Mitt Romney Rally + Anthropologie Gift Card Winner!

February 7, 2012
Mitt Romney was to speak at RV America in Johnstown, Colorado at 8:45 am.
The day before, my dad asked me, "Do you want to go to the Mitt Romney rally tomorrow?"
Me, "What? When? Yes!"
And it was decided.
We invited Kevin and Opi as he was in town.
It was a very snowy day and there were so many cars. 
Luckily a guy in a large golf cart drove us to the building! It was awesome otherwise it would have been a long cold walk!
Here we are ready for Mitt to arrive! 
Me & my dad.
Kevin & Opi.
Sorry for the funky lighting. There were big lights, camera crews, and we all had our iPhone 4s so this is what you get.
Dad, Opi, Kevin, me.
While we were waiting for Mitt to show up in his RV they passed out these signs for us to hold/keep!
Along with free signs (& yard signs!) they had free hot chocolate, donuts, and breakfast burritos. I was 11 weeks pregnant and definitely took advantage of a free breakfast burrito! I love breakfast food, always. Had to choose that over a donut for the nutritional value (for the fetus!)
Mitt is always on time. He is a very punctual person, except for this day. Because of the snow storm it took extra time in deicing the RV windows and getting the RV ready to go - Mitt travels in his own. This made him late but...because he is so awesome he skyped with us all! 
See below. Basically he apologized he was late and said he'd be there in 15 minutes!
Funny thing since we were at RV America he was able to literally drive his RV (his driver did) inside of the building! The RV came in and then Mitt walks out ready to give his speech!
He gave an awesome speech and we were all pumped up.
Afterwards he shook peoples hands...
we weren't able to shake his hands as we weren't in the very front.
It was interesting to watch all his body guards scanning every person and being very cautious and all.
Afterwards my dad was interviewed and was on the news!
Unfortunately I did not see him on the news but he was and my family saw him!
Mitt Romney 2012 baby!!!
RV America is right next to Johnson's Corner...the gas station/diner that is kind of famous in northern Colorado right off I-25. It was even in the movie (please tell me this is the right name) Larger Than Life. Do you remember the movie with the elephant in it? The elephant and the guy (famous actor) walk across the country? Anyways, they stop at Johnson's Corner! They have legit cinnamon rolls...so we got some to go!
Overall it was a fun time at the rally! You know who I will be voting for! If you are not a fan of Romney don't leave a nasty comment. I will just delete it. Someone left a very nasty one on a photo on Instagram. LAME people!!! Anyways!


Now for the Anthropologie $50 giftcard winner!!!
We had 208 entries so that is pretty awesome!
Email me at sloanbookblog{at}gmail.com !!!
(Winner was picked using a random number generator.)


  1. What an amazing experience! You are SO pretty! Congrats,Anna!

  2. Yay for Anna! I am so excited for her!!

  3. FUn! I would love to go to a political rally again- they are so fun! Also-- love your long hair. I am about 4 inches to my perfect length and I hope it looks as pretty as yours!

  4. While I'm not hating on Romney- I encourage you to check out Ron Paul's arguments/stance! I like him a lot. I haven't decided who I'm voting for yet. :/

  5. What an amazing experience! I would love to be there when he gives a speech!

  6. i love you for going to that.

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  7. how fun! that's hilarious he drove into the building...i bet that looked interesting hahah! and yay for anna!