25 Weeks

I feel like the weeks seem to be going faster!
I'm now 25.5 weeks prego! So crazy!
25 weeks, 3 days
Dress: Target Maternity
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelet: Asia

How Far Along: 25 weeks, 4 days. 2nd trimester!
Size of the Baby: Rutabaga (no idea what that is haha), 13.5 inches, and weighs around 1.7 lb.
Maternity Clothes: They are awesome. Just need shorts, bad...all I can find are short shorts!!! Anyone know where they have any cute bermuda shorts? PS. I know Gap has some but the demi band is weird. Trust me. I tried them on. I have two pairs of shorts that I accidentally bought way too big when I wasn't pregnant. I didn't try them on. I got them on sale for $5 each...need to figure out how to put a maternity band on them or something because they both could work! They are white and cobalt blue bermuda shorts from Shade.
Stretch marks: Nope.
Weight gain/loss: Honestly I don't know. Every time I weigh myself I am different. It varies so much! But the doctor has said my weight gain is fine. She said she would let me know if it is too much or whatever. I feel like I'm gaining weight quickly but I guess the little guy is growing a lot now too! Who knows.
Sleep: Other than going to the bathroom 4x a night and having a very sore back...I am sleeping haha.
Best Moment of the Week: Just figuring out details for our little boy! We may have decided on a name and are finally making decisions with stuff we need to get. We figured out the stroller situation (we think) and decided on a few bedding options depending on what color crib we get...and tomorrow my mom and I are going to Boulder to check out at cribs at Pottery Barn and who knows where else! I'm excited for that.
Movement: He moves SO much and it is awesome. The other day when Kevin woke me up for a morning prayer (before work) I tried to go back to sleep and our little guy wouldn't let me. He was just moving around in there like crazy. I was torn. I wanted to feel him move but I was SO tired haha. I kind of have been super tired this week. So I then layed on my side and I couldn't feel him as much lol.
Symptoms: Leg cramps (sometimes in the middle of the night), headaches (a few days this week I've been waking up with them- no fun!), sore back, stuffed up, oh and heartburn. I think I have it pretty good with heartburn meaning it is bearable. I know some people have to take meds. I definitely have it here and there but don't feel like medication is necessary.
Food Cravings: Red meat, yummy bagel sandwiches (I made them twice this week- turkey, cheese, spinach, tomato, little mayo!), smoothies, trail mix, moist things, guess I should drink more because I'm really thirsty haha.
Gender: BOY!!!
Belly Button in or out: In.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, just gag in the morning every once in awhile. It is so weird. I hope I don't do that after I have him.
Labor Signs: Nope.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: Having more clothing options haha.
What I am looking forward to: Figuring out baby things, preparing the nursery, birthing class on Monday, meeting our little man!
Nursery: Still in the works! We hopefully will get a crib/dresser this weekend and that will give us direction for the bedding, then the paint color, then rocking chair, all that etc.
Emotions: Good?
Stupid things I have done: Just not thinking sometimes lol.

PS. This book is awesome so far...my friend Lesley let me borrow it! 
If you can get your hands on it while pregnant, go for it!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. You look amazing! I hope I can look this good when I'm prego!

  2. hey girl, havent been by in a while...congrats on the pregnancy!!

  3. You look great!! I'll have to see if I can find that book! :)