounds were creepy and be like 'Where is the baby?!"
but I didn't think our little boy was creepy haha. But I swear, I've seen some weird ones, like I don't even know how to explain...anyways, but here is our little guy!
There is definitely a baby in me!!
So you can see his nose and mouth, and then his right arm is bent up covering his face, in fists. His left arm is also in a fist. This is my favorite shot of him!
Here you can see his right arm and hand, nose, mouth, left fist...
This one isn't as good but you can see his nose and arms and fists...
You can see his face and where his eyes are at here...and where his mouth is, that is a shadow...
And here is a different angle where his face is turned to the right...
Anyways, we got like 20 pictures which was crazy and they made us another DVD of the ultrasound!
We were so lucky they didn't have anything else to do and spent the afternoon with us :)
I'm glad my mom was able to see more than an insanely close up of his heart lol...
I love these pictures!!!  Our little boy is healthy so we are happy!
Can't wait to meet him in August!

Yesterday, we got him a crib, dresser (with changing table topper), nightstand (for next to glider/rocking chair) and they should be arriving soon!!! I chose white furniture and am excited. We need to get a mattress and then work on deciding the bedding and then the paint color after...so we can paint the room and then set everything up!

Anyone have any cute baby boy crib bedding suggestions that looks good with white furniture?
Not off white...Thanks!!!


  1. The brand, My baby Sam, has a cute green, teal, brown, and black paisley baby bedding set. Google image it. It's so cute with the white!

  2. these are so beautiful! my heart is so happy for you. xo.

  3. Ah bless! He is adorable! :)

  4. K Ash, he is SO SO SO cute! I love that you can see so much of his little face! How have you been feeling?!