One of these things is not like the other...

First off, Happy FEBRUARY!
Yay! February is an awesome month because:
1) My birthday is on the 19th
2) Zach's birthday is on the 17th
3) Valentines Dayyy
4) Going to Vegas in 2 weeks for a business trip!
I love Kevin. Enough said.
Isn't he so handsome? ;) 
I love Katinka...except it is a bit annoying when she refuses to come down the stairs lol...
I love Hunter and his awesome nun-chuck skills!
He just started learning how to use them in Taekwondo. It cracks me up.
I love Katinka and how snuggly she is. Only downside is she sleeps all day to get energy to bark when we are trying to sleep at night...we just got a pheromone collar and dog treats that are supposed to calm and relax dogs with separation anxiety. CROSS MY FINGERS, no wait, pray it works!!! Puh-lease...
I love old school snacks like go-gurts.
I eat one like every other day if not once a day.
No Greek yogurt for me! That stuff is chunky and weirds me out.
Apparently a lot of people like it...narly if you ask me!
I love winning giveaways like this one!
I won this Shabby Apple necklace from Ashley's blog :)
I love this new rug I got from Target!
It is a keeper.
Okay here is the one thing that is not like the other.
I greatly dislike my back pain and now I've been going to physical therapy...I went twice last week and to a free yoga class last night at my physical therapist's office. Going today and Friday as well! Hope to knock this out... :(
Oh, and if you didn't know that pink stuff is KT tape. It is supposed to feel like skin and it helps with pain. Some athletes use it!
And there you have it.

What are you loving recently? Or maybe greatly disliking?


  1. I won that necklace too and I am wearing it today! It is soooo gorgeous isn't it!

    Looks like Katinka has her sassy moments like my Sadie does ;)

    Happy February lady! :)

  2. Did the hubster get a haircut? You guys look so good together by the way :)

    Just this moment, I'm loving french vanilla cappucino. Way to jumpstart my sleeeepy morning just a bit.

  3. I love your rug too! Hope your back feels better :)


  4. Cute pictures of y'all! & that rug is great!

  5. Those pictures of you and Zach are just too cute...and little Katinnka...ha ha silly girl!

  6. That's such a cute rug. And you and your hubby are adorable.
    Get to feeling better!

  7. I totally hate Greek Yogurt too. It reminds me of baby spit up. :)

    I love Cafe Rio. I always have, but lately it consumes my life.

    Cheese. I always need more cheese.

    And a doctor to have my cholesterol checked.

  8. Bwahahah! I can't help but think of Napoleon Dynamite whenever I see Taekwondo!


    I just got done eating a greek yogurt. Usually I am not a fan of yogurt AT ALL (unless its frozen;-)) but I got some vanilla Chobani yogurt and it is actually not bad!

  10. Try some yoga for your achy back :) I'm sure Leighton does it ;)

  11. I have recently started yoga to help my back pain (from studying so much) and it has helped ALOT! Hope it helps you! :)

  12. Just found your blog. It sounds like you have a busy month ahead. it seems like February is birthday month, between me and many others in our family and our friends we are full of birthdays this month.

  13. Oh my goodness! My birthday is on the 19th too!!! My husband's is on the 28th! We February peeps have to stick together! ;)

    Love your pics! Hope your back feels better very soon!

  14. you and your husband are TOO CUTE!!! i adore your blog.