Saved by the Radio

Let me just show you how cute little Miss Katinka is...
and how a radio is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread.
She loves soft blankets and sleeping on them.
She love(d) notice lovED...this soccer ball.
We got it for free somewhere and she was obsessed for days until she started chewing the foam apart. 
It was definitely not a dog toy...and she probably is wondering where it is but I threw it away since it is not good for her to eat foam. Anyways, I need to get her a cheap squeaky ball sometime...
And here is a picture my bro Zach took of her.
I always say to her, "My what big eyes you have!!!"
And Kevin laughs...sometimes haha. 
What is that childhood story with the big bad wolf? Lol.
And I was just chilling where I am now either relaxing watching a show or on the computer and she started barking and jumping at the wall. I was like "huh", looked, and noticed there was a HUGE spider on the wall just chilling there! I left it there and who knows where it went...
(Kevin wasn't home and that thing was BIG so I hope it went off and died somewhere and disintegrated and we vacuumed it up)
So why is 'Saved by the Radio' my blog title?
Well, for one, I am horribly bad at naming posts and two, it literally saved our life.
Remember when I blogged about Katinka barking FOR HOURS after we moved into our new house?
Well maybe you don't remember, but I do, and I'm pretty sure I blogged about it. I'm just too lazy to look around in the archives.
SO...she has never had a barking problem, ever.
Until...we bought a new house, moved in, and then hated her kennel (she used to love it), barked for an hour, fell asleep, woke up at 2 am and barked for 20 minutes, and then fell asleep...
So we were not happy.
Basically we tried many things:
(ideas from dog trainers and our own brains)

+ Shaking a can of rocks when she barked to startle her, then praise her when she was quiet so she would think being quiet is the cool thing to do
+ Kongs filled with apple sauce, peanut butter, baby food (chicken, etc.), dog food, dog treats...
+ Really yummy treats: for when we put her in there so she learns that her kennel is a happy place like it used to be
+ Pheromone collar that was supposed to make her sleepy and relaxed but in actuality it just stunk (well to me and maybe because I was newly prego)
+ Dog treats with pheromones and triptophan (basically it is like something in turkey. You know when you eat a ton of turkey on Thanksgiving and get all sleepy? Well it is because of triptophan!)
+ Thunder Shirt which is a super tight shirt that is supposed to calm dogs who have anxiety, afraid of fireworks, etc. because it squeezes them making them feel safe. Apparently they do these types of things for horses and other animals.
+ Bark Off: basically a thing you put in the room with her and when she barks it is supposed to emit a high pitched noise that is annoying so they stop...I think ours was broken or something because the light didn't come on when you turned it on...
+ Letting her sleep in our room in her kennel, didn't happen, she wouldn't stop barking and digging in her kennel...

after months, like 4-ish...
the vet recommended a radio or a fan for "white noise" and for her to think we are up and about and awake and she is not alone, also so she may not hear random noises from the house that may be spooking her, etc...

AND it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We play the radio every night for her (recently it's been country music) and she just goes in her area (we took her out of the kennel in a enclosed area) and falls asleep!!!!! Hallelujah!

I was getting worried since I didn't want to have TWO babies when I have my baby come August...and I would be really mad if she would just bark and keep up the baby...but she is a new dog!!!

PS. She is almost 3, will be 3 next Friday, April 6, and has NEVER had a problem until we moved into a new house. We've lived in many different apartments/houses since we got her and she never made a peep so yeah...the verdict is she got separation anxiety but honestly I have no clue.

PPS. I've been scared to write about this since I don't want to jinx her and have her start barking again HAHAHA.


  1. Oh my gosh. I can't even imagine having to deal with that. I'm so happy y'all figured out something for sanity's sake!!

  2. I'm so glad that you found a solution! Hope that writing this post didn't jinx ya ;)