16 Weeks

So lets pretend it is last week and there, I am 16 weeks.
Why am I late?
Well we were on a cruise (babymoon) in the Caribbean last week...so we didn't get on the internet once!
Don't worry I'll blog about the cruise eventually lol.
However, the picture above I am 
15 weeks, 4 days
...but it didn't make it on my last post.
Shirt: Gap
Undershirt: Downeast Outfitters
Skinny Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Necklace: Target
Feather Earrings: Charming Charlie
Ring: Some shop in St. Petersburg, Russia while we were on a cruise there.
16 weeks, 6 days
Shirt: Downeast Outfitters
Belt: American Eagle
Maxi Skirt: Zara
Earrings/Bracelet: Charming Charlie

How Far Along: 16 weeks. 2nd trimester!
Size of the Baby: Avocado, 4.5 inches, 3.5 oz. (now going off the Babycenter app)
Maternity Clothes: Just got a black and white belly band and my bright blue skinny maternity jeans!
Stretch marks: Nope.
Weight gain/loss: Gaining...not sure. 8-10 lbs up from pre-pregnancy weight?
Sleep: Back is still bothersome and I am now attempting to transition to sleeping on my left side! No fun.
Best Moment of the Week: Um the whole cruise - our baby moon! I was on the cruise practically all of 16 weeks!
Movement: Not yet! Wishing it will happen soon!
-Headaches: I try so hard not to take medicine while pregnant. I think within 4 months I've taken medicine for a cold once (until the cold left it was miserable!) and Tylenol for headaches maybe 3 times...I tried to eat and sleep one off on the cruise but it didn't work so I gave in and it was so worth it! I got another as well. Seems to be coming here and there so I try to get some fresh air or eat/drink.
-Itchy Stomach: Just started this week! Guess it means my stomach is growing?
-Hunger: I'm usually always hungry...I'm trying to find a balance of eating a big enough meal to not feel hungry in an hour but not gorge myself completely...it is hard to guesstimate!
Food Cravings: Not really sure but right now a smoothie sounds great...or an Orange Julius!
Gender: Countdown to April 12!!! The baby better show us the goods!
Belly Button in or out: In.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! Like really not at all.
Labor Signs: Nope.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: Feeling normal and being able to get a lot of stuff done (and not tire so easily) and not having to think as much about outfits like "Is this shirt long enough to cover the fact that I'm wearing my pants unbuttoned?" Haha.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender!!!
Nursery: I'm going to be checking out my 'Sleepy Babes' board on Pinterest soon...got to get looking into that good stuff :)
Emotions: Good but funny story, I definitely had a dream where I stabbed some bad man like 5 times in the chest after trying to shoot him with a gun w/no bullets...the dream was while I was on the cruise. Don't worry I don't have anger problems/issues. Lol. When I told Kevin he laughed so hard because in my dream I asked the dude who gave me the gun, "How many bullets are in this?" and Kevin laughed because if I knew anything about guns I could just check...he's into guns so I guess it was funny for him.
Stupid things I have done: OHHH I have one for Week 17!!!


  1. Love that yellow skirt. Cuteness! Ps. I am a new"er" follower!


  2. You are adorable! And cute outfits too! Love readig those Q&A's, reminds me of what it's realy like to be prego!

  3. that yellow skirt outfit is friggin uh-dorable....as is your crazy, crazy dream. i recently had a dream that i was dating david archuleta, so don't worry about it...

  4. I love that skirt, so much. You're the cutest pregnant gal ever.

  5. That's too bad about being so sick on your birthday! I just went through with that for a week straight. So miserable!! I LOVE your yellow skirt outfit! It is so beautiful and well put together, you look amazing in it! :)

  6. Holy freak! Where have I been? Your pregnant! You look absolutely amazing!