Mitt Romney Rally + Anthropologie Gift Card Winner!

February 7, 2012
Mitt Romney was to speak at RV America in Johnstown, Colorado at 8:45 am.
The day before, my dad asked me, "Do you want to go to the Mitt Romney rally tomorrow?"
Me, "What? When? Yes!"
And it was decided.
We invited Kevin and Opi as he was in town.
It was a very snowy day and there were so many cars. 
Luckily a guy in a large golf cart drove us to the building! It was awesome otherwise it would have been a long cold walk!
Here we are ready for Mitt to arrive! 
Me & my dad.
Kevin & Opi.
Sorry for the funky lighting. There were big lights, camera crews, and we all had our iPhone 4s so this is what you get.
Dad, Opi, Kevin, me.
While we were waiting for Mitt to show up in his RV they passed out these signs for us to hold/keep!
Along with free signs (& yard signs!) they had free hot chocolate, donuts, and breakfast burritos. I was 11 weeks pregnant and definitely took advantage of a free breakfast burrito! I love breakfast food, always. Had to choose that over a donut for the nutritional value (for the fetus!)
Mitt is always on time. He is a very punctual person, except for this day. Because of the snow storm it took extra time in deicing the RV windows and getting the RV ready to go - Mitt travels in his own. This made him late but...because he is so awesome he skyped with us all! 
See below. Basically he apologized he was late and said he'd be there in 15 minutes!
Funny thing since we were at RV America he was able to literally drive his RV (his driver did) inside of the building! The RV came in and then Mitt walks out ready to give his speech!
He gave an awesome speech and we were all pumped up.
Afterwards he shook peoples hands...
we weren't able to shake his hands as we weren't in the very front.
It was interesting to watch all his body guards scanning every person and being very cautious and all.
Afterwards my dad was interviewed and was on the news!
Unfortunately I did not see him on the news but he was and my family saw him!
Mitt Romney 2012 baby!!!
RV America is right next to Johnson's Corner...the gas station/diner that is kind of famous in northern Colorado right off I-25. It was even in the movie (please tell me this is the right name) Larger Than Life. Do you remember the movie with the elephant in it? The elephant and the guy (famous actor) walk across the country? Anyways, they stop at Johnson's Corner! They have legit cinnamon rolls...so we got some to go!
Overall it was a fun time at the rally! You know who I will be voting for! If you are not a fan of Romney don't leave a nasty comment. I will just delete it. Someone left a very nasty one on a photo on Instagram. LAME people!!! Anyways!


Now for the Anthropologie $50 giftcard winner!!!
We had 208 entries so that is pretty awesome!
Email me at sloanbookblog{at}gmail.com !!!
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Early February Shenanigans

Here are some recent shenanigans, okay mainly from a few weeks ago that never got put up on here :)

