One of our favorite breakfasts...

Say hello to one of Kevin's and my favorite breakfast foods!
(not sure if that is grammatically correct but whatevs)
We got an awesome waffle maker for our wedding - Waring Pro brand (pretty sure from Bed, Bath & Beyond) - and seriously it was one of the best presents we received.
It is one of those waffle makers that flips over and beeps when the waffle is done, you know, like the ones at the hotels (La Quinta has em).
Every time we make these waffles we put on fruit...usually bananas, strawberries, and blueberries and of course cool whip! Kevin sometimes make cool whip home made style...yum.
We have even had waffle parties before with friends. Good stuff.
We ate these glorious waffles on March 3rd
are planning on eating them this Saturday morning before General Conference!
Oh and right after this waffle meal we went on a walk at Cathy Fromme Prairie (walking/biking trails) with Katinka and it was sooooo windy...
The lovely spread thanks to Kevin.
Orange juice (with high pulp- just the way I like it), blueberries, apples, mandarin oranges, kiwi, bananas, strawberries, and the waffles!
I'm looking forward to Saturday morning!

PS. What have you put on a waffle before that you loved? Anything we should try?
And I am SO not one of those peanut butter smeared all over a waffle type of person...lol.
PPS. I ordered maternity skinny jeans from Gap.com and waiting for those babies, they better fit!!! So excited. Also going to order a few basic t-shirts from Shade Maternity...finally giving in and buying some stuff!


  1. Those look delicious! My favorite waffle/pancake topping is my mom's homemade buttermilk syrup...it's foamy and caramel-y and warm. So good! I also make a pretty good cinnamon roll sauce too.

    And thanks for the tip on where to buy maternity basic tees! I'm hoping to stop at the Gap outlet as well the next time we pass through Anthem. I don't have any maternity jeans yet, and I'm in need!

    1. I think I would LOVE the cinnamon roll sauce...I love cinnamon rolls SO much. I haven't ordered the tees from Shade Clothing (their online store) yet but I've heard they run big so order your normal size! Also, there aren't many Gap Maternitys so you may have to drive far! The closest one near me is 1 hour away so I haven't even been there yet...someday!

  2. My friend brought me waffles this morning. can you believe it? Can you.

    Now I want more. Your fault.

  3. ugh you just had to post this?? lol that looks AMAZING.

  4. I've seen recipes for pumpkin chocolate chip waffles, I've always wanted to make them!

  5. Oh man, we LOVE waffles too! We also got one for our wedding, looks like I should bust it out!

  6. I love waffles! Those look tasty!

  7. Yum.... We did pancakes last night for dinner... I need that sweet waffle maker NOW!!

  8. Ash i own two pairs of skinny jeans from gap maternity! I love them! Your making me crave waffles! those look so good. dang, why didn't kevin teach aaron any cooking techniques while they lived together. he could use some tips! ha

  9. Okay, we had these waffle irons in the freshman dorms at BYU and I loved them at La Quinta when we stayed there once a few years ago. Yumm! Do you have the exact recipe for the waffle batter? I would love to know it! And I am so not PB on waffles or pancakes either. I like to actually taste the waffle. You've got me hungry!

    Amy Day to Day

  10. I've heard from a ton of people that they sprinkle cheese on before you close the iron to bake it and then top it with syrup?? Supposed to be one of those sweet/salty combos I guess.

  11. nutella and ice cream sometimes =)

  12. Even though I'm so full from lunch, I could definitely go for a waffle or too. I love slathering my waffles with butter and syrup and powdered sugar :)