Day at Sea 1: Puerto Rico Bound

Sunday - March 11, 2012
Days at sea while on a cruise are very relaxing.
We had several and this was our first one, and the day after we got on the cruise.
 We stayed up late the night before and I'm pretty sure Kevin ordered room service at midnight haha so we slept in...
We slept in so late that the housekeeping lady walked in our room and realized we were in bed!
It was really funny. I'm so glad she woke us up because I think it was around 11 am. I can't remember the last time I slept in that long! Anyways, we got up and headed to the solarium...which is an adult only pool.
We ended up there because basically all of the chairs to lay out on in the sun were taken.
We read for hours, ate soft serve ice cream, attempted to get in the solarium pool (very cold!), and went to dinner.
View of the solarium
Each night I made Kevin take a picture of me and my prego belly either before or after dinner.
Now, that belly seems so small haha. So funny.
About to head into dinner...
After dinner we went to the evening show. 
On the way we passed the acapella group, Uncommon Ground.
On the last cruise we went on, with my family in Northern Europe, Kelsi and Hunter became good friends with the acapella group on that boat. We had to take a picture and a video for Hunter because he grew really attached to the guys haha.
I remember the boat was really rough the day before and this day. You could feel the boat move a lot since it was pretty windy. Good thing we don't get sick on cruises! I love being rocked to sleep each night. Anyways, we were at the show here and I'm pretty sure it was entertaining!
Frog towel! I love when they fold the beach towels as animals. So boss.
Next up: Puerto Rico!

And...I will be trying harder to catch up on my blog...because you wanted to know :)


  1. Babymoon is one of the best ideas I've ever heard. I can't wait to (blog) meet your little bean!

  2. I've been hoping you would post about your babymoon! :) Looks like it was fun so far. I love that third picture of you both smiling at each other.