1 // My grandpa - Opi - gave Kevin and I a box of these Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs. OH MY GOSH. Just so you know I practically ate them all. He is always going to Hawaii and bringing back yummy stuff like this.
2 // Kevin and I have been going on walks...okay only a few...but will hopefully go on more when it warms up! Plus Katinka LOVES going on them. Oh, and she pees probably 20+ times like she is a boy. I don't get it.
3 // I bought her awesome dog treats from Petsmart. I thought these bones would last a week each. Well, nope, she is obsessed and scarfed them down in less than 2 days! Here she is with the remains of one haha. I love this funny shot!
4 // We've had a few snow storms...here is our snowy backyard! Unfortunately Katinka refuses to go potty outside when it is very cold...I can't stand that. So she runs through the snow to hide under our  porch...then she can't get out so I have to go get her lol. That is why there are tracks in the second picture.
5 // Kevin made this amazing meal one night when I was very tired. While eating this meal we watched Planet Earth, the cave episode and wow it was awesome and freaky at the same time. I saw some things I'd like not to see, like these caves with thousands of pounds of bat poop with cockroaches on them. I also saw microscopic bugs/mold/spores growing and that just freaks me out. I also saw some really ugly blind albino organisms up close and personal...Anyways, this meal was bomb and the night was bomb. I pretty much closed my eyes in the freaky parts. You cannot go wrong with asparagus!!! I love that stuff.
6 // Pretty sure I was 10 weeks prego here. I re-discovered this loose flowy top in my closet and wore it a few times with jeggings. You can never have enough loose clothes when your pregnant! I actually got this trading clothes with a friend!
7 // Another amazing pasta meal made by my husband! I came home from something - I don't remember - and was starving. Then I saw Kevin in the kitchen stirring some home made alfredo sauce! And I had to use our Cirque de Soleil "O" cup since we just went to Vegas (still need to blog about that)!
8 // A couple of weeks ago we received this cute Kansas City Royals onesy (how do you spell onesie?!) for our baby from our friends Thomas and Alta Bills! We love it and will make it work for either gender :) Kevin is a big KC Royals fan as he grew up there...if only they would ever win haha...THANKS!!!
9 // Check out this fine German cuisine made by my grandma - Omi! She is from Germany so her food is legit. She made cucumber salad, cauliflower (which I am so wanting right now but we don't have), rolls, SPAETZLE mit goulash (spaetzle is bomb fyi you should try it) and pork! I love this meal.
10 // And last but not least, behold, snuggly Katinka.
Things are uber hectic but I hope to post about 1) the Mitt Romney rally or 2) Las Vegas MAGIC trade show trip tomorrow or at least just announce the Anthropologie gift card winner! If you haven't entered, hurry, you got a few hours!!! Go here!


Caribbean Bound

On Wednesday, we booked a babymoon! Kevin and I are going on a 7 day cruise with Celebrity Cruises visiting Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts, & Saint Maartin! We leave...really soon...less than a few weeks now...and are so not ready.

1. Anyone know of cheap hotels around Miami or Fort Lauderdale? We need a place to stay for a night.
2. Outfit ideas? :) I think my swimsuits will be tighter lol. Im kind of in an awkward stage of being bloated and not the obvious prego belly...I'll be 16 weeks.

We will figure it all out. We are SO excited!


13 Weeks


Orange shirt: Gap
Jean jeggings: Banana Republic
Elephant bracelet: Present from my dad from Asia

My life is so busy. I have so much to blog about! Let me tell you a few things that I will hopefully post on my blog soon: Las Vegas MAGIC trade show, Valentines Day, my 24th Birthday, a cruise we just booked!!!, how we found out we were pregnant, latest happenings...and more.

Oh, and we had our second ob/gyn appointment on Wednesday and heard the heartbeat for the 2nd time! At 9 weeks, baby's heartbeat was 187 beats/min and now at 13 weeks, it is 164 beats/min! Healthy and strong! Sadly, we did not choose to get the 11-13 week ultrasound to test for Downs Syndrome and other genetic testing because it was just extra costs and I have a super low-risk pregnancy. I hear of people having multiple ultrasounds by now and appointments and I am jealous! But a lot of those people have had complications or miscarriages before or I have no clue how they have to go to the doctor so much. We scheduled our 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender on April 12!!! So excited already!

But now for the weekly update!

How Far Along: 13 weeks 4 days... 2nd trimester!!!
Size of the Baby: Lemon, 3 inches, 1.5 oz.
Maternity Clothes:
I busted out the belly band (see picture above) this week er yesterday. I think I have a long torso since I think it should be a tad bit longer. Other than that I'm wearing all of my normal clothes. I just want to have extra room to breathe in the belly area. My belly doesn't approve of tightness lol.
Stretch marks: Nope.
Weight gain/loss: The doctor said I've gained weight and am where I should be. They didn't say how much but I think 4 lbs.
Sleep: It is okay...I cannot for the life of me get comfy sleeping on my left side. How does anyone sleep on their side? The arm you lay on just falls asleep! So I'm working on it.
Best Moment of the Week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat!
Movement: Nope.
Symptoms: Pretty much the same as 12 weeks (here). However my gag reflexes got the best of me this morning...if I cough...I may gag and if I gag...that is not good. Basically I got sick and coughing is the worst! I cannot cough!

