Katinka's Big 3.

Katinka turned 3 years old on April 6, 2012! I originally wanted to plan a barbecue in our backyard and invite some dog friends with humans of course, but that didn't happen. We ended up going to a Colorado Eagles Hockey game because my brother Hunter sang the National anthem with his elementary school choir.
What Katinka got this past weekend was:
1) Yummy birthday treat: peanut butter with dog treats on it (pictured above) which by the way she LOVED
2) A bath which she did NOT love. I always crack up when I give her baths. She becomes 4 lbs skinnier and her claws come out since she doesn't like the water...
Anyways, she is the best and I hate to think she is 21 dog years old. Not even funny. This year she will grow older than me (I'm 24 now)! SO CRAZY. Love this pup.


  1. Poor thing looks so put out in her towel. Why do dogs hate baths but (usually) love to swim?

  2. She looks so mad! Haha, our dogs hated peanut butter because we force-fed it to them when they had bad breath.

  3. I read on Cypress's birthday that the 7-years-for-every-dog-year isn't actually correct! Here's the "real" chart - http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/how-to-calculate-your-dogs-age?ecd=wnl_dog_080311

    It kind of slows down as they get older, especially smaller dogs! So she might be technically a little older but she won't age as fast as the 7 years thing :)

    All that said, happy birthday to her! Cypress's birthday always gets a pretty big celebration.

  4. Love that you wanted to throw party for her and that you gave her a special treat on her birthday. So cute :) And giving dogs a bath is always an adventure!