Goodbye March...and February

So I kind of slacked off on blogging the past 2 months.
I was in my first trimester and honestly I felt like I was a zombie.
Like I had no energy, slept a lot, the house was a disaster, I lied around, didn't feel like doing anything, but everything I did I was exhausted so I couldn't do more...like one day - a Saturday - I lied around, slept, took a shower, and did like nothing but I remember taking a shower took so much energy haha.
Basically I'm 19 weeks prego now and have more energy!
This is an attempt to catch up and hopefully get on track again.
I always hate doing catch up posts because 1. You cannot remember as much of the stuff you may have wanted to say. and 2. They are rushed and you combine a lot of random things and basically I just don't like them...so here is a lovely catch up post.
After this, I think I just need to write about our Caribbean cruise and maybe a few other things!!! Hopefully I will be all up to speed in a week or so...ha.
I'm being emo in this picture. I was at my parents and was super tired and then my mom, Omi, and I watched the movie, Abduction.
February 17, 2012 - Zach - my bro - turned 16 and we celebrated at Rodizios!
Patrick & Zach (birthday boy).
My mom and Hunter.
February 24, 2012 - We went to a Colorado Eagles game with Scott & Lesley. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of us all...and if I remember right the Eagles lost in a shoot out...haha...so unfortunate.
We got overpriced Dippin Dots and they were so worth it.
Normally we sneak in snacks (which we still did) and avoid the food there but I got a cup of Cookie Dough ice cream...I would do it over if I could.
So we went on a Caribbean cruise (more to come!) and let me tell you I packed for dayyys and hours. I'm the world's slowest packer. Well, it was harder because I didn't know what would fit since I'm prego and all. I was 15-16 weeks on the cruise and luckily everything worked! I just had no clue how fast or slow pregnant bodies grow but I was fine!
Right before we left on our cruise - I think March 8, 2012 - I got a flat tire and was late to work.
Later in the day, we inflated the tire and heard air coming out, got to Discount Tire, they checked it out and said there is a rip/hole in the tire so we need a new one. All the tires are original ones from when I got the Jeep Commander in 2006 so it is time to get all new ones. It stinks but what can you do. We'll probably get them in a week or so.
March 8, 2012 - We celebrated my birthday very late at The Taj Mahal in downtown Fort Collins. The Taj Mahal is an Indian restaurant that our next door neighbor actually owns. We'd been wanting to try it since we found out they owned it. Plus, I LOVE INDIAN FOOD! Make that Chicken Tikka Masala. It was a lot of fun and let me tell you our neighbor SPOILED us! He gave us fancy drinks, appetizers, an entree, and desserts for all FREE on top of what we ordered! It was pretty good and we need to go back again.
March 18, 2012 - Kevin gave a talk in church and it was SO good! I was a proud wife and loved every bit of it. This day in church:
1. Kevin gave a talk
2. Zach - my bro - blessed the sacrament for the first time
3. They announced our ward boundaries were changing!
Update: They created a new ward in our area and we are in it. Funny thing, the new bishop (1st bishop on the ward) is next to Kevin in this photo below. They were talking before sacrament started. Sad thing is we are not with my parents :(
And yes I creeped a picture of Kevin in church lol.
Hope that wasn't too boring ;)


  1. awe sounds like you had a busy busy last few months!! but glad you are catching up!! & cant wait to read about your cruise (SUPER JEALOUS) you got to go on a cruise. we canceled ours due to money & the wedding!!! have a great rest of the night


  2. sounds like you have been so busy, i cant wait to see cruise pics!

  3. looks like a fabulous month (minus the flat tire)! so fun.

  4. Oh man.. I remember exactly what that was like.. it felt EXHAUSTING just to take a shower in the first trimester! So glad your getting your energy back!