Food Cravings: Eh not really. I just want food that we don't have lol. I still need some Cafe Mexicali (sweet pork). We went there last night but the line was too long so we headed to Taverna for some Greek food instead! That is what I want!!! And some good berries too...
Gender: Nope but find out April 12, 2012!
Belly Button in or out: In.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not eating often, not eating FIRST thing in the morning, coughing...
Labor Signs: Nope.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: Energy still. I got some new prenatals WITH iron and also got some iron supplements so I hope taking both will help with the anemia and give me some more energy!
What I am looking forward to: Our Caribbean cruise! Yeah I need to blog about that :) It is soon. And I am not ready. And have no clue what to wear!!!
Nursery: After we find out the gender, then I will start looking around on how to decorate the room!
Emotions: Idk...
Stupid things I have done: Nothing really hehe.

Right now I have so many things to do. Our house is messy, things need to be organized/decluttered/donated, I want to have a sale of some of my clothes (maybe on my blog- anyone had success with that?) and random things, I need to have more balance in my life haha...I have long to-do lists...so yeah...anyways HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

OH and question: Best diaper bag recommendations...ready go!
There is really a reason for me asking this early, but this is serious stuff...need recommendations!

Don't forget to enter to win a $50 Giftcard to Anthropologie HERE!


Annual Sloan Super Bowl Party

Every year we have an annual Sloan Super Bowl party. This year was no different. I wore Kevin's flannel shirt and jeggings as jeans are so uncomfortable (thanks prego bloat). I love jeggings. I need to get more. Anyways. We had a lot of people over and besides football we had a lot of food - I don't care much about the game haha! For appetizers we had guacamole, salsa, queso, and chips. We also had olives, a variety of cheeses, and crackers. The main course consisted of kabobs and dinner rolls (Hawaiian sweet rolls and Rhodes rolls). To throw on the kabobs we had grape tomatoes, squash, onion, zucchini, shrimp, chicken, steak, and tons of peppers.  For dessert we had Oreos and brownie cookies which were amazing!!! Oh and my friend Heidi made amazing chocolate chip cookies! I ate so much food it wasn't even funny. My favorite commercial was the car commercial (Audi? I already forgot) / Twilight one! SO FUNNY! I loved when the teenagers climbed up the trees all fast. Hunter's favorite part was the wifi. He actually hung out upstairs where he claims the wifi was the best lol. It was such a great time! Just really tiring and I felt so full afterwards! Till next year!

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{Giveaway} $50 Anthropologie Giftcard by Elizabeth from What I Love About Today [Closed]

 Do you all remember Elizabeth from this post? Well, if not, be sure to check it out! I just loved it. Elizabeth is such a sweetheart, has the cutest blog, and posts the most amazing pictures!

Guys Elizabeth is being more than generous today...
I am super jealous about this giveaway because I want to win it hehe.
Meet Elizabeth:
Hello again everyone! 
I am Elizabeth from What I Love About Today
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For the longest time I had problems with being negative 
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Sometimes I have some really amazing things happen,
But more often than not, it is simple things that seem to make my day.
Anyway, when I was thinking about what I wanted to do for a giveaway,
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Almost immediately I thought of my most favorite store Anthropologie. 

So that is what I decided to giveaway!! :D
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Good luck!!!

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12 Weeks


Black turtleneck: White House Black Market 
Jeans: Hudson Jeans from Nordstrom
Elephant Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft from my mother in law!

Monday was the beginning of 12 weeks! This week we were in Las Vegas for a couple of days so it made this week go by faster :) The picture above was taken today before work...I totally did the rubber band maneuver on my buttons. I definitely don't have to but really any pressure at all on my stomach bothers me...so I like to be comfy! And that bump in all reality is probably just a bloat...hehe. Bump vs. bloat...

