Early February Shenanigans

Here are some recent shenanigans, okay mainly from a few weeks ago that never got put up on here :)

1 // My grandpa - Opi - gave Kevin and I a box of these Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs. OH MY GOSH. Just so you know I practically ate them all. He is always going to Hawaii and bringing back yummy stuff like this.
2 // Kevin and I have been going on walks...okay only a few...but will hopefully go on more when it warms up! Plus Katinka LOVES going on them. Oh, and she pees probably 20+ times like she is a boy. I don't get it.
3 // I bought her awesome dog treats from Petsmart. I thought these bones would last a week each. Well, nope, she is obsessed and scarfed them down in less than 2 days! Here she is with the remains of one haha. I love this funny shot!
4 // We've had a few snow storms...here is our snowy backyard! Unfortunately Katinka refuses to go potty outside when it is very cold...I can't stand that. So she runs through the snow to hide under our  porch...then she can't get out so I have to go get her lol. That is why there are tracks in the second picture.
5 // Kevin made this amazing meal one night when I was very tired. While eating this meal we watched Planet Earth, the cave episode and wow it was awesome and freaky at the same time. I saw some things I'd like not to see, like these caves with thousands of pounds of bat poop with cockroaches on them. I also saw microscopic bugs/mold/spores growing and that just freaks me out. I also saw some really ugly blind albino organisms up close and personal...Anyways, this meal was bomb and the night was bomb. I pretty much closed my eyes in the freaky parts. You cannot go wrong with asparagus!!! I love that stuff.
6 // Pretty sure I was 10 weeks prego here. I re-discovered this loose flowy top in my closet and wore it a few times with jeggings. You can never have enough loose clothes when your pregnant! I actually got this trading clothes with a friend!
7 // Another amazing pasta meal made by my husband! I came home from something - I don't remember - and was starving. Then I saw Kevin in the kitchen stirring some home made alfredo sauce! And I had to use our Cirque de Soleil "O" cup since we just went to Vegas (still need to blog about that)!
8 // A couple of weeks ago we received this cute Kansas City Royals onesy (how do you spell onesie?!) for our baby from our friends Thomas and Alta Bills! We love it and will make it work for either gender :) Kevin is a big KC Royals fan as he grew up there...if only they would ever win haha...THANKS!!!
9 // Check out this fine German cuisine made by my grandma - Omi! She is from Germany so her food is legit. She made cucumber salad, cauliflower (which I am so wanting right now but we don't have), rolls, SPAETZLE mit goulash (spaetzle is bomb fyi you should try it) and pork! I love this meal.
10 // And last but not least, behold, snuggly Katinka.
Things are uber hectic but I hope to post about 1) the Mitt Romney rally or 2) Las Vegas MAGIC trade show trip tomorrow or at least just announce the Anthropologie gift card winner! If you haven't entered, hurry, you got a few hours!!! Go here!


  1. 1. Please ask your Opi to send me some of those chocolates. Thank you. Haha!
    2. I love asparagus so much. I just found some on sale today and got so excited!
    3. I really like your top :) Super cute! I need to find some more comfortable clothes to wear, especially with the bump growing....

  2. Love this quick update!! :] And I want to see more bump pictures! They are the best! Also, your snowy backyard is absolutely gorgeous! It just snowed here but not as much as I'd like! I am missing the snowier years!!

  3. We are obsessed with Carmacs over here too! They have to be some of the best chocolates!

    And Seth and I watched that Planet Series too. It is super interesting, but I agree some of things on the cave one were gross! ha =)

  4. Mmm Carmacs, yum! Husband cooked meals are especially awesome while preggers! Your grandmas dinner looks delish too. Going on a walk sounds awesome right now!!

  5. Just found your blog and it caught my attention because of A.) so much snow in the backyard! We used to live in Erie, CO. and I totally miss CO. every single day. B.) we also are in love with Planet Earth and Dual Survivor too, haha. C.) Mitt Romney ... that should be a cool post... congrats on expecting!!

  6. i've never seen that much snow in my entire life! ... i do live in florida though lol. I can't believe you can even find katinka in all of that!

  7. I want your grandparents to make me dinner every night. You're getting some delicious food. Jealous! Snow is coming to Provo tonight. Isn't it time for spring?

  8. Oh girl - that german dish made my stomach growl! I lived in Germany from Kindergarten till 4th grade and now that I'm in England it kills me that I'm so far yet so close to yummy German food. We took a trip there in September and I gobbled up every bit of Germany food that I could! Plus our commissary sells the german food so I'm never without it for too long ;)

  9. My friend just got back from Hawaii and brought me some Caramacs too! Sooo yummy!

  10. Oh my gosh - I love love German food!
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