How Far Along: 12 weeks 4 days
Size of the Baby: Lime, just over 2 inches long. .5 oz.
Maternity Clothes:
Nope. I've been wearing jeggings and leggings like nobodies business though. They are WAY comfier than jeans. I decided to wear jeans today and did the rubber band trick (picture above) but dang you gotta have long shirts to pull that off! I have a long torso so most of my shirts aren't extra long...I will have to look into some options here! I'm all for the comfy factor now!
Stretch marks: Nope.
Weight gain/loss: No clue...total since I got pregnant anywhere in between 0-3ish...?
Sleep: I'm still going to Physical Therapy for my back. Lately my back hasn't been as bothersome but now I am coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose as of late. I hope I stay healthy! Today is my brother, Zach's 16th Birthday and on Sunday is my 24th Birthday! I got to stay healthy! I have only taken Tylenol twice since being pregnant so maybe it is time to take some meds...
Best Moment of the Week: This was a pretty good week since I was in Vegas Sunday-Tuesday at the MAGIC Tradeshow...and it was Valentine's Day on Tuesday! Now it is time for birthday weekend!
Movement: So far nope but my Babycenter app for the iPhone says if you prod your abdomen my baby will squirm in response even though I don't feel it!
1. Bloated.
2. Tiredness.
3. Ravenous hunger if you do not eat. Like today, I was so hungry for lunch I was going crazy. I felt like I could eat a whole Kahlua pork right out of the ground. I actually just scarfed down a Smashburger (Chicken sandwich) and smash fries for my brother's birthday lunch.
4. Recently my eyes have been super dry...so...relevant? Who knows lol.
5. Hotness. I think my body temperature is higher now...
6. OH shortness of breath! That was one of my first symptoms before I took my first pregnancy test. I was walking up stairs and got so out of breath! I was like what? I'm not this out of shape...alas...I was pregnant. And working out I have to take it easier otherwise I am just huffing and puffing. I was at my aunt's Zumba class and 3 songs in I am thinking "Oh my gosh why am I breathing so hard?" but I kept on keeping on and finished solid. Oh and YOGA...hard to breathe then too...
Mainly I just have to eat a lot and often otherwise I feel weird. In the morning I feel pretty bad. I just have to run down and eat something and sit down or lay down here and there when I'm getting ready before work.
Food Cravings: I still am wanting Cafe Mexicali (hint Kevin?! :)) and also some Indian food specifically Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan! Oh and ice cream sounds good and smoothies...
Gender: Nope, but apparently my baby is peeing...so that is kind of related to privates...
Belly Button in or out: In.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still I am not a fan of my vitamins! I am going to my next appointment next week and going to see what she recommends. They just STINK. Oh and random smells are not the best...
Labor Signs: Nope.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: Energy still. Not being tired. When I got blood work done recently they said I was anemic and that can cause more fatigue on top of pregnancy fatigue so dang I really should take some iron...
What I am looking forward to: Getting a belly but not being too big for my weeks...like I feel like I'm too big haha but really I am not...I think I am just really bloated. I don't want to gain TOO much weight that is unhealthy but I want to get bigger sooner...with that said, I think I'd like some stretchy maternity skinny jeans maybe from Forever 21 or some place...
Nursery: Need to find out the gender first!
Emotions: Good?!
Stupid things I have done: I tried to pump gas today and it wasn't coming out...well of course I don't read the screen or swipe my credit card...I also forgot where Smashburger was...there are some more things of course...

I can't wait for our next ob/gyn appointment on Wednesday!!!

Oh and when does the 2nd trimester start? I've heard 12, 13, and 14...my app says something differently than online and overall I'm confused. I'm 13 weeks on Monday and on some websites it says that is the 2nd trimester?! I'm due August 27...what is the REAL answer!

PS. I am going to color my hair dark brown once I make an appointment. Enough with this ombre stuff. I miss my dark hair!


Two Love Birds - Engagements - Part 2


First of all, I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!
Second, he rocks.
Third, we are in love.
And we are in Vegas.
(Working not going to shows and hanging out haha)

SO...I will post the rest of these pictures for your viewing pleasure
aka post them for whenever I make my blog book because that is necessary...
so instead of some mushy post you will get these.
In case you are wondering why there are many baseball pictures...
well Kevin played collegiate D1 Baseball for Brigham Young University (BYU)!
Good memories!!!
I LOVED watching him play Baseball!!!
He played third base and mostly pitcher later on!

Anyways, what are you doing for your significant other for this lovely Valentine's Day?!